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Amherst-Pelham Regional School District Reviews

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I loved the teachers I had at ARHS! They were invested in the students and went out of their way to connect, help, and encourage us.
The faculty cares for the success of every student. Extra-curricular activities offered are more than satisfactory. The environments are welcoming, motivational, and supportive.
Academically, the school adequately prepares students for heading into the college process. The high school offers a variety of classes in all kinda of areas, specifically in English. The way the schedule is arranged allows for one to take all the classes they could be interested in within the four years most students attend.
Arts at the school are quite strong. The theater program is diverse and involved. The productions put on are both educational and fun to be a part of. With at least 6 productions a year, huge number of students get involved. Art and Immersive theater are also nurtured.
The school does what it can to address issues such as mental health, bullying, and current events that may be necessary to spread awareness on or have discussions about.
Teachers and staff members were always looking forward to seeing you succeed as a student and person.
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I feel well-prepared and ready for college. I was fortunate to have had dedicated teachers throughout my education in Amherst, all who were willing to ensure that I understood the material and was successful. I have a diverse peer group and feel well-connected to the community. Amherst values education and it shows!
I had a very good experience at the Amherst-Pelham school district. The district always promoted being kind to everyone and helping out anyone you could, which is a message that was reflected in many of the students. My biggest complaints about the district are that from my year on almost everyone had to take IMP for math and that the high school is cutting many classes. Unless you took extra math classes after school or over the summer in middle school you had to take IMP. I think that everyone should be able to choose between traditional math and IMP. However both the IMP change and the cutting of classes stemmed from budget cuts and a drop in students admission. I personally wish I did more sports and clubs, and in general was more socially active. The teachers and staff were very kind, understanding, and dedicated to teaching. The district was a very welcoming place to everyone and it felt like all of the staff really cared about their job and the students.
The Amherst-Pelham Regional School District has very good academics, but they are lacking in some areas. For example, the high school doesn’t have very many materials for test prep, aside from books in the library (which is only open until 4 pm). The technology is for the most part, outdated, since us students are left with chrome books that don’t work well. We have enough money to improve our academics and extracurriculars, but that money isn’t being applied well.
I wouldn't want to have gone to any other high school besides Amherst! The teachers are amazing and truly care about the education and well-being of their students. They make themselves very available before and after school to help you with anything you need. Another thing that makes Amherst a stand out school are the electives and extracurricular activities. The performing arts department is beyond amazing and produces amazing things year-round. The art department produces beautiful work and talented artists. I could not be more proud to say that I attended Amherst Regional.
I love Amherst! It's a fantastic community with diverse options and activities, for everyones background, likes and interests, and academic standing. The school system does great things with the little money they have- it is sad to watch so many programs and classes discontinued when students are so clearly interested in them. Overall, a great place to go to high school. Go Canes!
Amherst is different from most other high schools because they take a different approach to your high school experience, focusing more on developing learning and cooperative skills. This is done by having a more group work and hands on teaching ethic rather than traditional 'Lecture and memorize' classroom/teaching style
They are very focused on academics and while I appreciated the range of classes I had options to, that wasn’t really my focus as I was more interested in the arts. The theatre program and the middle school is limited, but at the high school was above and beyond the experience most high schoolers get. The budget has at times restricted the schools ability to provide electives but the ones I have taken have been incredible. The only complaint is the value placed on being an all honors kid by a student population with a large percentage of professors kids from the area colleges. There is far too much comparing and competing that does not help and in fact impedes and healthy learning environment. But my overall experience has been absolutely critical to making me who I am.
This school is very accepting to ones that are new to the school and the area. I am a person of color and I never really had a bad experience at school in terms of interacting with other students. There is a good amount of students who come from different country's and places that are different and I think we do a great job with welcoming them and making them feel comfortable. In terms of academics; as a high school student, I thing the school gives many options with what I am interested in and want to learn about. Also, this school is very open to taking other ideas and learning about it. Like LGBTQ+ Literature; I feel like other schools do not support that and I am very proud that our school is open to teaching about that and making it a norm. Overall, we have a great community and I am very thankful for this school to giving me all these options.
I have had nearly my entire education in the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District and I don't regret anything about it. Though the amount of electives are decreasing there is still a large variety of classes to choose from and opportunities to fully express oneself. The high school offers many opportunities for students to take honors and AP courses with highly knowledgeable teachers. They also provide many opportunities after school hours in their many clubs and programs.
I loved this district, the teachers were challenging but approachable, the administration for college preparedness was amazing and the students were respectful.
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