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Amherst Central High School is a very diverse school with people from all around the world. Some of the teachers are very very nice and do everything they can to make learning very fun. The sports teams are really nice as well as everyone does very well in a high division. Highly Recommended.
I have been affiliated with this district last 13 years and I have some great memories and friends going forward.
Amherst High School has a strong sense of community. Most students know each other and support their classmates from cheering them on in a basketball game to sharing their enthusiasm on stage in their magnificent music/theater program. Students are encouraged to open themselves up to trying new activities and experiences. Teachers and administrators are willing to assist students from a missed bus to college visits. Go Tigers!
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Great Teacher who continue to help even years later ,great learning, sports and lasting friends amherst is one of the best schools I have attended.
My overall experience with Amherst was very good, specifically high school. I spent the majority of my time in the music department. I loved the time I spent in the music wing and I learned so many life skills during my time. Academics wise, I felt very prepared for college and the workload was pretty streamlined. The only problem I had at the high school was some of the faculty. You can easily tell that there is extreme tension between faculty members and some teachers take that out on students. Administration tends to look away from this and this causes unnecessary stress among students.
My high school experience here was exceptional! The teachers here are like mentors, they always look out for the students best interests and are very understanding and caring. The staff always works their hardest to make sure everyone has their best experience. There are also many different clubs and teams, so everyone has an opportunity to do what interests them.
i have been with the acsd school district for my whole life and for the most part it has been a great experience. i thoroughly enjoyed my time here and will miss it very much. :(
I have been a student in the Amherst school district for 10 years. As a graduating senior this year, I would rate my overall experience as unforgettable and exceptional. Not only have a created incredible bonds with both the students and the faculty, I have learned so much about myself, others, and the world around me. Amherst takes time In giving each student the proper education and learning environment suitable to them. It is a very inclusive school equipped with sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities for everyone. Although it will soon be my time to leave Amherst high school, I am glad that I had the opportunity to receive my education from such a wonderful district!
My favorite aspect of Amherst Central High School is the community that has been established during my four years of attendance. The school 's diversity gives students different perspectives that help us to understand each other more than the average high school, which also leads to a closer-knit community. The combination of community and diversity has made Amherst an incredible place to attend high school.
This school district has done a lot for me. The English department needs to assign more essays to get kids ready for what it’s going to be like in college! But other than that I think the school is pretty okay!
My high school days was okay nothing bad or good. I got a chance to play football my senior year. and started. Academic wise i was slightly above average. They did an okay job getting me college ready. Wish with was more out of school activities but other then that everything was okay.
Amherst is a great district for everyone! The academics here at Amherst are wonderful. Going to a school in NYS is guaranteed success. The sports are amazing we have multiple sectional winning teams here at Amherst. There are so many clubs and sports at Amherst central high school for everyone to fit in at
I recently completed all of my pre-college education at the Amherst Central School District and cannot believe how much the schools prepared me for college in comparison to the people that I have met in college. I absolutely loved my time spent at Amherst and miss it dearly.
Amherst High School gives many opportunities to get involved in sports, clubs, music, and challenging classes. The teachers are all very helpful and caring about making sure you are succeeding and doing your work but also about any other problems you might be having they are there for you.
I have had a terrific high school experience. The staff and students are friendly and helpful. There was never a moment in high school or entering high school when I felt scared to be there, or a feeling that I would be lost. The support systems at the school offer students many opportunities to find a place to fit in. In fact, there are faculty members who are there specifically for school morale (the legendary Duke McGuire). Amherst is not a huge school, yet it still has more clubs than larger schools. The academies for business are tremendous for students as well. For myself, who is majoring in marketing, I have been supported and inspired from the teachers in the Academy. They have helped me network, and even start my own club.
The teachers were there for guidance and stability. The environment of the school itself was very mature and safe. The students are very diverse and social. Everyone is welcomed. The food on the hand they can work on. Amherst is a great place for active involvement from sports to drama to musical instruments. There was never a time to feel unsafe.
Overall I had a good experience at Amherst. Academically, I felt they allowed me to be placed into classes that prepared me for college by offering numerous AP opportunities. Our teachers were engaging , and there were numerous clubs and activities to suit a great variety of students. Our music department is second to none. It is a safe environment with little concern for bullying, etc. my overall experience at Amherst has been a positive one,
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Amherst high school is amazing. It has great opportunity and the teachers are awesome. They help the kids that need help and help you when you have a question or need help.
I came to this school in April of my freshman year. I was very shy and didn't make many friends that year. As the years went on and I adapted to the new environment, I made many friends. I most importantly excelled in my academics because I have great teachers.
The school seemed to be indifferent to their students. The culture amongst the students is very toxic, and this also true between the students and teachers. Honestly it only feels as though the only people that matter were the kids that were in sports. The Art programs were horrendous and treated the art teacher herself terribly.
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