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Alvord Unified School District Reviews

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Alford Unified School district was amazing to me ! I LOVE IT ! I felt so welcomed to La Sierra High school when I started there second semester of my sophomore year !
All of my school experience within this district has been positive. The staff and teachers are amazing and only want to see students succeed.
Alvord Unified School District has a very good elementary start but under performs once u get to high school
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Alvord School District is very good for low income students. Most teachers within the district care very much for their students and are very involved in making sure the student can be as successful as possible. However some improvements can be made to administrative staff and the decisions because they are not always in the students' best interest. For the people who are not classified as low income may not feel as helped because the benefits that come with being low income don't ally to them while 90% of the other people are low income.
Alvord Unified schools District is a growing district located in Riverside. It is fairly good. I attended Hillcrest High School and had a good time throughout high school. It could improve its clubs and activities in order to continue improving. The school spirit is average
The quality of the teachers was amazing you didn’t have to worry about having a bad day at school, teachers try to become close and help as much as they can. I cannot say the same about elementary teachers from my experience family and friends Alvord elementary teachers are always stricter and meaner and kids are always worried about punishments more than just the knowledge of knowing oh I have to do my homework today for the following reasons, to get smarter, to get the grade essentialtbthe good classes and good colleges.
The Alvord Unified School District is a very welcoming, and a very people-friendly, district. Getting into contact with the offices is very easy and simple which is a nice thing to have in a district. Personally, my school, Hillcrest High School exceeded my expectations of a new high school and it is a very well organized school.
I have been with Alvord Unified for 10+ years and I enjoy the schools although more money could be given to the schools less affluent communities.
I've attended Alvord Unified schools for 7 years now and I've enjoyed my time in school. There were few times where I've gotten teachers that weren't so good at their job, meaning, though they were nice people, they weren't very effective in their teaching abilities. Nonetheless, I have met many teachers throughout junior high and high school with whom I've kept relationships with and have taught me many things, not only academically, but things beneficial outside of the classroom and out in the real world.
There is a lot of opportunities for all kinds of students. Funding can be tight, but the district always puts a general effort in making every student feel like they belong.
As a high school student at one of their high schools - Norte Vista - I find the district to be quite well with regards to academic programs for those who wish to achieve.
Personally, Alvord Unified School district is an exceptional learning environment. Everyone on any school campus are closely knit. The teachers and administrators are phenomenal with keeping things in order and structured. Over the years, student graduation rates have improved drastically due to the environment.
Overall an above average school district. They've really pushed to prepare students for the "real world" and/or higher education.
I love all the teachers here and the academies which I participate in. I’m in healthy academy and I love it. I also love the teachers.
I would like to see the change, in the fact that the district has changed the midterm test until after Christmas brake. I feel it will affect all students GPA’s.
Alvord Unified has been an overall great experience with my education. I have been in this district since my young age. I am excited to be finishing my education in Alvord and extremely happy to be having teachers, counselors, and administrators supporting my decision on furthering my education in college. Thank you to all staff and community members who have put in their time and effort to making the schools I have attended the most memorable inside and outside the classrooms. As a student, I can easily tell that Alvord cares for the students. From healthier menus to giving us free test preparation courses, Alvord Unified has been 100% about students well being.
What i like about Alvord Unified School is its very orgamized if we need help teachers and counlers are here to guuide you .Alvord is very community oriented .
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I liked the interaction that some teachers have with you and their time that they put aside to help you and the environment always felt safe.
My experience at the Alvord district has been very good so far. All of the teachers that I had have been very nice. I think I would like to change the food system. other than that the curriculum has been well taught in my experince.
The biggest problem I had with Alvord was that their moto was "students can achieve anything." This is true but they did not seem to put the students' needs first. They spent their money on leasing a new district office and school had spotty WiFi and not enough classrooms at their new high school.
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