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I like almost all of my teachers at CV this year as a freshman. They are usually very supportive and encouraging. The sports atmosphere is great, and the clubs and activities are too. I wish that there was more communication from the administration to the students and more school spirit. Our football games are currently held at another campus, so that sucks. I feel like the school is so big that important info doesn’t get around to everyone and it’s kind of disconnected. Overall, a good school for academics at any level and many sports.
Overall, it was great experience in terms of education and extra curricular opportunities. Our school had various sports, clubs, and organizations that students can partake in. In addition, all of the classes were challenging to its appropriate levels. One particular adjustment that would be beneficial is creating college preparation strategies for Seniors. I wish that I have received information on how to select classes, differentiate majors, and prioritize. Most of the time, the senior year is solely focused on graduation. However, they do not provide us enough preparation for the following year and onward.
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Crescenta Valley High School (CVHS) is an adequate school. There is a very inclusive, healthy atmosphere which allows students to connect easily. However, their is a lack of consistency with teachers and staff. Several of the teachers I have had are exceptional and go beyond simply "teaching," but others do not put forth the effort that is necessary to engage a class full of teenage students.
The resources at the school are also limited at times. Several students feel as though there is no one to really talk to about college or the future, leaving many to feel uncertain, confused, and helpless.
Another issue that many CVHS students face is the school's competitiveness. There is an abundance of outstanding kids at the school, so it is hard to feel like you stand out. Instead, you feel like you blend in and find it difficult to see how you will stand out to colleges. This is not the school's fault, but it does nothing to diminish this unhealthy mindset that many of its students have.
CV gave me the best four years of high school I could have possibly asked for. Our teachers and faculty were dedicated to making their students the best well-rounded people we could be and because of this they became more than the individuals who taught us lessons in class, they became people I could trust. I always felt safe being around them. I was a part of the athletic department at our high school as well. I played volleyball all four years of high school and absolutely loved it. My best friends today are some of the girls I met playing on that team. Crescenta Valley High School prepared me for the struggles and challenges of college in addition to preparing me for the real world. Once I graduated, I felt like CV would always be a place I could come back to when I needed a helping hand or a familiar face to chat with.
This school provides great education but the student population is increasing every year that makes students have difficulties to have sincere connections with teachers. And students struggles through Advanced Placement courses through some teachers not providing enough information or not following the curriculum for the exam. However, students have chances to explore different subjects through variety of elective courses.
I like this school very very much. It has so many different opportunities and clubs very every type of student. There is definitely a place for everyone! I moved into this school during the middle of my Sophomore year and it was super easy to fit in right away and enter clubs that I was interested in. There is also many different types of classes so you aren’t stuck doing something you don’t like!
I had the pleasure of calling Crescenta Valley my home for the past 4 years. I loved every singly second of my stay at the high school. The administrators genuinely care for the wellbeing of their students and their studies. The teachers for the most part care about what they teach and are passionate. The school diversity is very minimum however. Food rating would be average at best. I would not go out of my way to go out to eat school food. As a whole, CV is a great place to study.
Very mixed experience here. Overall, opportunity is there if you reach for it. I have had some questionable experiences with teachers and faculty, but I also have experienced wonderful opportunity and community, and recognize my unquestionable privilege.
I liked the people. Many of the teachers were very nice and accommodating. Some teachers were harder than others but for many of the core classes, there are tutors available. There are a lot of great options for the arts and sports. There are also a lot of clubs and ways to get involved in the school as well.
great school and has many amazing teachers and counselors. the staff there are so helpful. whenever you need help, everyone will try and help out. counselors have also helped me a lot. we need more security to stop the fights and check bags every day to keep the school even safer
Crescenta valley high school had tons of good qualities when it came to being able to socialize. I grew to love the community I surrounded myself in and the community that accepted me there. the faculty gave out education not because they were forced to perform a job but because they wanted students to succeed and it really showed.
CVHS has got to be the cream of the crop for public schools. It offers a wide array of AP classes as well as a high diversity of different sports, arts, and music opportunities. Every year, students increase their involvement, causing the CV experience to be heavily weighed on student run activities and clubs.
This school is amazing! The staff and faculty are all very supportive and all they care about is your well-being and future. The teachers put great investment into the topics learned and there are so many classes and activities offered. A very great school that family-oriented and that really cares about your future and will make sure you get a good one.
Crescenta Valley High School is a great school for academics and sports and has a very welcoming environment!
I honestly believe that the resources they give student help us reach our goals. They have so many tutoring, club and intern opportunities that I really feel supported. There are adults on campus I trust and would go to for help. Even though there are three thousand students, our teachers know our names and the councilors care about our success. One thing that can be improved is our sense of pride. We don't have anything that bonds us together as a student body like days to get to know each other or spirit weeks. I believe this would help our sense of community, reducing fights and helping mental health of the students. Overall I love my school and am proud to call myself a student.
Crescenta Valley High school felt like home to me. Whether it was being surrounded by my amazing friends or supportive teachers, I felt as though I was part of a family anywhere on campus.
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My high school was so amazing! All the teachers and faculty were ready to help me with each of my goals and whether or not I had questions about classes, careers, or colleges.
The teachers were very resourceful and helpful when it came to anything. The overall staff was extremely supportive of me and my academic career.
Crescenta Valley High School is a great school that pushes you to do your best. The teachers and staff truly do care about their students and most have open door policies so you can talk to them about anything any time you want. The classes are rigorous and prepare you well for the AP exams in May.
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