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We have great teachers that really care for the students however, I would like to see a more diverse teachers. We have come a long way but there is room for improvement. We also need a more diverse school board. Recently we had some issues where all the ones who made it diverse quit. The superintendent quit and he was African American. We need to do some work to make sure we are keeping things with a good mix of different races.
Aiken county has a good educational program but they lack discipline. They also prefer to fund sports such as football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and cheerleading but are not willing to fund Mock Trial, academic team, public speaking, and robotics.
I like the unity of the district the best. Our district is big on listening to the students and parents while trying to adapt to changing times. I’d love to see our small rural school get as much (renovations) as other larger schools in our district.
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ACPSD is a unique school district 39 schools including ,, 11 middle schools,, 21 elementary schools and 7 high schools. I personally went to Busbee elementary, A.L Corbett Middle and Midland Valley high. MVHS has an amazing teaching staff. The atmosphere,, the culture of the school doesn’t promote failure it was a great administration team. MVHS is the best school in the county
The Aiken County school district is full of flaws. All of the funding goes to the bigger schools and the smaller schools get very little attention. The funding for sports is great but our buildings are literally falling apart and my school has black mold growing in one of our buildings and we haven't been able to use our science labs in almost a year. We have mostly great teachers that care about our learning and want to see us succeed.
I have been attending Aiken County schools since I was in Kindergarten. My mother is a teacher in the Aiken County school system, so it is near and dear to our family's hearts. I have always enjoyed my time in Aiken County schools. I am now a senior in high school. I know the path that I want to take and this school system has well prepared me as I start my journey. I have two siblings that will follow in my footsteps and I can only hope that they leave this school system feeling as prepared as I do. However, I would like to see discipline being taken more seriously county wide. My teachers felt pressure not to send students to the office or write them up over a variety of offenses for fear of not being supported. These interruptions in class interfered with my need for learning to continue my path to college.
I think Aiken County Schools are great! The teachers care about students. Some schools are treated better by others but overall it’s a great district.
I loved Aiken County Public schools. The teachers really want to see the students succeed. They do everything that they can. They have after school programs to help you with all classes. They have tutors and it was just a great experince.
Aiken County has a very supportive for finding ways to help you learn in different ways. Although the school I attend has very little access to technology to help students thrive in school.
I enjoy my schooling experience currently, but I am in a special academy in Aiken where we have a better opportunity to grow, learn, and be prepared for college. Many of my friends who go to regular public school complain about how their high school experience is not engaging and how certain teachers don't always teach the content in an understandable way. However, the elementary and some middle schools here seem to bring up students well nowadays.
I went to North Augusta High School and graduated in 2014 with a 3.6 GPA. While in high school I was a student-athlete and participated in football, basketball, and track. My experience is an overall positive one. While at this school my teachers were very helpful and would work with me when needed. Playing sports was something that made my high school experience more fun, without it taking away from my education. My coaches would push me to do better on the court or field as well as maintaining my grades in the classroom. My overall experience from high school was a good one, but if there was one thing that I could change, it would be for our school to have more updated textbooks and to have a rubber track for track and field events.
My time at silver bluff was fun but I couldn't really get the most out of it with the lack of school activities and clubs provided, the school mainly focused on academics and sports, which is great but at the same time it kinda ignored the other kids like me who excelled at other things. Drama club, band, and I would say our school choir aswell, but we didn't have one, things of the arts were often ignored, no rewards, hardly any showcasing of our talents, and barely even any clubs or classes to join in the first place, but even with that drawback it wasn't that bad since I was pretty academically strong myself, showing some form of skill while I was there and I found that I enjoyed my peers and the faculty that were around, making my experience at Silver Bluff some what uneventful but satisfying at the same time.
Aiken county has its ups and downs but for the most part it’s all good. They treat all schools fairly and do what they can to help in times of crisis.
they are there for the students. My son loves his school and his teachers. They are very strict on safety of the children as well as education. They provide great lunches for the kids.
My high school offers a plethora of AP classes that challenge me. It is a large high school, and it would be nice if class sizes were a bit smaller. Overall, however, it has been a worthwhile experience.
In general not a bad experience I wouldn't say it was the best district to be in but its all I know and it is generally a decent district.
I would like better food and more discipline. However, the staff is amazing and there's always someone smiling to greet everyone walking in.
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I liked the work load, but I think teachers selection needs to be better. I feel when teacher love their job kids will learn better.
I will graduated 2018 with honors. I have enjoyed my high school years. There is one flaw in the Aiken county schools system. College classes availability is a problem for all Aiken county schools. I come from a small school, Wagener Salley High School. Our choices for classes lack those of other schools. I don't feel it is fair I am going to be behind in classes my freshman year of college.
Midland Valley is not cared about in the eyes of the board. We have classes in storage rooms, not enough space in the hallways or even in the classrooms.
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