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I didn't always go to Alexander. From Preschool to eighth grade I went to a small school called Wyoming Central. I'm also not from Alexander, I've lived my whole life in Wyoming, but Wyoming does not give students the opportunity of their own high school. I got to choose between four schools around the area and Alexander Central was one of the choices. Honestly looking back on my decision I would never change it. I believe Alexander fit my personalty the most. I have found some life long friends, and role models I will always look up to in life. Alexander is a all about community, each year during high school we have lost someone to a tragic accident. Alexander not being much bigger than Wyoming the community came together as a whole for each other as each one of us were affected in some way through each death. Alexander has provided me with so many opportunities, academically and mentally.
Alexandria Central school district, for a high school, was an amazing experience. I enjoyed the small-sized classed which gave me a chance to truly understand the classwork and rely on my peers and educators for help. Mr. Clapper and Mrs. Morgia are the most involved administrative body that in my opinion Alexandria Central has had over the course of the last 5 years
Alexander Central School is a great school. I have no complaints or changes that need to be made about the school.
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Alexander is great! The teachers actually care about you and how you do. Everyone knows you by name. This is a small v School but they find ways to still give you the same opportunities that large schools have. Unfortunately we are not a very diverse School.
Great local community that feels like a family! I have gone to Alexander all my life and love it! During big events the whole community comes together for support. Small class sizes, which allows the teachers to form connections with their students. The teachers really do care about you success and what you do after Alexander!
Overall the school is a great place to send your kids. Since this is a small school they are somewhat limited on clubs and activities but do what they can with what they have.
Alexander is a very small town school, a place where the phrase "where everybody knows your name" is actually accurate. The school has an overall friendly feel. Though the high school definitely has its cliques, everyone gets along.
The School overall allows for some one on one interaction with teachers students. This allows the Students to overcome learning issues and helps the overall student body grow based on their knowledge. Students from this school often go on to do well in college because of their ability to sit down with teachers at the school. The staff and teachers work hard to help the students and they often keep in touch with students after graduation.
If students go through the proper channels, there are plenty of opportunities here at Alexander! Decent amount of clubs and sports.
Education wise it,was okay sport wise the couches would pick favorites alot. It's a school were it like the last resort for most students that go there. It a very small school so the teachers can help more then normal. The best thing about Alexander is BOCUS.
Small classes and intelligent teachers created an excellent school experience overall. Teachers challenged students to achieve their potential and work hard. Many college classes were offered, as well as opportunities for AP classes. The music program could use funding and development, as this would provide more opportunities to students in this field.
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