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Acalanes Union High School District Reviews

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See involvement from a larger pool if patents, and administration being more open minded to changes and improvements.
They prepared me well for the future by having rigorous English classes, engaging curriculum and a multitude of sciences classes which other schools did not have.
Acalanes has many caring and helpful teachers willing to help students excel in school. The administration knows most students by name and will listen to anything you have to say. The student body somewhat lacks in diversity but make up in school spirit.
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I really like the teachers and I appreciate how ready I feel for college. I think there are problems with the diversity and competitive environment that can lead people to cope with stress unhealthily.
It’s a place you learn to love by finding the friends that celebrate your accomplishments and the teachers that help you accomplish. The arts department though small is mighty and has become a second home for me here.
My mother always believed that education is the key to growth. She moved mountains for me to become an interdistrict transfer student at Acalanes after my father died due to a sudden heart attack when I was 12 years old. His death cemented the fact that our only path to stability and prosperity would be through my education.
Being a student at Acalanes, I was thrust into a world of blessings. From the impressive library to the rigorous classes with great and invigorating teachers, the educational opportunities of Acalanes dwarfed those that I would have had if I were to remain in the Martinez - a lower middle class community where we live.
With these blessings, I did all I could to make the most of my time at Acalanes, both academically and extracurricularly. I created two clubs, took part in Mock Trial, swam, wrestled, and worked to create relationships with my teachers that will last beyond high school.
I have very mixed emotions about how I feel about this school district. The education and the available courses are definitely the best part about going to school in this area. However, there are teachers and counselors that aren’t very helpful at reaching students to get them prepared for the future or helping them with current curriculum.
The biggest issue with the Acalanes District is the student population. The cliques are near-unbearable and the teachers and administration often do not care about students. However, on the flip side, I have had a few notably amazing teachers and administrators.
I've had a pretty good relationship with Acalanes Union High School District. I feel the board members, superintendents, principals, and teachers all genuinely care about the success of each student. However, I wish the district would do more to foster each school's diversity and deal with students' mental health.
Theere qere many interesting anf fun classes that you could take at the school. The school has Very good and strong sport teams. There is good school SPIRIT.
From a student's perspective, this district is great at maintaining academic standards and preaching pride for one's respective school and community. Sometimes the district is biased towards assisting one school more than the other when it comes to certain things like fundraising. The only complaint I have is the new block schedule that has been implemented.
My experience as a student at Acalanes High School is nothing but great. I have met great friends that have added to great memories at Acalanes. My favorite memory as a student is the homecoming spirit rally. Each grade competes against each other by doing a skit and whoever wins, wins the spirit cup. My 2018 class won both junior and senior year. Another great memory will be the football games. It was a place to cheer on our friends and being surrounded by schoolmates that were as spirited as you were. Not only were the school activities great, but so is the amazing staff. They want to see their students succeed and learn something from the class that we can put into our everyday lives. I wouldn't change a thing about my school. Go Dons!
My experience has been enjoyable yet stressful. Teachers give too much homework (and tests) and with a busy schedule, it is hard to keep up sometimes. However, my school is switching to block scheduling which will hopefully take away some of the stress.
The Acalanes Union School District is arguably the one of the most competitive districts in California, and even in the nation. While both students and staff alike strive to create an environment without judgement, biases, and bullying; it seems that they can never quite conquer this feat. I do have to say that I have been and continue to receive an amazing education which I am thankful for everyday, however going to school everyday is not so pleasant. Respect is not a core value at my school, which troubles me. Also, the district strives to grow the schools to have a diverse environment that welcomes everyone from every walk of life, however I have seen terrible hate crimes happen in our school constantly. The staff attempt to teach students about the importance of respect and acceptance, however those messages never seem to come across strong enough to the students.
Acalanes High School is located in Lafayette, California. The school is not very diverse. However, this school definitely prepared me for college. Some teachers were terrible, honestly, but the few that were exceptional are the ones that made my experience an enjoyable one. I am grateful to have spent four years at that school, I learned exactly what I needed to know to succeed in college.
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