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Anna Isd struggles to retain good teachers. Administration needs a big change in order for the district to improve.
It’s a great district and is continuing to grow. Could use better food. Other than that the district is good like I stated before the administrators really engage in your education and preparing students for college starting at the middle school level.
Anna High School is full of teachers that have great attitudes and are willing to do anything for the well being of their students. Anna Independent School District offers a lot of extra-curricular activities that are super easy to get plugged into. They also have many clubs and organizations such as Student Council and the Spanish Club where students learn about leadership and how to treat others with a heart full of kindness. The building itself has a lot of windows and a beautiful courtyard where students can sit outside to eat lunch or work on homework during "Coyote Time". There are many places to potentially hide for a school shooter or a tornado warning. Anna High School is not only a great place for education but the foundation of many friendships. The school atmosphere is refreshing and welcomes new kids to be a part of their friend groups. There is no other school I wish I could be a part of.
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I've been in the Anna Independent School District since I was in third grade. I am a 2016 graduate and throughout my years, Anna has changed a lot. In the beginning Anna was not that diverse and the education system was basic and at an average. In my sophomore year of high school, Anna started to become more diverse in its culture and the different paths to take educationally. Students were able to have more control in what they wanted to take and the electives they wanted. Anna started becoming a school that doesn't just teach the basic general education classes and then prepare you to take test. Anna became a school that prepared you for more than test taking, it prepared you for what you want to do in your future and for college. Anna has grown and evolved and continues to.
A lot of the teachers in the past few years have either quit or been fired. But, on a separate note, there are a lot of extracurricular activities for the students to participate in.
Some of the teachers were questionable and did not help me learn. Other administrative people were some of the nicest people I've ever met. The food was very good too.
I like the teacher overall at Anna High School. The kids are kinda nice I guess but I only like the administration and sports. I loved sports expecially soccer.
My experience with Anna ISD was overall a good one. Of course, throughout the years, you encounter unpleasant people, but the staff members, faculty, and overall experience with AISD there isn't much I would change.
Its a good academic environment. There are a good amount of classes to choose from, lots of activities and clubs to join, friendly students, good staff, and much more. What I enjoy most is the help when it comes to preparation for college.
I love the art program as well as the academic curriculum. I feel safe and welcomed at my school, and have had no issue being accommodated when need be. I do, however, wish that the fine arts programs were supplied with finances greater than what is currently being given. As of right now, all the funds seem to be funneling into the band and the football team. I fully support these organizations, but I find the school and community's decision to prioritize them unfair. We have incredible talent blossoming from the fine arts department, why not allow them the supplies and finances to really shine?
I like that Anna is full of so many opportunities and experiences. If i could change one thing it would be how long the school day is.
While the school is still growing the education program is growing along with it. AISD is growing just as quickly as the town itself. They are giving the students a better learning environment than what was previously there and are working on getting a more dedicated staff. Within a few years Anna Independent School District should have one of the leading education programs.
I have loved every minute spent at that school. Tradition is held high when it comes to sports and school pride. Going to Anna establishes a family of old and new faces you will never forget.
Anna independent school district is a very unprecedented school district. Containing only four schools, with such a small population, there is so much hospitality. The teaches and staff are eleemosynary, and care a great deal about their students. Teachers such as these ones are the ones to inspire us to become great people, to do extraordinary things in life. They work really hard to make sure we are not only learning everything we can learn but make sure we actually understand and are comfortable with the concepts. Anna's teachers are some of the hardest working teachers I have ever seen in my life. They are everything we strive for today in a teacher, I wouldn't change a thing about their teaching styles, or them in general. I honestly could say that if I ever had children or had to recommend a school district to someone, it would be Anna independent school district.
The school is nice the teachers are great it is a nice small town the band program is amazing I couldnt ask for a better school
My experience with Anna ISD can be overall described as decent. Many of the teachers are great and so dedicated to their students. The athletic department is improving along with the newer facilities and coaching staff. There are many ways for students to get involved on campus and create new relationships with their peers. The education has a good foundation but in my experience it does not devote to the readiness for college.
In my experience Anna's School district is pretty awesome. The schools are located in a small town so everyone is really close like family. The teachers are always there if you need help or advice on how to handle a situation. They always find ways to incorporate current events into their lessons. The school spirit for this school district is out of this world. The whole community gets involved with fundraisers, FFA, and any other school related events. The district continues to become more and more diverse as the town grows.
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