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My daughter felt very supported by the staff . She ended up going to running start and then was able to earn a number of college scholarships.
strict policy on bullying / illegal activities
The lack of extracurriculars.. there is none.
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I loved this school. Not because of the parents of the students, but because of the teachers. This is an alternative school and many of the students don't have the support from family due to choices made. I believe this is why the teachers know they have to be the main support system. I was one of the few students who had my mom rooting for me the whole time.
The teachers at this school are highly invested to seeing the students succeed and go somewhere with their lives. They will do whatever t takes to get the students to school and to keep them engaged and working towards graduation. The teachers want to students to have a sense of self worth and a motivation to go onto a college or university or trade school.
There are classes offered for students at different levels. For example, there are different levels of english. The classes give a fair amount of work, but nothing that is too much. The teachers are usually available after school for students who need extra help. The only downfall, I would say, is the range of options for classes. There is only one foreign language offered, and there is nothing like a woodshop class. Many of the classes are core requirement classes. However, my school does encourage students to pursue programs that do offer a larger variety, such as sno isle, skill center, and running start.
The lunches at my school are awful. Often times they are hard or don't taste like human food. The luch ladies are very nice, but the food is gross. They offer fruits and vegetables and tell us to take one of each, but the vegetables taste old. There are not very many snacks to choose from. Some days there is only one snack available. The drink choice is okay, though. We can buy milk, water, gatorade, or peace teas.
Our school nurse is shared with other nurses in the district, so she is not always there. Our school secretary is available if we need an ice pack or our temperature taken, but she can't do much more than that. When bullying occurs at our school, there is usually an investigation and a police officer is called in so no bias is involved. I think that the school is just as safe as other schools, and teachers and staff members handle situations very well when students could be in danger.
Our school only offers one sport, which is basketball. There are enough players to form a team, but it's not like so many kids show up that they have to cut. The team is actually through a local Boys and Girls club, and games are on the weekends. Not many students go to support the team at the games, but that is mostly because they don't have transportation on the weekends. My school needs more sports and school spirit.
I would choose this school again because it is very welcoming. All of the students are very supportive of each other, and the staff truly cares about the students. It is like my school has it's own culture and family-feel. Every time I have been faced with an obstacle in life, I knew I could get support at school.
The best option for a club/organization at my school is the Youth Coalition. Students from the regular high school and the alternative high school can participate. The goal of the Youth Coalition is to make a diifference in the community by doing various activities, such as hosting Voices of Youth, which focuses on prevention, or going to the state capitol to talk to legislatures about current issues. We meet once a week, and there is usually a very good turnout. Two staff members are involved. The principal attends every week, as well as the success coordinator.
My school makes every student feel like they are important. They teach us in all different teaching styles, and work with each individual student to make sure that we are reaching our personal and academic goals. If there is something going on in our personal lives, there is always someone to turn to. In my opinion, every school should be more like mine. I went to the alternative school because I faced some health challenges in the beginning of my high school career. People questioned my decision to switch schools because they said I wouldn't learn as much at an alternative school. They were very wrong. Crossroads taught me way more than my regular high school had. I love it.
I am currently enrolled in running start, so I am at Crossroads and Everett Community College. I wasn't very prepared for college, but I have been to three schools and none of them prepared me for college. My school does have a JAG program which prepares us for jobs very well.
All of the staff at my school is incredible. They are very caring and hold us accountable. My school has open campus at lunch, but only if you are passing all of your classes and have good attendance. That is one of my favorite things because we actually get rewarded for our hard work. Just like most schools, there is no tolerance for drugs or alcohol. Bullying is not tolerated either, but we do so many preventative activities that it isn't much of a problem. If someone is being bullied, it is usually reported by other students. The principal and counselor work together to resolve the issue with the students, where as most schools will just suspend the bully and not get to the root of the problem. We use tools from the program "Challenge Day" if bullying ever becomes a recurring problem.
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