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Cristo Rey Newark High School Reviews

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This school fully prepares you for college. The connections and the job opportunities it give you are one of a kind. It's is very diverse and the education is on a college level.
Cristo Rey Newark is "the school that works!" One day a week, students go onto their job sites working as interns. This way, they get the feel of the cooperate work environment while seeking their potential profession. The Work Study program gives students the proper work experience at an early age so when they go off into the world, they will have an advantage.
I like the work study program that Cristo Rey offers to all students. It gives us the opportunity to experience hands with top 100 companies throughout our High School years.
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I liked the work study program. I like the fact that you could get real life experience in high school.
The entire school was not made to give the student a good review when they go to college because they work , but it was made to send the student to work for them to get money out of us. They don’t put one penny on new stuff for the school, they use the same thing over and over that why we don’t learn new thing every year. They make us pay for detation or being late and for each detation is a 1 dollar, but what is the problem if is just a dollar? Well they give you detation for no reason(like one of the bottom form the shirt was off so that was a detation??????) . Thats how they get money, but not just that of other things, like not using the uniform on a day that you don’t have to is use the uniform, to get a new plastic for your ID, and to go on trips that you were invited. So, if you guys want to give your son or daughter a bad education and give away buy to something like this, well then have them go there.
Excellent academics that prepares you for both the work world and college bound!! Since 9th grade I was able to work once a week and learn many things about the corporate world through hands on experience.
There isn’t enough to get into other colleges that we want to get into. They all want to stay in Jersey that’s it hard for us to go anywhere else.
I am a senior at this school and have been here since my junior year. This school is very safe and has enough resources for you to use to not only go to college but graduate. Academic support, counselors, and alumni are good help for us.
CTK has given me many memories and has prepared me well for college and beyond. The work study program allowed me to network with individuals from countless companies and organizations, some of which I am still connected with today. Teachers connected with students and pushed them to excel in each and every class.
It is one of the best schools I have ever went to. The teachers and staff there really push the students to not only graduate high school, but graduate college. The academic curriculum is very tough as well. I would recommend any person to attend this school.
I like how the school helps students to get ready for college. A lot of the teachers are very nice and are capable of helping students achieve and be successful in order to graduate from high school and be ready for college.
Christ the King Prepatory school was a good school. It prepares the students for college. The principal instilled discipline in the students but sometimes was a little too harsh on the students. Overall I was satisfied with the school
Christ the King was exactly the atmosphere I needed for the career I intend to pursue. At CTK, students of all grades are given the opportunity to go out and work in the business world, teaching us communication and networking skills. My work experience has heightened my abilities to cooperate in a corporate atmosphere alongside adults. I am truly appreciative of CTK's genuine personalities of which, in a sense, allowed me to gain confidence in the workplace and withing myself, in general, throughout the past four years.
Christ the King had its ups and down!! Some of the cons of CTK is the facility,school culture,and it’s sports and activity. If you are looking for a high school with great culture...CTK ISNT IT!! But other than that I can say if you create a great reputation for yourself at the school the staff would nonetheless be willing to connect you to many resources,especially with the workstudy program. The academic work is excellent and iT does get you ready for college. The only thing I wish were different is the teachers.
I am currently a junior at Christ the King prep. The school is average to say the least. The teachers are dedicated and push students to learn, administrators do their best to ensure student safety and comfort, students have power to voice their opinions and concerns. The school is diverse and celebrates differences. If anything, the students are what make the school so unbearable.
Christ is a great school for preparing for college. I joined the school for my junior year, and I made the vest decision in my life. College readiness is a top priority for my school.
Excellent school for kids like study. They expecting a lot from them. They send them to work to very good places.
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Work study program teaches students about their future career path they may be willing to experience. On the other hand, the teachers leave very frequently so it can be hard to form relationships.
The work study program it's an excellent opportunity because it helps with your resume and you get more chances to get into college.
There aren't too many good things to talk about when this school is the topic, however, the people who work together to make the school, create a decent learning environment. Sadly, even the best of teachers and instructors can't make this school better than what it is.

With overworked and underpaid teachers, an administration that cares more about their business ties than their students, and a flawed inner network which can't properly translate to the competing schools, the best decision is to either steer clear of that school of leave while you still can because that school is going under in 5 years at the very most.
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