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Cypress Bay High School Reviews

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In my former experience as a Cypress Bay student, it was a very great time for me. There are so many clubs and sports to get involved in, the events are amazing, and there are a few teachers who were pretty amazing!
I loved the four years I spent at Cypress Bay High School! The community is so fun, welcoming and amazing! The teachers are there for you when you are struggling and are genuinely invested in your education.
Cypress Bay High School is the best High School in Florida. It has a high graduation rate and high college acceptance rates. The faculty and teachers are always there to improve the students grades and well being. My experience is always amazing. Each day of school is better and better. With over 4,500 students there is diversity and making friends is easy. I love Cypress and all my classmates do too.
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Cypress Bay allows for every student to to find their niche and express themselves in it. From the many AP classes, to the variety of sports, and around 50 clubs they offer. A student can explore interests at Cypress Bay. The only thing I would change is the food they offer. But it isn’t the best brain food for a six hour day, and also isn’t the best thing to eat right before a game or a grueling practice after class in the Florida sun for the athletes of our school. The $1.25 it takes to buy hundreds of calories from the vending machine, isn’t needed to be productive throughout the day. Sometimes I want a fruit cup or an apple. Instead, I am given plantain chips, chemically cheddared puffs and sugary rice treats. The cafeteria at our school is clean and I understand feeding two to three thousand people a day is complicated but the food is gross and unhealthy. Cypress is a great school, the only thing I would change are their nourishment standards.
As an eleventh grade student at Cypress Bay High School, I enjoy my attendance at the school. I am amazed at the broad selections I can make to choose a class and a club. Although, the student body could make an effort to respect the school they attend for free.
Cypress Bay High School is an interesting school compared to others in the Broward County School District. Classes come in a variety and not one student is mistreated or steered in the wrong direction.
Cypress Bay is a phenomenon. The teachers inspire their students through a real love for the subjects. The competitive atmosphere cultivates growth without becoming toxic.
Cypress Bay is an excellent school in regards to academics. The teachers and faculty members are very helpful and resourceful, and I feel like because of their effort I become much more prepared for college each year. However, the students are not as welcoming or helpful. The majority of the students are so indulged in fitting in, getting good grades, being part of every club, brandishing their parent's wealth and doing everything in their power to get into a prestigious college that the unique personalities they developed before high school have been reduced to a standard, clone-like version of the average Cypress Bay student. It's saddening, but it's even worse that the only people who can really see this are those outside of the norm. Success is a concept that so many students chase by putting others down in order to better themselves. It's a well-known statement that money and success don't bring happiness, but most students here still want to prove it for themselves.
Cypress Bay High School was a great experience! This had to be one of the best four years of my life so far. The teachers and staff will always encourage you to do better and help you succeed to have a better future.
The teachers at Cypress Bay are really amazing and the principal, Mr. Neely, is so kind. He gives us so much freedom and so many opportunities that aren’t given at other schools. He constantly is walking through the halls and interacting with students. We have hundreds of clubs at Cypress, ranging from UNICEF to Drama Club to the Harry Potter club, so there really is something for everyone. My 4 years at Cypress Bay we’re some of the best of my life and I wouldn’t have had the same experience at any other school.
My two years here have been an amazing experience, at first the 5000 students may shock you but they end up making school a world of its own that along with the excellent academics and limitless opportunities makes Cypress Bay High School one of the best high schools in the nation
cypress bay is honestly an incredibly unique environment with an energetic and diverse student body (composed of an immense 4,800 kids). the extracurricular programs are well-developed and usually sufficiently funded despite our school being a public institution. activities are always super fun, and you will (without fail) find your peers eager to engage in student-run programs, from festivals to theatre to sports events.
Very great school with exceptional teachers who have your best interest at hand. The only downside is the types of classes they offer. Don't get me wrong they have some really great classes, but it would be cool if they brought back classes such as woodworking! The principal is one of a kind and makes the school feel like a home away from home!
It's a once in a life time experience that has no other feeling like it. It has a variety that includes every race and culture. I was so lucky to be apart of something so wonderful like the bay. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. It has to be one of the best schools I've ever been to.
My experience at Cypress Bay High School was very good. Everyday you meet new people as the school is very big with over 5,ooo students attending. Cypress Bay is like a mini college, there are various things to get involved in and at the same time have a good time.
The school's atmosphere was fantastic. It provided its students to fine their originality and be unique within a school of over four thousand students, which was a big part of making me who I am today. I wouldn't trade my experience at Cypress Bay High School for anything, and I am glad to say that I will be graduating from there in the spring. The student body is diverse and exciting, and an aspect of it which I found to be extremely helpful was its sheer size. With so many students going to the same school I was, not only did I meet new people every day but I had the opportunity to find my niche, which is something not so easily found in a smaller school. The students who attend Cypress Bay High School are very accepting and mature, and the academics are incredible. At Cypress Bay, most of the teachers I have encountered are teaching because they genuinely care about us students and want to see us succeed later in our lives.
My time at Cypress Bay is a chapter in my life that I will never forget. While most people say their high school is/was the best high school ever, Cypress Bay really takes that title. The teachers and facility are very helpful and supportive and truly have a passion for both their students' success and subjects that they teach. Cypress also some how manages to always feel like a small, close knit community, even with 1,200+ students. I think a lot of this came from our school's spirit and abundance of clubs and organizations that students could be involved in.
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I liked the teachers and the diversity of AP classes. I would like to see a change in the focus of the school. I think that this school is more concerned about grades than the overall education of its students. I would also like to see a greater interest in teaching values.
This school provides a safe and warm environment for thousands of students. They really do whatever it takes to meet our needs.
Cypress Bay is the best High School in the nation! This is such an incredible school with diverse students, staff, courses, and extracurriculars. I love Cypress Bay, it provides me with so many opportunities such as amazing AICE and AP classes, and the myriad of clubs one could join. We have a great number of sports, arts, and social programs at the school which are highly respected and ranked at a regional and state level, this provides a great community for athletes, artists, leaders, and just about everyone. There is truly a place for everyone at this amazing school, this is truly a very accepting environment which is great for learning with old and new friends in a great variety of awesome experiences. I could never see myself going to any other school! GO LIGHTNING!!!
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