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ACSD is wonderful at providing resources and opportunities for community growth. However, there are several elementary schools that feed into several different middle schools, which then feed into one high school. There are far too many students at Albany High School for the majority to receive the attention needed for excellence.
I like the diversity at Albany high school and how much the staff and teachers care about trying to help the students. All of my teachers have given my fellow classmates and I lots of opportunities to succeed and extra help when needed in the classroom. If I could change anything about Albany high, I would probably want to increase the amount of resources the school has. Teachers share classrooms and have to share computers between classes. I believe that if all teachers had their own classroom we would be able to be in a better learning enviornment suited for the specific class. I also think that there should be more computers available to students to help complete assignments and to do more innovate lessonsthat our educators plan for us.
I like the school community, the staff is extremely nice and welcoming. The professors are very down to earth and hard working. The area is very quiet and beautiful when it snows. The only downside would be the cold and the fact that the campus is so large that we have to walk everywhere since the tunnels don't lead to our quads.
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is a good experience and i recommend it to people. I transferred to the university at albany from dutchess community college in poughkeepsie. i went to a community college in poughkeepsie before going to albany and it was a good transition. i made a alot of new friends and i also saw a lot of old friends which was surprising. it is a good place to get an education and i am glad i chose to go there. my sister will be going here as well after she finished dutchess community college like i did.
Albany school district is very diverse, you get to meet people from all over the world. the district is also great at offering a lot of programs and opportunities. the district is also accepting of everyone. students are able to talk to their teachers and principals.
Being apart of Albany City School District since I was in kindergarten and living in Albany my whole entire life, I’ve gained tremendous experience with this school district. Starting young you get more than enough support for your academics and extracurricular activities. Coming into middle school the teachers really try their best to prepare you for high school but still try to keep in mind you are only in middle school. They don’t enforce too much pressure on you but just enough to get your mind prepared for the next chapter in your life. Coming into Albany High School was a hard transition for me personally because I came from a really small middle school with the people that I knew for years to a school with more than 2,600 students. Big classes are just a norm in ACSD, especially in high school since Albany High is the only public school in Albany. One thing I love about ACSD is the diversity. It’s a no place for hate environment. One thing I would change is the food.
I have been a student in the ACSD since I was in kindergarten, and I wouldn't wanted to have gone anywhere else. The teachers are always great and there are always amazing things happening in the district.
Overall my experience in the Albany school district has been pleasant and enjoyable. I love how diverse some of these schools are especially Albany Highschool. They have excellent programs for students to attend and offer a lot of different outlets/resources for their students. Although they could improve the food that is served during lunches.
I like the diversity. I wish the administrators and teachers would be interested in helping the kids instead of worrying about their paychecks
I think everything is great. There are lots of clubs and activities. Although I think administrators and teachers should be more involved with students and see them as people. I think there should be more funding towards the arts/music departments as well as sports because many have broken instruments or not enough uniforms for teams.
the school is filled with diversity, however it lacks the resources to compete with surrounding suburban school districts in sports and special events. More attention must be given to the marching arts program to allow it to thrive,
There are many teachers who really care about the kids. They need more resources available to kids for academic technology equipment, more funds for experiential field trips, better funding for female athletes and a realistic budget for the arts and marching arts programs.
I actually attend SUNY at Albany so I chose this option, but this school is widely known for being diverse, and the fact that it's so diverse makes the university way more unique than others. I have so many opportunities here and I continue to take advantage of all of those that I can.
My experience at Albany High school has left me enriched, well rounded, and open to new experiences. I am grateful for each day spent at the school.
Although I found the experience fulfilling and I think some teachers really cared about my education, I found the administration largely unorganized and incompetent, especially in high school.
They need more high schools. They have 3,000 students stuffed into 1 High School. Their security is definitely lacking. My daughter called me a few weeks ago during a riot at the school and I told her to come home. They need better security and severe consequences for kids fighting on campus.
Teachers are excellent, however administration is difficult to work with and uncooperative. They often ignore complaints from parents and teachers, and refuse to listen to students. The diversity is also a really strong positive, with 57 languages spoken just in the high school.
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I like Albany School of Humanities. We have been atttending this school for the past 6 years my oldest will be graduating fron there this year. My yougest is in the 3rd grade. The teachers there are very nice. This year we have a new prinicpal that is very good with the kids and discipline. The girls live the theatre and arts they do here. I gave it a four only because there could be alot if upgrades done to this school to make it more efficient and clean.
In terms of public high schools I would say it is average. I work at the Boys and Girls Club where we have teen nights to keep teenagers off the street in Albany. We are usually the ones who prepare them for plans after high school. Many of the schools that our teens come from are not prepared through their schools. I believe with a little more active supervision I believe the Albany school distract can drastically improve.
Albany has a lot to offer its students. There were many programs and opportunities that I took advantage of as a kid that benefited me later. It would be nice to see teachers, students, and parents all on the same page about education.
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