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ABRHS is a large school with many opertunities. There are many clubs and sports teams that allow you to join a community of students. The academics are very challenging and there is a lot of competition.
Students are passionate about extracurriculars, grades, and school. Most teachers work well with students, offering extra help. However there needs to be more emphasis on fun and school community.
Acton-Boxborough regional schools were quite challenging. I enjoyed my classes and teachers. I grew exponentially as a student and felt supported throughout my time. I was very prepared for college and did better in college than I did in high school. ABRHS can be challenging and discouraging because you won't necessarily get the grades you want. However, teachers push students to achieve higher goals and maximize their potential which ultimately leads to more well-rounded students.
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My sister (ABRHS '20, I'm '18) just got admitted to the emergency room for a panic attack spurred by the culture here at this school. She is shaking, screaming, sobbing, rocking back and forth, her arms and legs spasming as she blubbers incomprehensible phrases and hyperventilates, leading my parents to carry her 5'11 frame to the car. She is bullied in class because she doesn't get A's and isn't aiming for the Ivies. She is chronically ill; how in the world is she expected to go to the Ivies? The worst thing is is that I'm not even surprised. This should say enough about this school system.
Very high academic standards. Great division one high school for sports with this year winning football, volleyball track and basketball titles. Very diverse student population. Building could use updates!
Acton Boxborough has a very accepting community, and a good education system. Teachers encourage students to freely speak their minds, and every classroom is a safe zone. Students generally get along very well, and they quite like the schools.
This is the best school I ever went to, I met a lot of friends and the teachers are soo nice. There are really smart kids here. There academics are really good.
Academics are strong. Like all schools, there are excellent teachers, and there are teachers that do not care about students. The spirit of the school is dead, nobody attends school dances/events other than prom.
AB is a relatively large school with nearly 500 kids per graduating class. It is very rigorous academically and very good at preparing students for college. There are lots of opportunities to get involved and most groups are high achieving. Lots of pressure on kids. Kids at the very top and bottom get lots of support. Kids in the middle of the pack, not so much. Teachers are hard working and very enthusiastic. It has a lot of outstanding individuals but struggles with creating a central, united school "spirit." Parents are highly involved in the success of the schools.
Very strong curriculum with very experienced teachers. There are lots of sports and clubs that really form a sense of community.
Our school has been known for its excelling students and hard school curriculum. As an average academic student I find it hard to compete with the diverse and challenging students. College prep classes are like accelerated classes and it can be hard to keep up with how challenging the material is. Many students agree especially due to the 6 suicides in the past two years.
Rigorous academics. Many great teachers. Not a lot of school spirit. Big focus on varsity sports/athletes and honors/AP level studies/groups. Great support for college counseling. Tries to support wellness. Significant amount of homework for upper level classes.
I personally loved ABRHS. There is a great community and I think everyone finds a group that suits them and respect from everyone. The academics are strong and I felt prepared for college with all I learned. The athletics were my favorite part as I played soccer and competed in track and field. Sports gave the school pride and unity. There are also many clubs and after school activities, I myself was in Ocean Bowl, but there are so many others. If there is not a club that you want to join, you can make one with approval and a few signatures. Along with clubs there is an amazing arts community with the plays, musicals, and performances that were very fun to watch. I recently saw Cabaret were students and groups can preform singing acts. The resources are also great as your counselor really helps with anything from just wanting to talk to college preparation and more. Overall, ABRHS helped me grow in every way and I made many friends over my four years.
ABRHS is very academically driven, so much so that stress is a big part of its culture. Mental health has been a big concern recently, but besides that the school is pretty good. Based on my experience, things like bullying are pretty minimal. There are some excellent teachers (and not so great ones like every school), but overall the staff is quite decent. Extracurriculars like sports and theater are also popular, but finding the balance between it all is particularly important if you go here, as well as learning to not get caught up in the competitive culture. Personally I’ve had an overall positive experience at AB.
The environment around the school is very stressful, with a strong emphasis on getting As and Bs and anything below is almost shamed upon. From my friends that graduated I hear the environmkent makes college a breeze and that is a benefit of this school system. Most of the teachers have a lot of experience and know how to work well with students. They are slowly bringing in new and younger teachers into the system.
I've had an okay experience at AB. Most classes are rigorous but the teachers are always supportive and willing to go the extra mile. Most of our sports teams aren't good with the exception of a few. There's a lot of academic bullying surrounding namely math and science but you can work around it. It can be difficult to meet new people because of a generally stubborn student body at times but as long as you put yourself out there and make an effort you'll be fine.

The biggest thing at our school is diversity. Whether you like it or not, there's a very good chance that english isn't the first language of whoever you're sitting next to. I've grown to appreciate the diversity of our class and the variety of opinions it brings to the table, but a lot of students don't.
A diverse, supportive educational environment that is both challenging and stimulating. Great resources; strong athletics & academics; competitive environment
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The district should seriously consider why it protects sexual predators simply because they are on an IEP. All students matter.
I have 3 boys and all had a great experience at acton boxborough regional highschool. All very different. very good teachers
And great programs for all
I struggle in school and my parents and I have been asking to be tested in order to receive a 504 plan / IEP since 3rd grade. I am now a 4th quarter junior and am now just getting it. This really effected my school career as I am stressed with time while taking tests and quizzes, learning at the pace of everyone around me, and just having the ability to ask for more help and not be ashamed of it. Recently I have been informed there is a whole website page / blog for parents and children who have experienced this aswell. It cost lots of money for the school to test a kid, so the school tends not to as much as possible. Besides this, AB is a school that prepares you for the real world. Mrs Gurrie is the best teacher ever.
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