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I liked how the school prepares for college curriculum. I would like to see more diversity at the school and more student activities at the school.
This school is amazing! I have met so many new people. Some people may think that this would be super boring and that you were not able to do anything at this school because it is a private, Christian school. We do the exact same thing as other groups there is just less drama and bullying. So, if that is what you are looking for in a school then come and join us.
I received the best education possible that propelled me into a rewarding college career. Because of the education provided by CVCA , I made the deals list and had a 4.0.
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CVCA was a good high school for me. Academically I thrived, and community wise I did well. Most all of the teachers take time to get to know their students and are willing and able to help when needed or wanted. That said, CVCA is not a fit for everyone.
It has been solely responsible for preparing me not only for the academic rigor of college studies, but also for the challenges of life post-graduation.
I was told for 6 years that I was getting a wonderful education. They lied.
I didn't know how behind I was until I went to a public uni out west and I could barely use a calculator as CVCA did not use them in most math classes. Every teacher I had for science and math was an ENGLISH major with no background in science or math. Only ONE history teacher was a History major- the rest were English majors.
The food was terrible. I lived on bagels and cake.
The teachers all had favorite students. Nepotism in choir and theater programs.
The kids themselves were incredibly cliquish and cruel.
I was threatened with suspension for wearing a tie- (as a girl - apparently they thought it was a sign of lesbianism... as opposed to modesty).
No AC in one wing of the building- so boiling hot during the summers.
Don't question them on any religious stuff. They will make it up to suit their purposes.
They will ask for you to make a lifetime guarantee donation when you graduate.
I began attending in 7th grade, and until the day I graduated from CVCA, it continued to change my life. Through the ups and downs of my life, it remained a constant and steady ground. There were people that I knew I could always go to for help. Not only this, but it challenged ms academics, and I would be getting the grades I do in college without the help of CVCA. It provided so many opportunities for me in theater, music, and sports as well to continue to grow and craft the skill in the gifts I have been given. The school allowed me to be disciplined and disciple and for that, I am grateful.
CVCA has been a huge part of my life since I started in 8th grade. The teachers genuinely care for their students and the community is unlike anything I've experienced.
This was an excellent high school, that equipped me with the tools that I need to succeed in college. It is a christian high school, with a strong emphasis on growing your faith in God. They have chapel services every week, and a required Bible class to help strengthen students faith.
I love CVCA! It has helped me grow so much academically and spiritually. They bring Christ into the classroom and provide an excellent education. I have gone here since seventh grade and I love the community, teachers, and importance on faith that is integrated into the environment. Would recommend to students who desire to learn more about God and also push themselves with their academics.
My overall experience at Cvca wasn’t too bad. While I was attending Cvca there weren’t to many African Americans that went there, the most I had in my class were about 12 people including me and we had the larger class at Cvca which was about 220 kids. I attended this school from 7-12 grade so I was used to it and I never felt like I wasn’t accepted. For the most part the faculty was great, I never have any problems with them and they would always try and help you the best they could. I’m currently a sophomore in college and as I look back at my whole Cvca experience I fell that I was well prepared for college.
The community fostered at CVCA has brought me lifelong friendships and made me a well-rounded individual.
CVCA has truly lived up to its mission statement of “Educating and Cultivating Students for Christ”. Combining high quality academics, encouraging and comprehensive Christian theology and study, and incredibly loving and caring teachers makes a high school experience like this wonderful.
Growing up I always wanted to go to Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy and what a blessing it was to have the opportunity to go for all four years of high school. I’m halfway done with my senior year right now and my experience has been phenomenal! The teachers are amazing, the diversity is unreal and it’s a great environment. The food is eh, but what do you expect with a school lunch :) I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to go to such a wonderful school!
Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy is a school with an amazing atmosphere and such a welcoming community. The staff is phenomenal and you always feel that you are cared for. The amenities are great and the school is very updated which makes education very enjoyable.
I loved my experience! The teachers are all so encouraging and want you to succeed. They push you and help you to be ready for college both mentally and spiritually.
I had such an amazing high school experience at CVCA, but it is not a school for everyone. They have a firm belief to the teachings of the Bible, and base their curriculum around the Bible. Because of this, some of the rules at the school are more strict than others, but if someone does choose to go to CVCA, I promise they will not find a place that has more teachers who are willing to invest in them, and be surrounded by a faculty that cares more about how they perform in the classroom. These teachers care about the overall well being of the student. While it is expensive, there are plenty of financial aid opportunities available for students who cannot afford it. There are also plenty of service opportunities at CVCA. Students can go on various missions trips, and find other clubs to be involved in. Also, the athletic department is very competitive in all of their sports. This place changed my life, and I would encourage anyone to look into CVCA for high school.
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I have gone here since 7th grade, and the best thing about CVCA is that the teachers are excellent and truly care about the students. They are there not just because it's a job, but because they love it, and with very little exception will do everything they can to help each student succeed, as will the guidance office. Once you are an uperclassman, you also get the opportunity to truly choose classes that will prepare you for your future education, more so than at other schools.
Although the education is great and the teachers really care about you, it feels as though all of my concerns were not taken as seriously as they could have been during my time at CVCA.
I liked the Spiritual aspect of the school. However, the dress code was a little harsh. I liked how we have a designated chapel time of the week set aside to worship the Lord. However, we have mandatory connections on Thursdays during our lunch periods that were not so satisfactory. We have mandatory Bible classes, which are not necessarily rigorous, but they really help you to learn what the Bible is all about.