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I like the attention that teachers provide to the students. I’m my 12 years in Alvin ISD, I was able to develop a trust with most of my teachers. Whenever I needed to redo a test or go to tutorials, my teachers were always there to give me a helping hand. I would recommend this district and it’s schools to anyone in the Alvin area.
Alvin ISD has diversified students. The district seems to be working hard to look for ways of improving the education experience for students. Parents of the students are active in PTOs. Teaching staff are great in some but can be improved in others.
Alvin high school needs to prepare us for the future. I don’t know how to sign my name. Food is good. Some teachers teach from their desk and they stink and don’t offer help when needed. Some of the teachers like coach fletcher have always been nice and attentive. He is very helpful and thoughtful! He really made my high school years better. He was always there to talk me through my anxiety.
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I love the sports programs. Also they partner with Alvin Community College to give students the opportunity to being taking college courses as a high school student. I think they should change their dress code policy seeing that students should be able to express themselves through their clothing since it’s a public school.
With moving into the Pearland area as well as becoming a student of Alvin Isd less than one year ago, I am not fully capable of giving full judgment. While I still have much to learn, experience, and fulfill, Alvin Isd is not a fully developed district and is very deprived of funds. The diversity is astounding along with the resources used. Opposed, to the teacher application to their students as well as the parent involvement. It is safe to say Alvin Isd has much growing to do with their students.
I enjoyed the teachers, they were always supportive. The Dual Credit counselor helped me achieve my Associate's Degree upon my high school graduation. So I am very thankful of this school district
Alvin ISD is very organized and structured. The district has wonderful dedicated employees who are all willing to go above and beyond to ensure the success of the students. The staff and faculty do their very best to make resources available for our aid. Alvin ISD has a strict dress code policy which is enforced daily. In my 9 years of being an Alvin ISD student, I can say that there is a lot of diversity in the district, but a feeling of inclusiveness as well.
I attend Alvin High School, and academically it offers many opportunities for students to explore what field they could be interested in the future. Many of the electives in specific fields are very hands on, giving students the chance to earn skills that could be used in college or for jobs. However, many dual credit teachers are not talked about well because they are not consistently involved with the students, leading many students to have a low college GPA in just high school.
What I liked the most is the diversity of other students and being able to get along with mostly everyone.
I would like to see more emphasis on college readiness and more choices in terms of what classes we are able to take.
The teachers who work at Alvin ISD are incredible, the teachers I had always helped me in any situation I was in. Our principal was always involved with the ongoing student activities, whether it was sport events, clubs, or everyday student interaction. If I could change one thing about AISD it would be to change into a more relaxed dress code so the students could be more comfortable in their studies.
For the most part the school is ran well and has good administration, some of the teachers lack the ability to teach with good results. My daughter took a year of physics and says she did learn until she took a camp at Tarelton State University.
Everybody was really friendly and really helpful. Teachers are always more than glad to help you in whatever issue you have. They’re very understanding of students life outside of school as well.
School district is good on academics, but hardly does anything to meet the needs of students or parents.
Within the Alvin ISD, I have had the best teachers. They care about the students and truly want to see them succeed. I feel so lucky to have had teachers that made courses interesting and made me excited to learn.
I like Alvin Independent School District because everyone is involved with the students. The majority of the teachers that I have had throughout my high school were amazing !! Once a major crisis came upon my senior class, one of our classmates passing in a car accident. All the teachers came together and supported everyone emotionally.
Teachers Aides should be paid more and get rid of free lunch program for all employees..give a bonus instead
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The entrance years in Alvin (freshman and sophomore) were not very challenging. I felt that my peers and I were not able to excel to our full potential because we did not have educators that pushed us. While I enjoyed attending football and basketball games, the district seemed to value sports over academics. Many athletes got free passes to goof off in their classes and most teachers just let them slide while others actually worked hard for their grades. Ultimately, I would just like to see a greater focus on academics as a whole.
I would like to see more diversity in administration.
I like the curriculum.
There is a ton of parent involvement in elementary and middle schools but not so much in high schools
What I admire most about Alvin ISD is the familial bond that it creates with its students; everyone always feels welcome, and the district does their best to attend to every student's needs, thus developing an eagerness to learn among the student body. One aspect of Alvin ISD that I believe needs improvement is the encouragement of school spirit, which would enhance and progress the inclusive environment that already exists.
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