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I made friends that were just like me and believed in the arts and it was a great place to hone my skills and improve upon them. I would like to see more involvement in outside environments.
Ive had an amazing experience at this school. Ive met a lot of people who are very different and the community is accepting. The staff and student are supportive of each other. There are classes for everyone, whether you are extremely intelligent or average. You can choose your classes as long as you meet the credit requirements and even minor in a different subject.
Graduated in 2015 and am in still in contact with some of my favorite teachers. Mrs. Stevens helped me grow as a person and is like a second mom.
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This school is a great place for students to come to express themselves and exercise their talents. Unfortunately the conditions in which that is done are not the best.
The people there can be very nice but the people in the front desk can be pretty crabby. Also people get offended very easily so be careful how you joke with people.
While I enjoyed the ability to pursue my passion while in high school I felt like this school lacked a sense of passionate students and staff. There were not many clubs or school activities. I also feel this school did not listen to students when there was issues. Lastly, some of the teachers were not sufficed or lacked the ability to care for students.
Excellent school! Teachers are wonderful! No worries about bullying. Safe and comfortable environment.
I loved the school and had an amazing experience as a dance major. Great opportunity for young networking but can also be a strong foundation of creativity to implement in whatever field pursued after HS.
Creative and Performing Arts High School was a school for all types of students. CAPA is a special school. I loved the diversity of the students. Everyone had a diverse religious background, passions, and sexual orientation. I did not have to be defined to one way of life and no one was excluded from being apart of a group because of who they were. CAPA also had some of the nicest and funniest teachers. They would teach lessons us about life after high school. Attending CAPA also encouraged me to explore other art forms outside of my own which taught me to see the beauty in those art forms.
Creative & Performing Arts High School was the perfect high school for me. It is a great high school for those who want to further explore their creative side in visual arts, theatre, film, dance, instruments, and singing. The teachers for your major help you grow and challenge you. For a high school, the school is lucky to have kilns for ceramics classes. There are also many events such as Art Feast and another theatre plays and performances so you can see what other majors are doing. Your teachers also help you with your academics and college advising, as well as other recommendations.
This high school is a place ideal for learning and shaping yourself as a human. No matter the major you take, you learn about yourself, your peers, and how you want to shape your future. The environment is nurturing and ideal for such a fragile time, with teachers who will lend a listening ear and even offer advice and solutions.
This high school is a diverse and very accepting learning environment in which free thinking and individualism is promoted. It could be even better if if was more college preparatory and more rigorous courses were available. The teacher quality is slightly above average but could improved. Overall the students are good, talented kids, eager to learn.
I’ve been able to pursue arts that I am interested in and have support of peers as well as teachers. CAPA has offered numerous resources towards being able to execute various projects and is a safe environment to collaborate with peers and receive creative feedback. CAPA is also a very diverse school with students coming from all around the city of Philadelphia, as well as a handful outside of the district, which allows for a very welcoming and creative environment. The teachers are also very respectful and encouraging when it comes to various projects and offer an abundance of ways to learn as well as additional help if one is falling behind. CAPA is a welcoming environment that is a safe haven for creative or preforming artists all around Philadelphia.
The Creative and Performing Arts High School expresses intense diversity for all student artists regardless of their identity, race, gender, and background. The focus of a student's chosen art is embedded into their curriculum without any extraction from academic learning, which is valued more important.
The Creative & Performing Arts High School is a wonderful school! I'm currently a junior and have been there for 3 years. It's a very diverse community that's open to EVERYONE. At our school we are separated by majors but our majors become our family. You can make life long friends at CAPA.
CAPA is such a friendly and welcoming environment, no one feels secluded or alone because we all care about each other. The teachers are always willing to lend a helping hand.
The number one reason why my school is such a great place is because of the people who make it up. At Capa the staff and students are extremely accepting. No one cares if you're black, white, gay, straight etc. At Capa all are warmly welcomed. That being said, it is a place were you can really be you. It is in fact a creative and performing arts high school, and that's not just for show. All students, and even some staff are extremely creative, and we get to be in a space that allows us to express that everyday. I am a vocal major and singing is absolutely my favorite thing to do. Getting to do that everyday and learn more and more about music in school has become a dream come true.
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I liked the fact that I could study the art form that I liked and was surrounded by people of different cultures and backgrounds. The one thing I would like to see change would be how mental health is treated and a bigger emphasis on it.
Capa is good for students who want independence and just to chill throughout high school. There’s only a few good teachers in the building. Most of the time students will do nothing in class and learn nothing unless your in Syoum class but even then. And there’s only college readiness when you’re a senior and everything else is up to you to do. But there are some really great students but there’s more annoying and obnoxious students who will get on your nevres every single day. But I love CAPA because it’s a free form place and you won’t get that anywhere else.
The Creative and Performing Arts High School is very diverse and accomodating. The curriculum is good and being able to major in a creative art of your choosing with students just like you and teachers helping you whenever you need it is great. The faculty there begin to feel like role models or family. The only thing I would change are the lunches but that's minor compared to everything else thats fantastic about the school.
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