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I love it, the teachers are amazing and so are the kids. However, I do dislike the teachers' tendency to gossip about other students as well as pick favorites. The school system is overall very biased
Cushman is a great school and the ideal school for any kid that may be struggling in any way. Everyone is so supportive and helpful and is just able to keep you motivated at all times to do your best
Amazing supportive school where emphasis on each student is key. Administration, Head of School and Teachers always available and eager to support and trouble shoot, always with individual needs of student priority.
Diversity and social awareness, community involvement and self esteem paramount to the schools success.
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Fantastic environment for a child to learn and grow. School philosophy is taught and followed from an early age. The teachers do a great job working with and staying current with latest technology and teaching methods. The schools Upper School Director has to be one of the best in South Florida.
At Cushman, the teachers truly care about the success and wellbeing of all of their students. I've been to 3 different highschools and nothing compares to the educational experience I've had at Cushman. It's a small school so we're like a little family.
Despite the increased academic demand the past few years, I love my school and teachers. Middle School have great teachers and they really push you to be your best. Our workload has definitely increased and I have homework every day and tests almost every week. The school is still fun and I love lunchtime when lots of kids play basketball or soccer together. We don’t have cliques.
I love my teachers at Cushman and feel very supported when I have difficulty with a particular topic. Cushman’s Middle School is very academic. You will have homework everyday and have to be disciplined about studying as the curriculum becomes more demanding in the higher grades. The kids are very nice and I have made many life long friends. “Bad Apples” are asked to leave.
Excellent in every way. Cushman kids learn to excel with core values. Most well rounded school in Miami.
Worth every penny. Cushman gave our kids the best education and both are excelling at Ivy’s. Cushman builds confidence in children. You can tell a Cushman kid by the way their impeccable manners, kind demeanor and outgoing personalities. So many schools struggle with entitlement and drugs. Cushman does not have this issue as they do not tolerate it. The school has strong communication with parents. Sending your kid to Cushman is the best advice I could give.
Cushman is the greatest school in Miami. The administration at Cushman really cares about every student. At times I struggled with a particular subject and the school gave me the support I needed to overcome and excel. The school fosters well rounded, happy, smart kids. The school also doesn’t have issues with drugs or bullying. I left confident and academically prepared for my future.
Best school in Miami. Kids are very well rounded at Cushman. Academics are strong. Families at Cushman are mostly wealthy but they are very grounded and not at all flashy like other schools in Miami. Kids at Cushman are so polite and nice, there is a zero tolerance policy on bullying. I love my school.
Academically challenging, caring teachers, safe environment and great core principles. Cushman is an elite private school without the snobbiness and embraces diversity. Bullying is not tolerated and the administration goes the extra mile to make sure every child is supported.
Diversity- my entire grade has 3 Asian students and 1 African American.
aside from athletics I love my teachers and they deserve a pay raise.
unless you count stressful finals cramming, not really college preparatory
mostly clubs run by tired teachers that know nothing about the subject.
Safety- security guards are present, however children are often bullied about race, sexuality, etc
Sports awful. If I could give zero stars I would. Read some other comments to know more.
Resources probably bought from Costco.
broken water fountains
cheap play equipment
spend all money on a gym that has stopped construction and is just a parking lot
Children whose parents are donors get special treatment, despite the school’s belief that all children are SpEciAl
Their ‘core purpose’ contradicts the fact that some kids are in honors classes
I have witnessed numerous expellations of kids.
Children are extremely rude and misbehaved. Their academic scores are extremely low and there is no communication between teachers and parents. Children follow the exact opposite of what the rules are.
The academics are not challenging; even if you were in an 8th grade math course in 6th grade.
Athletics: One day while the girls were with Coach KD. He made us play basketball. Nobody knew how to play basketball. We asked if we could play knockout, and he said that we just wanted to play it so we could have a chance to sit out. We just wanted to play it because it is enjoyable, and we actually CAN and KNOW how to play it. Well, instead we got to do exercises. “Exercises” included doing MANY lunges, running almost 20 leanghths of a basketball court, and much more. While this was happening, the boys were playing basketball, several doing absolutely NOTHING. The coach did not care and made us run an extra when I asked him why another child gets to stand around doing nothing. I had extreme pain for more than a week, I was not allowed to use the elevator. Also, when I climbed up the stairs, it hurted even more. The school couldn’t care less.
Great School with great innovative ideas and implementation in education, every child is individually educated following their strengths and talents, always bringing new ideas in the education system
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