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Crooms AoIT is a magnet school dedicated to the pursuit of technology in the workplace as well as technical careers. If you want to go into a technical field Crooms AoIT is perfect due to the school having its own Internship Expo, allowing students to have a guranteed payed internship and experience. Furthermore, Crooms provides a wide array of certification to Microsoft Office to Java, including college courses provided by Seminole State College and University of Central Florida. However, Crooms is weak in the area of art and language. The school only have two languages French (1 & 2) and Spanish (1,2, & 3) with no AP languages.
I've been attending Crooms Academy of Information Technology since I enrolled in 2016, and it's one of the best experiences I have had in a school, period. Furthermore, it has the best community of people from all over Florida and is great if you are at all interested in anything digital for your career. However, since it focuses heavily on technology, there is barely any attention given to sports. All in all, it's great for a select group of people, but not everyone.
My 4 years at Crooms we're the best years of my life thus far. The teachers truly care about the students (at least most of them), and the experiences available to the students are beyond amazing. Croomscon staff and leadership class provided me and other students with important leadership and cooperation skills that will be helpful outside of school. My years on the volleyball team also taught me skills of teamwork and leadership as a captain.
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Crooms is a great magnet school, with excellent classes. The only downside is the lack of funding for the sports teams.
Crooms is a very high achieving high school. It is extremely well behaved and it is a good school. I have been attending this school since my Junior year in high school. You need to have at least a 2.5 GPA to remain in the school or you could be put on academic probation if they deem you capable of coming back and redeeming yourself. I say this is a great school, last year was my first year at the school and I had obtained four certifications which were, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Powerpoint. The teachers are very hands-on as well in this school, but the guidance counselors are the absolute best, they go above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need in preparation of college or any other basic needs. My guidance counselor got me an emotional support counselor, for my new found anxiety which helped me a lot. Crooms overall is a very good school.
Crooms is one of the most excellent teachers that have a clear interest to get you ready for college. The faculty make sure your on to of your classes and they have great care that you graduate. I can passionately say that anyone that goes through Crooms comes out a better person and more educated.
There was a few really good teachers and staff members but overall a lot of the teachers are not the best.
As a student, Crooms can seem daunting at first, but after a while, you get use to it. Some of the teachers aren't as cranky as others, and the administration doesn't put in any effort to get to know the students.
The technology they claim to have is less than mediocre. The laptops they gave us always have problems and they stay in maintenance for weeks while we have to figure out how to function without them.
I absolutely love Crooms. Everyone is so nice there and I've learned so much about technology. I am even going to be pursuing a Master's Degree in Computer Science to become a Web Developer because of it. The AA Pathway program there is also amazing, it allowed me to dual enroll in Seminole State so that when I graduate I'll have gotten my AA Degree for essentially free. Crooms also gives you a laptop to use during the school year which was awesome.
the administration was very poor in understanding and compromising to students. For example I wanted to switch out of a class due to my concerns for my grade and gpa upon graduation my assistant principal denied my request because she wanted to “challenge” me and now i am stuck at a low grade trying to find my way back to an acceptable GPA. if you are looking to come here for a fun “high school experience” this is not the place. Due to everyone having their own computers you learn how to cheat your way through and not learn how to apply yourself and well prepare for all the studying you actually need to do in college. In conclusion this school is TECHNOLOGY BASED and teaches you to cheat your way through.
Crooms Academy of Information Technology is a very historic school that has developed over the years. It was a school for only African-American students but then developed into an all race school with technology involved. Crooms academy provides many opportunities for the students to succeed in life after high school. It is a very awesome school to attend and to learn a lot of information.
I like the atmosphere that Crooms AOIT provides, a lot of the students are here to learn and it corresponds with productive classrooms. The social atmosphere at Crooms is really laid back and is usually a place where people are comfortable to be themselves.
Crooms Academy of Information Technology is a very good school. Though it may be a little on the harder side as far as curriculum, it is well worth it. The environment is very friendly and I like most teachers. Having your own laptop is very convenient and makes your time much easier. All in all, I would give Crooms a 5 starts!
Crooms Academy is great school to get you prepared for the future with all the opportunities they have to offer and all the help the school gives to all students. Due to the population of students at the school its a lot easier to reach out to everyone.
My experience with Crooms AOIT was that it really focused on academics above all else, and the school provided the students laptops to help with our education in Information Technology. However, as it excelled in academics, it was very poor when it comes to sports and the lack of attention to it. The administration was very kind and they helped guide me into the right direction. They prepared me for college and showed me what I would expect as a college student.
Crooms is a small school with a small student population giving the students a chance to ask questions with the teachers if they are in need of help.
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I did not have a good experience as crooms athletics are not good and the facilities are really bad.
It’s a great school. You’ll find that most teachers go the extra mile to help you understand what you’re learning and take time to ensure you perform well on tests and exams. It also provides opportunities and information much more effectively than other schools due to the smaller environment and helps ensure you know all your options. Great guidance staff as well. However, there are a few teachers who could work on their methods and attitude when teaching.
What i liked most about crooms is the diverse environment and the modern technology to learn with that you don't get at any of the high schools in the area. You get certifications that would cost hundreds of dollars in high school without charge. This school is for the tech and social savy
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