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My experience in Cypress Bay High School from day one has been absolutely amazing. The teachers and staff are very nice and engaging. Cypress offers many classes meaning many opportunities for students to take advantage of, including myself. I have been a Cypress Bay student since my freshman year and I would not trade this school for any other. Students in Cypress Bay are like no other, we are so diverse and there are so many of us that we get along very nicely. I know that my experience in Cypress will continue to be as enjoyable as it has been.
Cypress Bay High School is a school that offers its students the opportunity to grow as individuals and take control of their academic growth. The school provides the liberty for every student to chose the educational path they desire, whether it's scientific or artistic, and they provide the resources for students to grow is the field of their choice. From Advance Placement classes or the extended Cambridge AICE courses, there's many available ways for students to get involved and take action in relation to their education. I really liked the environment CBHS offered, the school allows for creative freedom and is very flexible in various senses. The only aspect I would like to see changing is the effectiveness of the counselors. In the four years I attended the school, I can only recall one time my advisor was helpful. The rest of the instances she would either don't know how to address my questions or concerns, or send me to someone else. However, my time at CBHS was amazing.
When being involved in the school, you really get to have fun. You get to be independent but must also carry out your responsibilities as well. Cypress is also very big and diverse. I cant wait to see cypress bay new building they are planning to make as well.
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During my scholastic career at Cypress Bay, my thirst of knowledge for different cultures and other aspects of the world has grown tremendously. Cypress Bay administrations and staff provides all students the opportunity to prepare for the foreign lifestyle known as College. The administration and staff have allowed us students to express our individualism and have more freedoms than most schools, which has allowed us to mature as human beings.
Cypress truly represented the outside world based on the diversity of people. The school was so large that you’d walk by someone new in the hallways. Fortunately, being on the high school soccer team for 4 years is what made my high school experience and that was all because the coaches and my teammates. The only thing I would change is that security improves because there were days students could easily walk off campus and go home.
I cannot describe in words how much I enjoyed my years in Cypress Bay. What makes The Bay so unique? The "Big Kahuna", Mr. Charles Neely. Our amazing principal has made being a student at Cypress more than just 4 years of school, he has turned it into an experience that none of the alumni or future grads will ever forget. What's the secret? Neely has given us trust in exchange for respect. The freedom that students have on campus is what makes this place so amazing. You can be, do, and say whatever you want as long as you are respecting others and getting good grades. That is the trust that Mr. Neely puts in all his students and we all pay him right back with respect and with amazing grades. No school will ever compare to Cypress Bay and I am beyond grateful to all the staff who made my experience at The Bay unforgettable, and specially thankful to the "Big Kahuna" Mr. Neely. Go Lightning!
My experience at Cypress Bay was pretty good. They had really good school spirit throughout my years of being there. Everyone is always enthusiastic. All my teachers have been great and really seeemed to care about me, in all expects of my well being and me actually learning the lesson that they are teaching. I‎t is an A school. Cypress Bay had lots of diversity ranging from just about every country. We have college readiness classes that are given to us to prepare for college.
There are tons of AP classes, which is great and all of my teachers were amazing, passionate, and helpful individuals.
Cypress bay high school was a great experiernace with many helpful teachers and staff. The school is filled with mnay differnt kids with a great diversity.
A great school. Many insightful teachers are willing to invest their time in the students. Lots of clubs and activities that keep the school active everyday of the week.
The teachers are very passionate about what they teach, and they are interested in the students. Rigorous classes, such as AICE and AP, come with a heavy load of classwork, difficult tests, and homework. The right balance of classes will get you through the year, and it is always comfortable to speak to teachers privately. The security is good and the principal is AMAZING. Every person finds their place in the school of 4,800+ students, with over 100 clubs to join.
Overall, the school is fine. It offers many different classes to choose from. Some teachers are very experienced in how to engage their class into their lesson and able to make them actually learn things, while others had no idea what they're doing.

I've experience four years of this school as a person of a different race other than white or Hispanic. If you're either of these races you're fine. But the amount of racism and bullying is extremely high. Parent and other types of school reviewers don't experience what the students do.

This is what I'm telling you. The diversity in this school is horrible, especially when you see all the African-American students sitting together in a group.

Overall, this school is great if you're white or Hispanic, but other than that, you probably shouldn't attend.
Cypress Bay is a huge school with such a variety of students. You meet people from all around the world, with different cultures and beliefs, that you learn new things just from the students. Not to mention the best teachers work there. The staff and administration is amazing as they always do their best to help.
During my experience in Cypress Bay what I liked the most was the diversity of people and how teacher helped you even if you did not speak the language. Not only that, but Cypress Bay has many things to offer that at least you are involved in one of them. One of the I would change it would be the food, because even though it is not so bad, it does not please the taste of many. However, in the overall courses, activities, and teachers I would not change a thing since all of them have been giving their support to all students and helping them to succeed
Very caring teachers who are willing to help their students, a college feel campus that makes us student feel more adult and independent. Challenging classes to help us reach our future goals.
Everything about CBHS is big! The student body is approaching 5,000, the campus is similar to one of a college, and there are numerous clubs and sports here. The home of the Lightning is also the home to students of many backgrounds and personalities. The "new kid" won't have too much trouble fitting in. CBHS offers a variety of courses that can meet the standards of any student. The Bay is an exceptional school that simulates and prepares students for college.
Cypress Bay High School is an excellent school. I am a senior enrolled there, and I have enjoyed the past three years. The school offers so much to everyone, such as a medical program, a business program and a television production program. There is something for everyone! The school offers a variety of advanced-level classes (Honors, AP, and AICE), and over 30 clubs and extracurricular activities. The teachers are very caring, and administration is very helpful.
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i completetly love the structure of my school. it does not look like a high school. Its big and the people there are always happy and up for anything. We have parties and events to celebrate. The principal is honestly the best. Such a kind person with the biggest heart.
This school is far above the state average in key measures of college and career readiness.Even at schools with strong college and career readiness, there may be students who are not getting the opportunities they need to succeed. Students at this school are making more academic progress given where they were last year, compared to similar students in the state. Strong student progress (also known as student growth) means different things. In some states, the average progress is so low, that even strong progress may not prepare a majority of students for college and career. It also depends on the school's test scores. Strong progress with low test scores means... that students are starting at a low point but the school is doing a better job at supporting their academic growth than most other schools. Strong progress with high test scores means students have strong academic skills and the school is a doing a better job at supporting academic growth than most other schools.
Cypress Bay High School is a community of more than four thousand and seven hundred students. This school had the top AP scores in the NATION. For a public school? That's pretty impressive. It's worth living in Weston just so your kids can go to this school. The teachers are for the most part phenomenal, the school is very welcoming and most students end up going to the same colleges as students who graduate from expensive private schools. I have friends who graduated with me who are now at University of Florida, Stanford, MIT, and many more.
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