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I like how open the school is, giving students a lot of liberties. There are a lot of good classes to choose from, especially AP classes. One thing that needs to change is how clubs are managed. There is way too much paper work involved to do simple club activities.
Cypress Bay high school is a school that has amazing teachers with extremely high passing rates (especially for AP exams). The culture of the school was generally open and inviting, everyone had a place to fit in since it is so populated.
Its a very challenging school that prepares you very well for higher learning. The teachers are definitely the best part about this school as they all care about your success and well-being.
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Cypress Bay is a school where anything is possible. With the number of extracurricular activities coupled with such a supportive environment, Cypress Bay provides students with a rich education.
I love Cypress Bay High School because it offers students a tolerant, safe, and open-minded place to learn and grow. I've formed everlasting bonds with several teachers who have impacted my life with their wisdom and passion for education. I've challenged myself with a rigorous course load, and received guidance from my counselor and college advisor that motivated me to do well. Cypress Bay gives students freedom and independence, which taught my peers and I how to be responsible and manage our time. The Bay is a wonderful place for creative students like myself because of the art, writing, and photography classes and clubs offered. My high school experience has empowered me and given me opportunities that I am so grateful for.
I loved Cypress Bay because it felt like home. The moment you arrived everyone would gladly greet you, and give you an enormous smile. The school facilities are well-kept and they renovate them constantly. Also, they have amazing teachers that truly care about the learning experience of their students.
Cypress Bay is an amazing school full of variety. There ar classes for any interest you have and gives opportunities to start studying classes based on the career you want.
The school is really well funded. The programs available are pretty diverse and interesting. Most clubs have intention to help out the community. The sports team is amazing, definitely come here if you're looking to be part of an athletic team. Overall, good high school to attend.
Really like the school and the ambiance, most teachers were pretty good... I moved from another country and I only took my last two years at Cypress Bay H.S. but I feel comfortable that what they taught me prepared me to enter the University of my choice. The only thing I would improve is Sports, where I come from we did sports 3 times per week, but we took it seriously and had enough teams to be able to play at whatever we wanted to participate. Here I could not participate in Soccer or any other team sport as you have to be more than good in order to be chosen, if half the students at Cypress are males, it's impossible to be chosen to play Soccer ...we are talking about at least 2000 male kids and you only need 11 or 22 for a team.
Cypress Bay is a very unique high school. It prepares students for college , including the rigor and the rhythm. The students are amazing. Friends can be easily made and there is truly something for everyone.
Runs very much like a college, which is good for seniors. Rigorous academics with some dedicated teachers.
Being a school of almost 5,000 students, I thought that I wouldn't be able to handle just a big school. Before I knew it, Cypress Bay felt so normal to me, giving me a small look at how it will be in college. Even though this school is extremely competitive, being that it's #1 in academics and was even #2 in the state one year where the Vice President even attended the graduation, it has shaped who I am today. If i were in a B or C+ school, I might not have pushed myself as much as I do today and I feel glad and relieved at how well this school has shaped me, even though I have thought it was too much at one point but realized it was for the better.
I’m a senior now at cypress bay and I’m so happy that I chose to attend this school over any other. Cypress has given me the opportunity to meet so many great people and learn from so many great teachers. Of course, there are some teachers that i will love to never see again, but there are also some that you can tell love their job and love to see their students strive for greatness. Cypress is probably one of the top 3 biggest high schools in the nation and with that comes lots of diversity in the students. It’s cool to see all the different people on culture day and embrace the different cultures. Cypress will definitely be missed.
I like that you can get involve with all the clubs on campus.There always actives after school that you can do to hang out with your friend.
The positives at Cypress Bay High School sure do outweigh the negatives. I was pushed to take on rigorous workloads that have tested my intellectual abilities and have excelled. Success can have many definitions, for me, the definition is rather simple- it means striving for excellence every day, which Cypress Bay executes. While I am not ranked at the top of my class, I match my determination to succeed with the best of them thanks to my high school. Junior year, I tried out for a sports team. The coaches made me feel so welcome. The experience helped me gain confidence and aided me to become passionate about my community. I joined Marine Science Society and Mentors in Action and became an officer in both clubs. Balancing leadership was hard at first, my teachers that sponsored the clubs helped me de-stress. With the school pushing club participation, honors, dual enrollment, and AP courses, I feel as though I am now ‘battle tested’ and ready for the rigors of college.
What I like about Cypress Bay High school is that it open doors to a variety of AP and AICE courses and a multicultural community. Teachers dedicate one-on-one time to each student in order to create a personalized learning environment. It offers clubs that range in scope and goals, allowing a place for everyone to fit in.
I have only attended Cypress Bay HS for 2 years and I absolutely love it. The teachers, staff and students are all very friendly and cooperative. My class of 2018 is very competitive and we put a lot of dedication to achieve our grades. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Cypress and hope all the best for my underclassmen and future students.
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I love Cypress Bay High School! This high school teaches students how to be independent and prepares them for the real world. There are so many AICE classes, Cambridge classes, along with AP course to choose from. Cypress also has a wide variety of clubs, after-school activities and sports programs for their student to take full advantage of. College Advisors are always there to help students through the college application process and provide them with guidance.
Great School with excellent teachers. Offers over 30 AP Courses with consistently high passing rates. Includes a diverse array of clubs and extracurriculars for all students. Many guidance counselors that pay personal attention to their students. Recently got a renovated media center and front office. Overall, I've had a great 4 years at this school and will not forget the many wonderful memories I've made here!
Overall, my experience at Cypress Bay had some ups, but also a lot of downs. Cypress Bay High School is very flawed, but definitely has the opportunity to grow and improve. The academics are amazing and very competitive, therefore, the college readiness preparation is great. However, I constantly had problems with administration and guidance. Because of the size of the school, the teachers and guidance were always overwhelmed with the amount of students they had to take care of. In addition, I never a big fan of the way Principal Neely and the security guards ran with the school, and how they allowed the students to act on a regular basis.
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