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I've honestly had a very good experience in this school. All the teachers are very helpful and the students here are very kind. There are a lot of classes to choose from also.
Cypress Bay offers a variety of classes available for anyone. Each student has the ability to expand their interest by the classes taken or the clubs they involve themselves in.
I love the diversity at this school and how the school takes students' safety very seriously. I also like that the teachers and administration is very friendly and supportive.
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I love my school. What saddens me is the amount of security that has been implemented due to all the violent successes around the country.
The education offered at Cypress is second to none! I've had incredible opportunities offered to me at Cypress, and I've become a well-rounded student athlete,
Very great for socializing with many diversity of personalities and people and one of the best academics as well athletics
Cypress Bay High School is a very populated school with an enrollment upwards of 5000 students. With the amount of pupils, the school has made it possible to give out every opportunity to allow us to test the waters for different interests and career paths. The school offers courses and curricula that aren't offered at many other schools. Through the Health Opportunities class, students at the highest level serve as interns and apprentices at the hospital every other day.

Cypress Bay has a wonderful instructional and administrative staff. Each teacher at Cypress Bay has a drive to help students succeed any way possible. The teachers work with you and not against you. Administration is full of professionals who will helps students anyway possible and in an efficient manner. The principal, Mr. Neely, also known as "The Big Kahuna", represents everything the Bay embodies. He greets students with a friendly high five, a battle cry, or just a simple smile that can make one's day.
Cypress Bay is one of the biggest high schools in the country yet it manages to create a great family atmosphere where you could feel the unity. The entire town was very involved in the school and helped to make great progress every year that I was there. With all the neighboring schools, Cypress bay always stood out in everything they did from sports, clubs, students, academics and most importantly it carried and lived up to the expectation of being a fun school to go to everyday.
Cypress Bay has a large availability of classes, clubs, sports, etc. Most of the adults I have met are willing to help students with any needs and are mostly concerned with making students college ready. I like the amount of AP and AICE classes they have for college credit. We also have the opportunity to take part in dual-enrollment which I find is a very useful resource. The safety of its students has recently become the main priority and I feel safe going to school.
What I love aboutCypress Bay is that everyone is fro different cultures and has a very wonderful, clean and happy environment. Best school I've been to and honestly, no other school has the privilege of having such a great principal who all he wants to do is make us a better person and not let us fail in life. Many of the teachers are very helpful and they will be like a parent figure to you and be the one person that cares for you when you feel alone.
It is an amazing school with great teachers. There are so many courses to choose from. The extracurricular activities offered are also spectacular.
Overall, Cypress Bay has been a place where students have the opportunity to be who they truly are. As for the ambient in the school, everyone is allowed to participate in any of the 75 clubs they have or take as many AP/AICE classes they feel ready for.
Great school! I am part of the graduating class of 2008, so my review is based on my experience, over a decade ago. It is a very big campus with tons of students but it never seemed that big because of how open the campus was. Great teachers, school spirit, and administration.
I believe Cypress Bay High School is the best school one can attend. The teachers and staff are always available to assist you and give you their full on attention. This is now my 4th year at Cypress Bay and I can say that these past few years have been incredible. They have improved my social, leadership, and educational skills. I have made a wide variety of friends, and I’m grateful for the opportunities this school has given me. Graduating will be tough, because not only will I be leaving the school, but also my friends and teachers that have helped me to become the responsible, kind, hardworking young lady I am today.
One of the biggest schools in the nation and it such a pleasure to be in Cypress Bay High School. Currently more than 5,000 students are enrolled and well sometimes it can be a pain trying to get to class but thanks to the understanding teachers, they understand that. Cypress Bay has some great features such as its philosophy to let students come as close possible to a college campus and freedom while still maintaining a high school environment. You will 100% feel comfortable with the security guards and all the staff here as they are super friendly and will always say hello if they have the chance. These people truly care about you from the security guard and the counselors to those cleaning. The school spirit is incredible and will most likely feel at home at this school and will always find your niche.
Amazing teachers. Countless advanced courses available to take. Beautiful campus. Thousands of students attending.
Cypress Bay High School is your typical high school, but it's the size of a small college. It is very easy to get lost and things can be hard to find. Some teachers care about you while others don't, and the school tends to be extremely cliquey.
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In my former experience as a Cypress Bay student, it was a very great time for me. There are so many clubs and sports to get involved in, the events are amazing, and there are a few teachers who were pretty amazing!
I loved the four years I spent at Cypress Bay High School! The community is so fun, welcoming and amazing! The teachers are there for you when you are struggling and are genuinely invested in your education.
Cypress Bay High School is the best High School in Florida. It has a high graduation rate and high college acceptance rates. The faculty and teachers are always there to improve the students grades and well being. My experience is always amazing. Each day of school is better and better. With over 4,500 students there is diversity and making friends is easy. I love Cypress and all my classmates do too.
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