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I liked the diversity, clubs/activities and some teachers. I didn't like some of my teachers because of how they taught and handled a class, football received a lot more funding than anything else, class ceilings were coming apart. My overall experience was alright.
I think the atmosphere was really open and friendly. Although not attending any other culver district schools so everyone had their friend groups and I had to join one. Athletics did help a lot with that. The academics were very challenging at times but it was a good push that is needed. Common Core made math at higher levels much harder than it needed to be. The electives were really nice. I really enjoyed the insight I gained from my film class. I learned tips and tricks on how to spot things in movies. Ceramics was also fun. We were able to make a lot of different things of our choice by hand and by throwing on the wheel. I was able to express my creativity with our different projects. I had a lot of teachers that were really interested in seeing me do my best and their students were their priority. There were opportunities to get the help you needed without using up lunch break to meet. Centaur plus was a tool that no one liked but was a big help for those in need of help.
Culver City High School is a great experience. The academic opportunities are endless. There is a wide variety of AP classes, career pathways, clubs, sports, and much more. Going here has immersed me in an outstanding diverse array of students which is celebrated here at CCHS. The teachers only want the best for the students, and the students are supportive of each other. The cafeteria food may be underwhelming and the bathrooms may have a stall closed from time to time, but the few faults cannot mask the welcoming school environment.
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Culver City High is an excellent high school. It's very diverse and everybody gets along. I personally loved it when our ASB members hosted events on our school blacktop during our lunch break whether it was playing music with themes such as "Throwback Thursday", where they play different songs from the past, as well as hosting Costume Contests on Halloween. This one instance, we had famous rapper duo Ayo & Teo come and perform during the start of one of our Homecoming Games. We then proceeded to win the game. Culver High is an amazing school and I would definitely miss it alot. I do wish that there were more student involvement making it more comfortable for incoming freshmens, as well as keeping up the school spirit like how the past seniors, now college freshmens, had it.
Growing up at culver city high school not only gave me a good education but also provided me with many different extra curricular, resources, and most importantly diversity.
Throughout my time at CCHS I have been involved in the AVPA program which I really enjoyed. There were a lot of new things to learn and experience. The only downside was that the directors kept switching so I was never able to establish a relationship with any of them which drew away from my experience. The other teachers on campus are mostly very helpful and make me feel like I was welcome in their rooms at all times. Overall my experience at CCHS has been really good.
CCHS is a super diverse school with lots of opportunities for students, whether it be in academics, sports, or the arts!
Culver City High School has a diverse community of students and its variety of different clubs allows students to be more included. There are support programs for struggling students and helps each student get into college through its College Career Center and the amazing people that work there.
I like all of the different opportunities at our school like the college and career center we have here. I wish that the school tasted better at our school.
A very nice school, with a large budget and a green campus. Every teacher has access to a Chromebook cart: high quality computers they can give to their students to help complete assignments.
I like how diverse Culver City High school is. I feel safe there. I like how there are so many classes you can take. At least as far as I know, the rate of being bullied is very low. It also gives a lot of resources for people with disabilities. Culver City High school makes sure that everyone feels included. Although, the janitors barely clean the classroom, and yards are usually very dirty after lunch. I think the cleanliness of the school needs to improve. As far as the sports programs, I can't tell you much since I don't do any sports.
Culver City High was a different experience for me than it was for everyone else in the school, however that does not change the real statistics of how the school is functioned. Unfortunately I was unlucky when it came to succeeding in school, my issues in my personal life have been a distraction almost all the time. The school provides a safe space for anyone to talk to, however I did not take the advantage of such a great trait. I'm hoping that when reading this, other people will take the needed advantages that I wasn't strong enough to take.
Culver City is a top notch public school that allocates numerous resources to students, and faculty have a deeply vested interest in seeing their students succeed and achieve their goals.
CCHS was a fantastic school with great respect for STEM as well as the arts. The athletics programs are taken seriously and they were fun to participate in. The athletic facilities are top of the line, as they have a turf football field and separate lacrosse/soccer field. The AVPA has a great theater program as well as art. I know many people that graduated CCHS that are amazing artists ranging from music, acting and illustration/painting. Also, it is one of the most diverse schools in the nation.
Culver City High School has an amazing faculty and a wide range of clubs. My school has provided me with many opportunities for which I am greatly indebted. It's a public school so there are some downsides with over sanitation and quality of some services such as bathrooms. My favorite part of Culver City High School was my ability to fit in. I came from a very small charter school and yet I feel like the friends I have made have been with me my whole life. In sophomore year I applied to the Associate Student Body and got it so being able to improve my school and spread school spirit has helped me understand the privilage I have in going there.
I transferred to Culver City High School my sophomore and I wasn’t ecstatic to say the least with transferring from Mira Costa to Culver City. Graduating in 2018 from Culver City gave me the opportunity to play football in college, leading me off with 3.8 Overall GPA and giving me the opportunity to succeed in the future. The community around and within the high school genuinely care for every single one of its student’s success and we’ll being while they attend Culver City and after they leave Culver City. Many teachers that teach at Culver have gone to Culver City Schools their whole life, which entails the rich history Culver City has as a whole.
I’ve had a great experience at CCHS. From the teachers, surrounding environment, inclusivity, access to activities, etc, this school has helped make my high school life so enjoyable.
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CCHS, better known as Culver City High School, is a great model for all high schools academically. The teachers challenge the students to improve their study and social skills in preparation for college. CCHS sports team are so versatile that there a team for any student. As an alumni, I recommended CCHS to youth members at church, they attended, and now say that they're very happy with their decision to go to Culver City high School. I feel proud.
Culver City High School is everything a parent and child could ask for in a school. Academics and activities wise the school excels.
I enjoy how diverse the community of students is and how we allow others to be themselves and bullying isn't tolerated at Culver City High School. Although some classrooms could be improved along with some of the curriculum like math.
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