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Crossroads feels like a second home. I've made lifelong friends and wouldn't change my experience for anything. All of my teachers are overall understanding and help with work I am confused about. There is a definite lack of diversity regarding race, which can be resolved by giving out more scholarships to minorities and advertising to a broader scale of people.
Crossroads teachers and resources professionals are the reason I was able to succeed in school and help me with my learning diagnosis. The patience, encouragement and assistance is the reason why I am entering college.
This is such a great school. I came in 9th grade and although I'm new everyone's so nice and I got to know a lot of great friends. We call teachers by their first names and they are all very nice. The academic environment is great but not too much pressure. The school's atmosphere is alive everyday.....
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I attended Crossroads from 6th to 12th grade, and I loved elements of community the school offers. The teachers (for the most part) are approachable, fair, and want you to succeed. The curriculum is roughly college level and the class schedule and learning environment is very good. However, the students are very privileged and at times not very friendly or approachable.
Crossroads offers an entirely new method of teaching that is unprecedented at any other high school in the country. Students often take part in discussions about race, sex, and religion in our country and world. We are unhinged by the administrations openness to talk about the injustices millions of people face in their everyday lives because of their socio-economic status, race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender.
Crossroads allows students not only to flourish academically, but in their personalities and in the ways they interact with the world around them as well. It's programs like Crossroads' one of a kind Human Development program that make this school shine! From your first Life Skills class, to your first Environmental Outdoor Education (EOE) Trip, to your senior year Rights of Passage trip at the Ojai Foundation, Crossroads is a place that values growth not only in the classroom, but throughout your time in the world!
Crossroads is a great school, with a great student body and faculty contributing to a wonderful sense of community. The teachers are great and very accessible but also focused on challenging you to learn both through critical thinking and hard work.
Crossroads has been a wonderful school to learn and grow in. I only wish that they allowed students more freedom to form their own opinions, which I believe would help them.
I really liked that Crossroads gave me such unique high school experience. When I compare my high school career to my other friend's, they are always left in wonder about Crossroads. Crossroads also allowed me to learn how to make connections that will last and help me in the future. It is a great school and I am so grateful that I was able to attend.
At Crossroads School, students thrive as learners, artists, and people. Rigorous coursework, paired with high level discussions of society's major problems, push students to become active global citizens dedicated to making a change in the world. The teachers' commitment to the students is unparalleled; the learning style often asks students to connect curriculum and their own lives, providing for deep personal and intellectual refection. The campus is vibrant and lively: at lunchtime, some students play music and dance on tables while others can be found rehearsing student theatre, playing in the annual ping pong tournament, engaged in one of the school's 30+ community service and social justice clubs, and more. Crossroads is a place where students can explore themselves and their passions in a safe, warm environment, all while applying their newfound knowledge to real world problems. Crossroads students prove that even high schoolers can make a difference!
Crossroads is a great home for all students who enter it, with vibrant ideas for the classrooms. It is a safe environment for the developing student with administration and staff who really seek to benefit the students career. Some of their flaws lay in the fact that, they have some buildings without elevators, one of them being the Athletics/Middle School Classrooms across the street which is also where you can find the Athletic Trainer. Somewhat of a struggle if you are on crutches and need to visit the trainer.
Crossroads has extraordinarily dedicated teachers and students passionate to learn. It is a small school in which growth of each individual student is paramount.
I liked the teachers and the format of the classes and lessons. However, the children in the school are very spoiled and in some ways "stuck up". These children have very successful parents and it reflects on their personalities.
Crossroads is a wonderful school that fosters independence, creativity, and accountability. I made lifelong friends while studying a wide range of topics. Teachers were always accessible and understanding, willing to spend the extra time with their students. I was able to explore many different activities. Crossroads opened me up to possibilities that I did not think possible before. In addition, I became an independent thinker. When I went to college, I found myself at the top of my classes, ready to engage the material more than other students. As I watched my college peers struggle, I found the transition to be seamless.
I have partaken in many fantastic experiences as a result of attending Crossroads, but of course there are issues everywhere, so I chose 4 out of 5 circles. Crossroads is a phenomenal experience that I would not have had access to if I hadn't taken the risk to attend an independent school.
Some teachers have a certain affinity for certain teachers styles and it doesn't always comply with that of all students, but thankfully I've been able to adapt my learning style to fit the teachers' methods.
Crossroads is a phenomenal school both in terms of the education you will receive and the personal growth that the school will inspire. In many ways you get the best parts of college learning and opportunities while still being able to get the high school experience. I participated as a cellist in a rock band, frequently went camping, climbing, and kayaking through the Environmental Outdoor Education program, took deeper thinking and discussion based classes with remarkable teachers, and was inspired by my peers to continually improve myself. The community and support are great and the school spirit and mentality are wonderful.
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So many clubs. In middle and upper school, you can start a club with just about any theme. All sports, with the exception of contact football, they do have flag football.
Bullying is not accepted. Kids are expelled for bullying in the higher grades. It is taken very seriously. In elementary, parents are advised to invite the entire class/same sex/ or super small group to birthday parties. Many security guards, locked doors, etc.
We have a great security program here and a very nice school nurse.
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