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My experiences at Allentown City include diversity, independence, and togetherness. A lot of people have different unique qualities that they will benefit from, however, those same people are not afraid to go outside of themselves in order to help others out as well. The diversity and independence really makes this city unique
I liked that there was a lot of resources . You can always find a way to learn about different college and visit them. Many colleges visit to talk to all grades about how to apply . The only thing I would change is the security. Make sure that the kids don't have any type of weapon on them.
They care for the students and staff. The food can be worked on maybe fresher food. Care more about bullying and safety. Need to get rid of uniforms. Other than that it's good
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I would like to see change in the relationships with students. A lot of teachers have a favoritism and that to me seems extremely unprofessional being that they’re teachers and they’re supposed to be there for you.
Not all kids are bad but as they say 1 bad apple ruins the rest. William Allen and Louis E. Dieruff all have great things to showcase that they've achieved. Allen has the best pool in the Lehigh valley And has a 2 balcony auditorium.
Each class is different , usually depends on the students. Most teachers are nice and are willing to help students.
So far the district has been improving lately within the past year but its not quite there yet for being a good school system
All the teachers do their best to help you. Even if you start to slip up, they will pull you aside and set your straight.
I came into the Allentown School District in the 8th grade. My family and I moved to Allentown from North Carolina, where we were temporarily living. Since I came to the Allentown School District I immediately noticed how divorce the culture is. In my past schools there weren't as many different ethnic groups. Everywhere I had been before always had a dominant race of people at the school, but this wasn't the same. Here it was like being in a melting pot of different cultures and races. My time spent in this school district was much appreciated and I will never forget.
Allentown School District is an ok school district. What I like to see different is that all the clubs and all the sports do fundraisers to be able to do more with that sport and with that club.
Honestly our school is full of a lot of diversity . it might not always work out for everybody but this school gives you a chance to get you to a better future . I believe I can rise above and do a better job then my family did and get myself to a great place in life because of this school.
I've been a student with this school district since pre k, and I've liked it since. My teachers are amazing, and so is the staff.
What I like about the Allentown School District is the striving to create a sense of community throughout the schools. Many of the teachers are encouraging, well-rounded, and truly care about actively teaching the student, making an impact on their lives. The academics isn't poor, but definitely has room for future improvement. Overall, this district has some changes it could implement to help our students grow to their full potential and be ready for college.
I haven't really had an experience with Allentown school district due to the fact that I am enrolled at lcti. Although one thing I can say is that I'm glad that I got a chance to go to lcti. The programs are great and the teaching style is different in a good way.
Allentown central Catholic truly was a school like no lther. Very family oriented, not only in school but outside of school as well. In my grade, we suffered through many losses of family members during all four years. Including on of our own classmates, we did everything in our power to make sure her family felt the support. I would never change anything about my high school, I have gained a powerful perspective of my education and bonds with others.
I went through all 13 years of schooling in the Allentown School District and it was a great experience. The district really does its best to accommodate the needs of each and every student. The district is very diverse and is accepting of all races and personalities.
Well i been going here for now 12 years of my life and i can honestly say that it was definitely interesting . Despite of it being public school i actually did learn alot and i think i can say i am ready for college .so if you want to send your kids here go ahead cause its not a bad school district at all despite the minor setbacks its pretty good
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I like the Elementary school in the Allentown school District, The school real took an interest in the life of the students to make them successful in class, the teacher show deal of interest students life if they had any difficulties in school or home, and they will make it a mission to assist them in every way . The principal was very personable you could approach him at any time. They are all in the child best interest for them to success. It was one of my best experiences.
I think that the school district needs to do more to help the students get ready for college. Also I feel like the teachers and administration needs to be a little less bias towards students they like and dislike. Overall the school district needs to give more money to the schools and also to the charter school as well which get a small percentage of the money that normal public schools get.
The one thing I actually liked about this school district was that it was a diverse school district. The food mostly wasn't good, I feel like they could've given us better options of food to eat. The facilities were okay, except the high school could've been cleaner than it was. Academically it could've been better than it was. I didn't feel like they prepared me for college at all. There was a lot of important things that I didn't learn that I needed to know for my college courses. This set back made me struggle my freshman year.
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