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Creekview High School is a very highly rated school when it comes to the education of its students. It’s quality teachers and students make the school campus a very encouraging environment to be in. It is unfortunately not a very culturally diverse school but I believe that any student of any a different race, religion, or sexuality will find this as a safe place to learn. This school truly does let its students express themselves in so many different ways. Creekview High School has very good sports programs for its students promoting the students physical health; while school games always boosts students spirit!
Creekview is cool. Suggest going.
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Creekview is a very fun place to learn. Majority of teachers are extremely easy to work with and have a passion to teach. I have only had one teacher that disliked me and that was it. The AP courses are challenging, but help you build a nice looking resume to go to college. This school is socioeconomic diverse, but not racially diverse at all (primarily white). Overall I enjoy Creekview a lot.
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I loved Creekview, I felt like all the staff truly cared about your education. The teachers I came in contact with were so helpful in preparing me for college. Furthermore, my counselor Mrs. Sikes was so amazing in helping all pf my education needs that I had.
As a current college student, I feel thankful for how Creekview prepared me for my classes and professors.
The faculty and staff at Creekview are devoted to the students and their families!! I had many opportunities during my 4 years of high school, and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I was given!
I love the teachers and students at my school! Majority of the students and staff are very polite and enjoyable to be around. Every teacher I have had in the past four years I have gotten along with and enjoyed their class.
I am grateful to have gone to Creekview high-school because of the teachers that helped me grow to the person I am today. Many of them pushed me into exceeding in my normal classes which got me into all honors courses. I even got invited to the National Honors Society because of my academic achievements. With that being said, I believe that the only thing I would like to see change is the diversity. There was barely anyone that looked like me especially in my honors classes. I believe that minorities are very underrepresented in this high-school.
I have been at Creekview High School since my freshman year and I can honestly say I believe it is the best public school around. The teachers actually care about what they are teaching and even more passionate about understanding each student and how to connect with them. The administration is so very kind. My school has gone through a lot of horrible things over my four years but the administration and teachers rallied around us students and showed us love and hope. Their athletics are not just about winning they are about family. Our schools saying through all our hardships "we are family". They are truly what has gotten me this far in life and I could not give enough praise to my school.
I liked Creekview High School and its experiences. I thought it was a good school that provided good academic opportunities.
The challenging classes offered by Creekview High helped prepare me for college-level courses. There are tons of clubs that help students become more involved with their community through volunteer work.
Creekview High School is like family. Good community. Administrators and Teachers are great. They are really their for the students to support us and five us the best experience. Teachers are of high quality.
What I liked about Creekview was our academics. We had a lot of variety when it came to AP classes and Honors classes. Our team sports were really good as well. I enjoyed our track team and running for them. However, the diversity at this school is not high. It is majority white and as one of the only Hispanics there, I felt like I didn't belong.
Found good friends and good teachers. Mismanaged school. Building falling apart. Administration cares about football and football only.
Closed community. Everyone here is kind of the same person. Good academic culture and administration. The Teachers and college readiness programs could be improved as we have no real stem or music culture.
Creekview has some phenomenal AP teachers and I know that I would not have accomplished everything I have without them. There are many teachers with extensive knowledge a dedication to their students' education. Creekview provides students with tons of opportunities and sets us up for success.
Creekview has such a fun learning environment and great curriculum! What a great place to have spent the last four years and all the memories made are perfect!
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Creekview High School is an all around great school. I was very involved there with sports, clubs, and just socially. The environment makes it easy to be involved, as it is very safe and welcoming. I really could not have asked for a better high school experience.
I enjoy going to school at Creekview High School. I cherish the relationships I have with Coaches, Teachers and Friends. The relationships allow me and my fellow classmates to have a great learning experience.
The teachers at Creekview are excellent, and they take a genuine interest in the success of their students. However, at times the administration at Creekview can be frustrating, as it is a common tendency of admin to refer students to other admin, rather than just solving the issues at hand.
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