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The best school in Utah, Lone Peak High School is the best High School, Timberline Middle School is the best Middle School, and Alpine Elementary is the best Elementary School. Its just like going into the temple and like 85% of the school is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
They're organized and care deeply. Though we should have had a snow day but didn't. You can see they care through their teachers and rules. There are so many programs to help students excel and/or succeed.
The district is great. Most of the staff is great. I'd like to see smaller class sizes. Attending a high school in the district was a great experience. They really care for the success of all of their students. Teachers could definitely get paid a little better. They do have some good benefits for them though.
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I've been in Alpine school district my entire life. I have sincerely enjoyed my schooling here, almost all of my teachers have been wonderful and eager to help. I've played some sports and the coaches and people involved are all great too. They have done so much to help me prepare for college. If there was one thing I could change it would be my counselor, I had a different counselor every year of high school and it is very frustrating sometimes.
I think that there are a lot of really amazing teachers and administrators in Alpine School District. At least, the interactions I have had with members of the Alpine School District have been very good.
My experience with Alpine School District has been nothing short of good! Staff and programs are nice and affordable! They care about how you do, and want everyone to be successful!
The schools are super overcrowded, my school was made to hold 1500-2000 kids and we had upwards of 3800. Some teachers are super good and dedicated and some teachers just sit in their office and yell the whole time. Gowans was definitely the worst teacher i've ever had, but we have an awesome peer tutor program i feel like.
I like the amount of experiences that all students are able to participate in. Alpine School District has a wide variety of activities that prepare students for the future.
I️ like how accepted I feel in alpine school district, I️ also love all of the available clubs go be apart of.
The Alpine School District has been great for my two siblings and I! Everything from the food to the administration has been great. All three of us absolutely loved our elementary school, we never had a bad experience! We atteneded two different junior highs in the district, and both were amazing! The district was very helpful in allowing my brother and I play sports through our highschool, even though we were attending junior high at the time. They made the paper work process simple and quick. All the facilities in the district are nice and most are very updated. We always feel saf when we go travel to other schools around the Alpine School District for sporting events. The alpine school district is great at providing quality teachers and we have had a great experience!
Really good at everything. Its hard to find a district that succeeds in everything but this is it. Amazing teachers and staff. Best school breaks in the state also.
This school district continues to build beautiful schools and always offers new clean facilities. Alpine school district makes sure to produce well educated students from good quality schools. Some of these schools have become overcrowded due to growth in population and this school district is working to fix the problem very diligently.
Alpine school district has an amazing education program. They provide a wide variety of classes that will help you in the future. They also do their best to help you succeed
I love how the community is also involved & how the students feel they are apart of something greater & always look forward to school.
It has been an experience with lots of new friendships, great staff(for the most part), and fun memories. I would change the size of the schools, there are too many kids packed in one school.
My experience of Lone Peak High School I believe is similar to a lot of students it was hard as in some classes were harder due to a bad teacher or more of a struggling subject, but one thing that I appreciate about Lone Peak High School is the opportunities to do better. That when you fail a test you are able to work yourself back up to the grade you had before, also having such fun sports at the school really made for a fun year. To be able to go to a fun football game with your friends. One thing I would change is more individual care for students. That some teachers just assume everyone understand and moves on without really going into detail and really teaching the material the first time.
I've enjoyed my time going to schools in the Alpine School District. It is very good at preparing students to get into high school, statistically. There are lots of amazing teachers, and some teachers that are only so-so. It is a good school district regardless. The athletics here are phenomenal; there's so much talent in a small area and it is fun to watch school rivalries battle it out.
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Alpine School District, I would say, is one of the best. I Have grown up to this school my whole life. Elementary school and Jr. High were a little rough around the edges, but once I rolled into high school, my whole perspective changed. I realized that this school was nothing like the ones in movies or TV shows. There are no big 'popular' bullies that pick on kids all day. The whole school is like one big happy family. This makes it so easy to focus on school work. Since I came into high school, my grades have never been higher. The lowest grade I've accommodated this year was an -A. The students are more honest with the teachers. It's rare to see students trying to act tough or act like something they're not. Everyone in this school respects one another, whether they're exceptionally intelligent or just smart, popular or not, everyone has a friend.
It’s nice. All school districts could improve but overall my experience has been a good one. It’s fairly average.
I would love to see a bigger outreach program for those with disabilities. Many of my teachers know little or nothing about my 504 plan or special accomodations, and when it comes time when I need them, I'm not given the extra help that I need consistently.
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