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Abbeville County School District Reviews

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I have had a great overall experience with Abbeville High School. I love my classmates, administrators, and teachers. Abbeville High School is a great academic school. I am also very proud of our athletic programs. The only downfall about Abbeville High School is that it was built on the 1950s, and I am going to a school that my grandparents went to. It is was past due for Abbeville to build a new school. It is not fair to the students of Abbeville High School to go to a school with mold and no air conditioning in the gym. I hope to see changes made to my high school in the next few years.
I enjoyed the small town setting of Abbeville. Everyone knows just about everyone, which is not always a good thing. Abbeville is a very old school. If I could change a few things about Abbeville High School, I would tear it down and build a newer modified school with a gym that had air condition. I would also wish for more advanced learning items, such as laptops/tablets.
Abbeville High School is an very bright school. We have great teachers that are very down to earth and willing to make sure everyone understand their lessons. It’s just the building that needs work on it.
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The thing I liked most about Abbevilke High School is that the teachers do everything in their power to make sure that the students are prepared for college.
My high school experience wasn't as exciting as I thought it would. I hope college will fill the void.
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