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I really like the Academic challenges that this school system offers, it helps me to grow and see the world from a different perspective. I would really like to see offers for some hard core classes in high school.
The dedication and care of the teachers at my school is what I love most. I've built great relationships with my teachers and admire the dedication they have to what they do. My major caveat with my school is our low budget. Our buildings are always dirty and there's constant leaks, some bathroom stalls don't have doors anymore, black mold is everywhere, and if things break or get lost, nine times out of ten the teachers pay out of pocket for the expenses. Additionally, like most southern-based schools, money is poured into football and leaves the other sports and the arts with the dregs.
I like Alamance schools.I have had my children in grade school,middle and high school over the past 6 years and they are great with activities and safety.They have good teaching levels and the buildings are nice.
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I enjoyed the teachers and the ability for students to interact with the faculty within the school system itself.
A district where I made many valuable connections with my fellow peers and even the teachers around me. Multiple ways of learning other than the typical classroom setting, making leasrning of various sobjects enjoyable.
Not a great school system. Administration can never link all of the individual high schools and they always have different schedules per school.
There are so good qualities with this school system but I feel like some situations are not handled properly.
not the school , just the teachers suck. I just wish that they would be more caring . i dont think that they are .
I would like to see more genuine involvement within the staff and administration. I would also like to hope for a change within the upcoming youth attending ABS schooling
I loved the schools in Alamance county. I made great relationships with students and my teachers. My teachers were entertaining and that helped me learn. the study itself was very well thought out.
My experience with Alamance-Burlington Schools was average. However, there were a few things that I enjoyed during the time that I was in these schools. Teachers and staff are, mostly, friendly and helping. They delivered the material as well as the could, as provided by the school system. On the other hand, some things need to change. For example, there is no diversity, which creates a slight racist tension. Another thing that needs to change is how well the school delivers the academic material. Many children are not ready for college because students, like me, are not challenged enough. The material we are given is not good enough for the standardized tests.
Great learning experience I love the teacher that helped me she really helped me out and she pushed me to strive to do my best and she helped me to achieve my goal I kept going even when I wasn’t sure i doubted my self at times but she encouraged me to achieve my dream and to further my education I am very proud to say I have completed high school and I’m am in collage completing my dream I love this school and faculty.
I attended Turrentine and Williams high school in the Alamance Burlington school system, overall I feel I was granted opportunities at these schools that others didn’t get. My teachers were mostly helpful with class work and any other problems students had. I also created connections and discovered my passions at this school.
It was an excellent expierence. An experience full of the joy of learning, friendship, and hardwork. I grew up homeschooled and fell in love with the entire experience. I do not say that lightly, nor as a biased opinion. Being with your siblings and parents so much of the time may seem daunting, but I assure you it a gift that continues to give. It was in my home that I learned how to think for myself, how to think outside of the box, handle responsibility, and make temporary and lasting relationships on my own. I was not hidden under a rock as most would think, but allowed the oppurtuinity to be poured into all the more. If you embrace your oppurtuinities you will rarely be lacking.
I could not have been given a better education or preparation for life.
I like Burlington city schools because they care tremendously about the students well being as well as students academic progress. The teachers and administration faculty are very professional and caring to students and parents. The food served is very nutritionous and that helps with the physical and mental thinking of students. I recommend Alamance-Burlington school system to anyone to prepare for a rewarding education.
Better bathrooms. The draining system needs to improve, water remains in walk ways of Eastern Alamance. More room for students, extremely over crowded.
I have been enrolled in the ABSS school system for the past 13 years. Overall my experience here has been quite disappointing.
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Not a terrible school system, but is underfunded and overcrowded. Some teachers are excellent and very well qualified for their jobs, but others make me wonder how they were hired in the first place.
Our school district is one of the best in the state with good education and safe accommodations. Alamance school district is a great school district because while your learning ,not only are you getting information you need your also in a very fun environment that makes you want to come to school and learn every day.
Both of my children have attended Alamance Burlington schools. Over the past 13 years, the teachers have been nothing but supportive, kind, and have shown plenty of support to both of my children. I am confident that my eighth grader will be up to par with other graduating eighth graders in North Carolina. I would like to see more tasteful and appealing lunch options for the children. The school district makes a great effort to follow recommended nutritional guidelines. However, the food lacks flavor and generally does not entice the children to want to eat their lunch. The options that are provided on the menu every day for the children are extremely well-rounded. I would like to see those well-rounded options be more flavorful moving forward.
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