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A lot of things broken that can be fixed like the bathrooms and the cracked floor tiles, but the school itself is a great place especially having 5 buildings.
Cranston West is an amazing school with multiple opportunities. One of the biggest draws to to this particular school is its Career and Technical Center where getting a spot is extremely competitive. I'm honored to say that I am one of the students in the Medical Pathways program. Cranston West is considered one of the most prestigious public schools in Rhode Island where the student body is comprised of 80% White, 2% Black, 10% Hispanic, and 6.4% Other. Hence, you can see my concern with the lack of diversity. Especially, when I am a minority female. However, with the support of Administration, I was able to get approval to start a Multicultural Student Union to give minority students a voice and help build a better relationship between us and the school. Therefore, my experience at Cranston West was bumpy at first but by my Sophomore year West started to feel like home. I am appreciative of the experience with student leadership which makes me proud to be a Falcon.
In all, Cranston West is a very good school. However, it's reliance on sports and other activities to put it on the map isn't a good sign. I played on the football team and the school didn't care when we weren't good. Then, we went 6-2 and were in the playoffs and the school preached about us. The school constantly tried to keep its image clean. The one thing I will walk away from out of this school is the teachers and the lifelong lessons I will hold onto forever.
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10/10 would NOT recommend. the students are absolutely horrible, rude and just ill mannered. the administration seems good, but I know for a fact the teachers are so creepy! they look at these young ladies in a very concerning way. anyways please do not send you children here, especially if you are colored. these white kids can be extremely and just disgusting. the language these white kids say to their "black" friends is absolutely DISGUSTING. and of course the school acts as if nothing is going on.
Overall, Cranston West is great. It offers plenty of different academic choices and has many different clubs. Also, the teachers and guidance counselors are great. The only thing I dislike are the facilities. Bathrooms tend to not be very clean and many doors in the girls' rooms either don't lock or are broken. Besides that, they host many different colleges for students to attend presentations, and offer many different opportunities for students.
I have enjoyed my time at this school. The teachers for the most part are passionate and caring, making the classes enjoyable. The facilities are outdated, and a lot of basic maintenance changes could be easily made, and would make the school day more enjoyable. The majority of the students take pride in the school, and enjoy participating in various clubs, teams, and activities. I think that most of the students are good people, but nobody seems to enjoy coming to school every day. The career and tech center is a great opportunity for students to explore different career paths.
I have had great experiences with the teachers and administrators at Cranston High School West (CHSW). They are very attentive to the students and their needs. Teachers are also very accommodating to the students' needs and are always there to help students if they are struggling on a particular topic or in a certain subject. Teachers will usually stay after school or go in early before school starts to help students that need extra help.
One thing the school could improve in is its facilities. Many of the bathrooms have broken stall doors, no mirrors, and are dingy inside. Also, many classrooms do not have properly operating heating systems, so classrooms will often be very cold in the winter. Sometimes the school can get so cold that the students will bring blankets.
Other than the facilities, the staff of Cranston High School West is great, and it is a great learning environment.
Bathrooms are disgusting and things are rarely cleaned right. A lot of teachers pay out of pocket for things because we lack funding. However, we do have updated textbooks.
The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. The principal is kind and welcoming to everyone. The school is very open and allows everyone a chance to become involved in school activities.
Overall, I loved my experience at Cranston West! Although the school itself needs a little work the teachers are so helpful and make sure you understand every topic. It helps you prepare for college. The classes are hard however they help you prepare for the next level.
Cranston High School West is overall a great school! The teachers and staff are dedicated to help you and try to do what’s best for their students. The students are in the same boat as you so you won’t feel like an outcast. If you ever need help with anything your guidance counselor is always there for you and open to listen to what you have to say. The lunches are decent, they could improve some but it is a school lunch. There are many clubs and activities to be involved in after school. There are some for all sorts of students. The theatre productions are outstanding. Like I mentioned in the beginning, it is overall a great school to be a part of.
Cranston West was a very good high school in my opinion. I went from a Catholic Private school to Cranston High School West. It was very diverse and had a lot of after-school activities as well as the Career and Technical Program which I was apart of. The Career and Technical aspect of the school helped me further my education after I left the high school and helped set me up for success. I am now in college and have taken what I learned at Cranston West and used it in everyday life and in the classroom at my college I currently attend.
Cranston West has accepting and understanding teachers, who are willing to work with the students 7 out of 10 times. Most staff members understand that students live busy lives and are willing to work around that. There is a wide variety of academic programs and extracurricular activities. The theatre, music, and arts programs have all won several prestigious awards and could be considered the pride of the school. The school has a diverse environment and is proud of it's student body.
I was able to get college credit, I competed academically and athletically and was able to receive scholarships because of those experiences. I was able to take AP courses and was involved in student activities.
Absolutely terrible. The culture is snooty and very cliquey sand there are few non-athletic clubs that people can join. The academia is mediocre at best and does not help at all for college. The administration does not care about the students (especially if they’re not involved in sports) and often plays politics.
My high school experience was pleasant. I like the resources available like vocational programs offered in there Career and Tech center. I can say that my teachers did their best to connect lessons plans to the real world whenever applicable. That was something I am grateful to have attended my school. Something I would hope to see change would be to have the school offer more variety classes that aren't offered at this point in time. For example more classes to improve test scores and more creative classes to help its students express themselves.
High school led me down a road with many paths, however the resulting destination made me the person my friends and family know today. Setting out on the journey of life, I aspire to continue leading people, even when things may not being going their way. Holding leadership roles while working hard alongside a team I call family to continuously achieve goals has ingrained in my mind a strong sense of always doing my best no matter the situation, and dedicating my time to help anyone needing it. A future without these activities and attributes is one I’d be hard pressed to find myself a part of.
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Carnston High School West has been a rollercoaster of a ride. Getting on the ride and slowly going up the hill was freshman year. I was nervous about going into a large school with over 3,000 students from being in a school where my class only had 20 students. After the first big drop, I was much more comfortable in such a large school. I joined after school activities where I met people who I have still been friends with four years later. I have had many ups and downs but with the help of my friends and teachers, have luckily gotten through it all. Now I am reaching the end of the ride. My four years at Cranston West are now coming to an end. I am reliving my high school memories and getting ready to say goodbye to a place that has helped shape me into my best form.
The school as a whole is alright as far as public schools go. Of course it has its fair share of drugs and bullying, however it is more subdued than at other schools. The teachers are mostly nice and helpful, however those that are not are detrimental to the learning environment. The lack of clubs except the major ones seen at every school and sports is sad and attributes to the near lack of diversity.
Cranston West has done an exceptional job in preparing me for my college studies. The teachers that I have had the opportunity to have always showed interest in my success. They consistently invest extra time and effort to make certain that their students obtain a worthwhile educational experience while at West. Without their example, my transition to college would not have gone as seamless as it did.
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