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Alvarado Independent School District Reviews

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It taught me well, went here my whole life. They dont offer many scholarships like other schools. They need to prepare students for college more. But they have been trying to become more involved with more things. The district has evolved into something better than it used to be.
I recommend Alvarado Highschool if you are wanting to get ahead in college, the academic preparation for college is crazy helpful. I am a senior in highschool and only have alittle bit left until I graduate with an associates degree. I believe that the school needs some work but over all is a school that tries their best.
My experience with AISD has been an average experience. They have awesome events and activities going on but sometimes they are way to strict on certain things that shouldn’t be. They should improve on school breakfast and lunch because they do not have many options and they run out of food when you only wanted that option. Overall I believe it’s a good district but not the best.
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It's okay but not the greatest. If there is bullying going on they won't do anything about it. One of the spanish
Alvarado school district is not the district to go to they do not help their kids pass, they have poor technology, they're academic levels are low they do not offer help to seniors about their college. I would really like to see AISD improve in the upcoming year by improving reading, textile, and academic opportunities.
My overall experience at Alvarado was a roller coaster. i'm not speaking academically, academically everything turned out fine. there were some bumps along the way but nothing i couldn't push through. all the teachers at both the junior high and high school are very good help. if they know you care & are interested in succeeding, and they see you putting in effort, they will definitely help you to succeed.
The college preparation could be better. The food isn't​ that good and could definitely use improvements. The sports they have are fairly good, but you don't have some of the options bigger schools get in terms of your choices.
The teachers have good teaching skills but they need to do more hands on activities. I think it would help the students learn faster and easier.
There's not a not of bulling in this district and the bullies I do see are taken care of immediately. It's easy to make friends and find a group you fit in with.
My experience at Alvarado hasn't been terrible, but I would like to see change. I loved my elementary, intermediate, and junior high days, but I've found that as I get older, the teachers care less. Most teachers care more about sports or passing state test than actually teaching, and a lot of teachers act like they're still in high school. I also think the administration is part of the problem. They put too much pressure on the teachers to do everything perfectly, when in reality nothing's perfect and everything can change, including children's personalities and attitudes. Overall it's not a bad school but there should definitely be change.
My Experience at Alvarado Independent School District has been significant. Most of the faculty members that work in the district have been very helpful for preparing me for college.
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