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Crawford County Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I have had the best time. I have always loved the school. They are very nice and caring. They have the most amazing techers there and they help out alot after school if you need help with your test they will let you stay for school and redo it. We also have gear up I am currently in it and it is amazing i love it.
What I like about Crawford County is the experiences, such as i can take AP class. At my old school in New Pekin, IN we did not have those class. The things that I would like to see changed is it needs more class that could help some students and it needs to be updated structurally.
The things I liked about going to Crawford County High School was that it was really laid back and the rules were not very strict at all. The lunch was not terrible and for the most part, a lot of the students and staff were nice.
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Crawford County High School is a good experience overall. I loved the teachers because they were very much like a good friend to all of us. I loved that I could talk to them about school issues as well as personal issues. What I would like to see changed though is the material and resources. The books are so outdated and the variety of classes and activities is very limited here. That is the only thing that I want to change.
I liked attending this school, but this changed as I got older. It is high schools, so I understand, but everyone was so immature... even the staff. As I got older I became more serious about my future and my grades, so this became a bigger and bigger negative to me. Although, there were many dual credit classes that will save me a lot of money and time in college.
Lots of potential. they care very much for all of their students. they arent worried as much about their test scores, as much as if their students are comprehending the information being taught.
I did not really liked much thing that are happening in my school. I would like to change the programs that they have, and add more help for the students that are from a different country.
It's a good school. The only thing I don't like about the school is I came from a different country and I was not getting as much English help as I should off.
There isn't many outside of sports
I feel my kids are safe at school
I am worried that it has not adequately prepared my kids for college.
The teachers never focused on the kids.
The school does a good job on bullying, but could do better.
Most of the clubs are pretty fun, as well as the sports being great.
The teachers really look out for students, and help out students when needed.
The school would be better on being less strict and get more involved with the kids and the parents.
The sports at this school are great, with a small school it is easy to get on the team and be able to compete with other schools close by and to actually play on the team.
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Our food services are great at this school. The length of lunch, although, is not hardly enough time. The cafeteria, for the most part, is clean and well kept. The menus range in variety and include healthy foods always as an option. They regulate the food and make sure there is nothing available that is harmful to another student (food allergies).
There is a dress code that is enforced in which is moderate, but has to be followed. The office staff is very friendly and helpful to the students. The attendance policy is also strict, and is not lenient. This school also has a zero tolerance policy on violence and bullying.
This school is pretty safe, but things still go wrong. Not everything is perfect, but no school is. Our school nurse is caring and takes care of most issues that she is capable of doing. Bullying takes place, but it's not something that occurs all of the time and when it does, it gets stopped and taken care of fast. The security at this school is good and one of the top priorities. I think this school is pretty safe because of the policies and rules that are enforced.
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