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Anoka-Hennepin Public School District Reviews

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Anoka-Hennepin district makes it residents feel safe by providing a peaceful environment. It is a friendly environment and you see people smiling where ever you go or interacting with one another which is a great thing. The students and staff members are all respectful and welcoming which brings calmness and ease people's mind in school. The teachers are very helpful and would take their time to help students out whenever they ask for help even though they are busy. They are resources provided to help students out in their academics and also resources for students who are interested in other activities. I think the district is doing a great job overall and I would like them to keep up the good work and continue impacting the lives of the students.
The School district and the teacher are amazing and they should be commended in this time of Covid-19.
What I like about Anoka-Hennepin Public School District are the people who make it Anoka-Hennepin Public School District. Always people smiling where ever you go or interacting which I think is great. No matter your mood or who you are you are always going to have someone smiling at you. To be real the district is very diverse with it's students. But on the other hand not so much with the teachers.
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Great school with very good employees and helpful staff/ teachers!! And a really good district. Every staff member is always there to help and encourage students. The district has always made me feel safe and never in danger. Students and Staff members are all respectful and welcoming. All activities throughout anoka district are all very well organized and good as well.
I enjoyed my elective classes and the teachers at the school were amazing, They would always take time out of their busy schedules to help the students who would ask for help. I would like to see the lunches get more healthy and appetizing for the students.
The Administration was always very helpful and if there was ever a personal issue or an academic issue, there was someone that could help.
kids are passed into the next grade without being ready; most can't read or write@! My children went to private catholic school in ANoka Hennepin School District and excelled. I would never send my child to a public school.
I have enjoyed my time in one of their public schools. They have a great class and program selections. They also offer many different opportunities.
It’s a great school district to attend but at times it’s hard to find resources to help you prepare for your next steps after college
Anoka Hennepin Public School District is vast in its entirety but when you walk in you feel welcomed and its easy to set into schedule. Kids have opportunities to grow and become accomplished beings to our future world. Anoka Hennepin is an as some district, I am proud to be a part of its team.
The school district is the largest in the state. But, depending on where you live, your experiences may vary. From a students point of view, I had some great teachers and some bad teachers. I believe that is common anywhere you would go though. Better than bad. I do believe I did have a good education and have been prepared for college.
Anoka High school is a very diverse school which really made my experience there a good one since I got to learn a lot from other students. Also, the school has a lot of resources and assistance when it comes to helping students out.
In addition, most of the classes at Anoka High school strongly prepare you for college work.
Lately, the teachers in the school are very friendly making it so easy to open up to them and ask for help. I had a great experience at this school
Most teachers are very friendly and good at their job. Discipline could be work on and school funding.
I would say that a lot of the Financial Aid is not given to people who actually need it. For example, my neighbor has his whole college semester paid for and actually got money back, yet I had to pay almost $2,500 for one semester. Other than the money part, I think that it is a good school.
I loved being a part of the Anoka Hennepin School District. I was part of district 11 from Kindergarten all the way up until I graduated from Coon Rapids Highschool!
I really enjoyed the offered elective classes, they were all classes that can help us open a new door to diffrent subjects. I felt very prepared to know what I wanted to do in life and what major I would take because of these electives. I would say they could fix a few of the staff that doesn't teach very well in the harder subjects but I think every school has that problem. Another thing I would fix is they need new counselors that understand teens and what is going on in the world, I struggle with mental health and I don't believe they really listened to my struggles inside of the school to help me succeed. Another great thing I will mention is the career centers are amazing! they definitely set you up for college so you dont feel lost.
If we can afford an avid class at anoka middle for the arts would be great. Other than that the school district is really great i love it.
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Great experience overall, I loved my time at the high school and I’m thankful for the teachers there that pushed me to go to college.
I have had sons at both Osseo Senior and Champlin Park Senior High. I feel that Champlin Park is a better school, they have tighter security, more strict demands on athletes, and an overall culture of excellence. It has problems too, like any school does. There are bad actors for sure, but from what I have experienced, I feel it is superior. At Osseo, you don't have to show your ID at the door to gain entrance, what? Walk right in? There are some great teachers at Osseo as well, don't get me wrong and they are doing the best that they can.
The Anoka-Hennepin Public School District is a comfortable school with sociable peers, fairly strong instructors, and also a very safe school district to attend. Sport involvement is very popular, much of the student body attend sporting games such as, football, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, and much more. The involvement of the student body makes the overall environment of the schools very inviting and a great place to socialize. The schools also have a very wide variety of clubs to take part in, they can range from art based to fitness. The wide variety of these clubs offer a great place for students to meet other peers who have similar interests and create new relationships.
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