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Cranston High School East Reviews

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Some teachers are very passionate about teaching, others are less fit to teach. Physical building is in horrible shape. Most kids are accepting, but there are fights relatively frequently
Don't regret going to Cranston High School East. Great experience. The teachers are always involved, same as parents. The lunch isn't great but could be better. The diversity in the school is amazing, all kinds of race and nationality. Never had a problem with racism or bullying. Teachers are very supportive and open hands when it comes to help needed.
Teachers want you to succeed but it will have to take some effort. Senior year is stressful with senior presentations but they are not hard graders. Overall I would say I was a part of a great school system.
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I enjoyed the relationship I had with the teachers at Cranston East. Many of them made me feel like I belonged there and that they cared about whether or not I was successful. However, there were a few strange issues that arose with dress codes and sexist opinions among the faculty. There were also situations where certain faculty members made many students uncomfortable.
Cranston East is a very diverse school with a plethora of course options. The teachers strive for students to succeed in all areas of life and often will help you overcome problems if need be.
Throughout my 4 years at Cranston East, I've grown into a more mature, educated, and open minded young adult. With the guidance of the most caring and engaged teachers and counselors, I strongly believe that I am well prepared for college and the future. I have gained lots of friendships and memories from classes and clubs at Cranston East that I will cherish forever, such as the restoration of he Vietnam Memorial executed by my fellow cadets in JROTC, or the many friends that I have met through the step team, track, or other clubs. If there was anything that I could change about Cranston East, it would most likely have to be the block scheduling system.I believe that there has been many complications and confusinon throughout the year thus far, and believe that many would prefer the original scheduling more.
Cranston East shaped me into the young woman that I am today. Walking into my freshman year of high school, I was very quiet and reserved because I really did not know how to cope with the whole high school experience. Now, going into my senior year of high school, I am more outgoing and outspoken. I have become more involved, being the captain of the step team and helping out with the unified volleyball team. Cranston East prepared me for my life after high school and I am forever grateful. In the future years at Cranston East, I feel that there should be more internship opportunities for all students to get a feel for what they want to pursue in life, something I did not really have a chance to do throughout my four years of high school. After high school, I want to pursue a career in medicine, either becoming a nurse practitioner or pediatrician. Cranston East will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for your time and consideration. God bless.
Being at Cranston Hish school for all 4 years was amazing. I made new friends and the school was very diverse. Being part of Cranston East hip hop team was terrific and we got to preform in school and out of school.
Cranston High School East brought me opportunity, hope, and health. My school has become a place I call a second home. Cranston East has helped me during my lowest points in life. The faculty cares and will help you on a personal level
I am a graduate of Cranston east and I feel as though the school could have done a better job of preparing me for college.
Cranston East was cool. It was a long journey but a short one at the same time. It is a very diversed school and there are plenty of clubs and sports to participate in.
One of the greatest things about East is the diversity. So many people with different backgrounds coming together and learning with and from one another really makes this school special. In addition, the teachers are extremely caring and understanding of every single person's situation. More sports/after school activities would help more people get involved with this school and see it for how special it really is.
My time at Cranston High School East has been overall very good. I have made excellent friends and learned so much from teachers that are very interested in the subjects that they teach.
It's a very good school, but not perfect. Students and teachers are good people and they is a lot of social events to participate in.
A good amount of my teachers offered me opportunities to produce the best version of myself possible coming out of high school. If you show initiative and want to succeed they will do their best to provide the right assistance. I would like to see the building structure and condition improved.
I liked the experience. There are several physical fights, but other than that everyone respects each other.
Cranston High School East offers an extremely diverse community of students and teachers. As far as academics go, many rigorous honors, AP, and dual enrollment courses are offered that have left me feeling well prepared for college. The teachers truly care about their students' success in the classroom!
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Cranston East is a really good school, I enjoyed all my years at this school. I believe this school is in a safe neighborhood, doing here opened my eyes to the world that is around.
Cranston High School East is a very good school compared to a lot of other schools. This is a very diverse school so the experience with other students has been interesting because every individual is different and different is good. To meet other people, has given me the opportunity to see a different perspective of all kind.
I liked how the school was diverse. I also liked the administration. They showed me opportunities I had when I was applying to college. They helped me apply for scholarships.
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