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Abilene Unified School District Reviews

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Abilene has some good schools but I feel like it could be improved. There are a few teachers that have constant issues with students or even ruin a student's a GPA.
Abilene is a great little town, but it lacks in diversity. Everyone generally thinks along the same tracks, which can be frustrating if you don’t fit in with the tightly knit cliques. You have a label on you that can sometimes be difficult to change since everyone has known you since elementary school. People are generally friendly, but not friends.

The teachers are fantastic. They always make sure that students are understanding the content of the class. You can almost always find one-on-one time with any of the teachers if you need something explained.

Abilene is undeniably a sports-centric school, but the music and arts departments are above average as well. The band program, specifically, is top notch. The school puts special emphasis on anti-bullying, which is great, but many students consider the positive action curriculum a joke. Overall, AHS is a good school, but could definitely be improved.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere created by USD 435. I always felt safe and "at home." If I were to go back and change something about the school, I would raise the pay for the teachers who have worked so hard to earn it.
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Abilene Public Schools was a GREAT experience! The classroom sizes were never too big, and you always got the attention needed from your teachers. I felt like the education was well rounded, and I would not have wanted to go to school anywhere else in my youth!
I would like to see more unity throughout the school. I have always felt that the boys get more attention the the girls because all the teachers care about is sports. I'd like to see more focus on education. However, the school councilors were always extremely wonderful to work with towards graduation.
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