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Crespi Carmelite High School Reviews

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My son just finished the first semester of his freshman year and I can’t say enough about how amazing this school has been for him. There really is something special about what they do at the school. I was hesitant about sending him to a religious all boys school because we are not very religious but its nothing like we expected. They know how to develop boys with great character. It also doesn’t look like much from the outside but don’t let that fool you. There is much more to it than meets the eye. I encourage you to take a tour and meet some of the students and faculty to really see what it’s like.
Crespi has focused on becoming much more academic over the years, but hiring sub-par teachers has slowed that journey down a lot.
The education at Crespi is phenomenal, especially the AP history courses, which prep you the most for the exams. All the other courses are excellent too because they help you prep for college. The faculty are very welcoming and Crespi has a welcoming and "brotherhood" environment that you can not receive at other schools. Crespi teaches athletic and academic skills that you will need in the future.
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I started Crespi all the way from ninth grade. From then on, I always had an amazing experience with everyone around me. From my classmates, to teachers, and even the staff, many are just such a pleasure to be with. Going to an all boys Catholic school, they have respect for people with all religions, including myself. My school offers a lot of academic choices as well as the many spectacular athletic programs. Swimming, for example, is a sport that I do and it is one of the best teams I have ever been apart of. My teammates are always there for me and my coaches pushes me to do even better. Crespi is a school that will always recognize to be one of the most amazing high schools in the area.
loved the school would love to have my kids go to this school. The teachers are very involved and seek to help you and give you the best opportunity to succeed
I like Crespi because it provides a bond between each student that no other school can make. There is a brotherhood that is naturally created when you attend Crespi, even if you don't notice it till your time there is almost up.
It is an amazing school for my son! Top to bottom great people with a great tradition. So many young men love this school and continue to have great friends for their lifetime.
I appreciate the small, tight-knit community of educators, mentors, and coaches. The small class sizes allow students to more intimately engage with teachers and receive more one on one help. The students are motivated to succeed and the teachers are supportive to that end.
Crespi is a great school that provides an environment that cultivates both academic and personal growth. Without Crespi, I would not be the same person I am today. The brotherhood that is talked about at Crespi sounds like a cliche, but the friends I made at Crespi are still some of my best friends today, 6 years after graduating.
Overall just average. Teachers can be horrible or excellent depending on what classes you take. Most non-honors classes are a complete joke. AP classes can be quite challenging but tend to have very good teachers. Food is awful. The counselors and front office are excellent.
The campus is great, Most teachers are also great and helpful. Very individually focused, academics are also good. The Commons has great food, the TRC has a lot of resources for students and for teachers alike. The team rooms are very helpful for group work.
I loved all of the people and how they made me feel throughout my four years of high school. They made me feel like I could accomplish anything that I put my mind to and they would always help me through my struggles.
I like how there is a brotherhood. I have grown up without a father for most of my life and I was lacking a father figure. I was surrounded by girls all around my house and going to an all boys school helped me be surrounded by people who think and act like me.
Crespi is the best school if you want to feel welcome in the intimidating high school scene. Everyone understands the mechanics of the Crespi lifestyle and helps one another to achieve the best possible goal.
Crespi is an amazing school with a unique sense of brotherhood. Because it is an all-boys school, we are all more interconnected and everyone understands each other. We all share a brotherly connection and will have these friendships for the rest of our lives.
Crespi has provided me with a brotherhood of friends that have supported me in every facet of high school life...high academic standards, community of friends whose bonds will last a lifetime and a place to call home, even after I graduate.
My sons had an excellent experience at Crespi. The school prepared them well for college and they made life long friendships while attending there. It is a true brotherhood and they compete well in athletics and is very challenging academically. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is thinking of sending their son to the school.
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I have been attending Crespi all 4 years and I have nothing but good things to say. All of my teachers have been great. Crespi has totally prepared me for college. I already got accepted into my first choice. I know that I wouldn't have gotten the same high school experience anywhere else.
As a parent, I have nothing but good things to say about this school. My son graduated last year and got accepted to a great college and I believe his four years at Crespi had a lot to do with it, academically and athletically. The camaraderie that exists there is nowhere else to be found, I love the fact that it is an all boys school and the faculty really cared for our son as if he was their own. Small class size, excellent learning atmosphere, and an overall priceless experience. We plan on sending his brother there when the time comes.
This school has terrible academics and their sports is not that good either. I would not suggest to bring your son to this school. Just go anywhere else. Public school is way better.
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