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Ardsley Union Free School District Reviews

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I liked the level of rigor and academics at Ardsley High School. The teachers care and work hard for their students. I loved my time there and I wouldn't change it for the world.
The has a great group of teachers and administrators that stay on top of the students to ensure they reach their highest potential. The faculty is caring and strive to provide the best high school experience for its students. The student body is diverse and very accepting and supportive of each other.
The ardsley school district has prepared me for college. It has various offerings of AP and honors classes to prepare me. I was also able to take interesting electives such as film studies, human physiology, and sports and society. The teachers are amazing. They only want you to succeed. There are various resources for your access if you are struggling in a class. I like how small the town is, you get to know everyone really well. This close knit town has helped me grow as a student and as a person.
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The school district is decent, diversity needs to be increased and the teaching styles need to accommodate the increase in diversity. Other than that the school did a good job preparing it's students for college in terms of how to apply and course work.
The district admin colludes against hiring good school principals. They're benefitting by solely focusing on high performing students at the expense of everyone else. This policy will run this what used to be a good district to ground. The admin must be focused on every single student without exception.
Ardsley is a great choice to start your education if you want to feel prepared for college. Teachers are generally helpful, and they will gladly spend time with you after school going over material if you need help. It's a very friendly, safe community with a good level of competitiveness to push you to do your best. There is also a solid selection of extracurricular activities. However, Ardsley can feel a bit restrictive sometimes. Unless you are part of an academic club or organization, overnight trips for other types of clubs and groups were recently cancelled indefinitely. It can also be difficult for students to get new ideas approved by the administration, so students don't get as much of a say in their school life as they would like.
I love that Ardsley High School is competitive; I am always pushed to do my best. The teachers are so smart, nice, experienced and personable. The classes sizes are perfect for connecting to your teachers and for mingling and collaborating with peers.
They are horrible when dealing with issues of bullying. They also treat teachers horribly. Although recent implementation of Computer Science courses ave made it better
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