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Artesia Public Schools have shined a light on who I want to be when I am older. Due to the small location, everyone is friendly to one another. There is always someone who can help, no matter what the situation. Being enrolled at Artesia Public Schools has taught me how to take pride in my accomplishments; also, I can be confident in everything I do. Teachers and administrators set great examples to students. The students’ involvement in sports and other extracurricular activities really show how genuine everyone is towards each other. There is no other school like Artesia Public Schools. Once someone becomes involved with the students and teachers, there is no going back.
Artesia is a very cozy town, with the most incredible schoolboard members. I am very blessed to be able to graduate from such a kind community, and I can't wait to share the love and kindness within Artesia to other places. The children attending all of the schools have excellent moral standards, so there is a minimal amount of crime among the students.
The only change I want to see in my school is the bullying. Artesia High does nothing when it comes to a student bullying or being bullied. I would wish to see that change in the school. If Artesia High would do more to stop bulling many children would go to school more and not have to worry about the rumors and the bullying.
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Artesia Public Schools provide students with great opportunities to strive in education, athletics, and much more. They strive to prepare students for the next level of their life.
Artesia is like any other place! The opportunities that are available for kids who go to school in Artesia is unbelievable. I was very fortune and blessed to have went to Artesia.
I have enjoyed my time with the Artesia Public Schools and look forward to the remaining 7 months as a Senior. I was placed with great teachers year after year. I feel as though I received the best education ever! I was able to participate in sports and maintain a 4.0+ GPA. I feel this is strongly due to the support of the school staff and community. Through all my experience with Artesia Public Schools, I feel prepared to enter college and be successful!
Artesia was great because everything was very personal, you knew most of the teachers even if you didn't have them for class. All of our school was really good friends too which made it even harder to leave for college.
Overall the schools do their job of providing a proper learning environment. I can't really complain, the schools do a good job of preparing you for college and teaching essential life skills. The town is small and as a result the community is close. The district focuses heavily on sports, it would be nice if they would give other activities and programs the same amount of support.
I've attended Artesia high for the past three years, nothing has really changed but the fact that we didn't win the state championship this year. Our teachers and administration office are great. We also as senior receive a scholarship from a funder of the town. Living in a small town community has taught me that not having friends isn't an option here, because everyone is so nice and lovely here.
The schools in Artesia, NM are smaller than most schools, but there are more than three elementary schools there, which is nice so not every child is crammed in one place.
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