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Andover Unified School District Reviews

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Not a hundred percent confident in snow day decisions, but everything else was very well done. Most of the teachers and principals were great and everyone is friendly.
I attended Andover Central High School for all of my four years of high school. Overall it was a great experience
Andover is a district that cares about the students first. They are always looking for ways to enhance the learning experience and think about the students. When there are problems they go through the right plan of action to find the best solution.
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The education is truly a blessing. The teachers work hard with the students and make sure they get the curriculum. It is a very traditional schooling district. I would recommend kids and teens going to the Andover Unified School district.
I love my classes, but sometimes I wonder if the counselors truly care, I had an encounter with another student, but the student still is allowed near me and I'm to afraid to do anything because nothing changes... but hey, I love the arts program.
I love everything about ACHS. Small school feel but large school opportunities. The teachers are excellent as well.
ACHS is a school in a community that helps motivate to keep with education since many are profesional in different careers!! When I moved here I was in my fifth grade and realized of the many opportunities that I could find to be someone in life by studying and be a doctor!! Being hispanic I am a minority in this school district so I want to work hard to be someone in life!! Touching lives as Andover KS touched mine!
My experience has been excellent at an educational level. It is an amazing school and it is very ahead in education. When it comes to having a good experience with my peers, I can't say I've had that yet. All the students in this school are very ignorant and do not have a sense of the outside world and are not very welcoming. But I come to school to study after all so I just keep up with my grades and be the best student I can be.
The school district is very good in academics and sports. The teachers are knowledgeable and usually care about helping students. The food similar to most schools is not very good but that is not necessarily the schools fault. The school does not have that vast of Student or faculty diversity. The clubs and school organizations really elevate ones educational expierience. The club advisors are usually passionate about their club and make it a fun expierience for the students. The school feels like a safe place and overall area to be in. They often practice drills in case of emergency which reassure parents and students that there are safety precautions.
I absolutely love Andover schools. The teacher are dedicated and willing to put in the time and effort to ensure you personally understand everything, you just have to be willing to ask questions.
I greatly enjoy the value of the education I have received in the Andover school district. I love how the teachers are invested in their students lives as well as their education. The only thing I would love to see change is a greater emphasis in fine arts and performing arts instead of the sole focus on sports. There seems to be a lack of funding for what was once seen as a mandatory discipline in the classic schooling systems. I truly believe that putting a greater value in fine arts would improve the lives of the students immensely while still maintaining equal value to sports since both are equally important.
I have three children in the school district, all with different levels of need. The schools do a wonderful job of keeping you up to date with grades and progress. They have a strong support system within the schools and fantastic staff. I couldn't ask for a better district for my children to receive their education.
I went to andover schools since second grade and I could not have asked for a better school district. The teachers are great and our test score show.
I really enjoyed my schooling throughout the years with Andover Unified Schools. The education was amazing and really prepared me for college education. I enjoyed the staff and the community of the whole school district.
Rigorous curriculum for all grades. E-Academy also available. Recent growth has BOE discussing expansion of existing or new schools.
Absolutely loved the faculty and staff in each of the Andover schools we attended, that were phenomenal. Supported the students, pushed them to be better and prepared them for their futures!
Andover Unified School District is a wonderful school district to get connected with. The superintendent and administration are extremely helpful and welcoming. They show pride in what they do and care about each and every student in the district. Every day they make decisions on what is best for the students and staff in the district as a whole to create a unique learning experience for everyone. I would not want attend school anywhere else other than the incredible USD 385.
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Very good school that is all about progressing your education, teachers really work hard to get you to where you need to be.
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