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Cranston High School East Reviews

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The teachers are very helpful, but the resources and opportunities for extracurriculars are lacking. In addition, the clubs lack diversity and resources.
It is a very good and diverse school with lots of good activities. They also have some amazing staff but some of the other staff are bad. They have an okay amount of resources. They have a big cafeteria but the food is okay.
My experience at Cranston East can be best described as a love-hate relationship. My freshman year, the amount of structural issues cannot be overlooked as we had a carbon monoxide incident and some pipes had burst. The school may not look as aesthetically pleasing as some other schools, but its not the outside appearance that matters, it is what's inside that counts. Cranston East has teachers that truly care, and would do anything for their students. I have never had an issue with any of my teachers these past four years, and I can happily say I am proud of the education I have received from this high school. The number one influence Cranston East has had on me though, is the exposure to diversity that you could not get at any school. You can find students from all cultural backgrounds, and with such a large student population, you encounter so many people different from yourself. Although Cranston East has had its downs, I will always be proud to be a thunderbolt.
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Cranston East as been an interesting experience. I feel as though the school administration failed when it came to classes. I had taken Algebra 2, in the 10th grade. I had expressed to my guidance counselor that the class was a bit difficult for me. She had told me just to keep trying. I then stayed after school almost everyday to get help from the teacher. I also did a tutor program in school and these did not help. I even had the head of counselors try and help but they did not listen to me. It was disappointing.
I had a good time with my friends that is mostly why i would give it a three star. School spirit there for any sporting event was very low. The school needs a little update and it needs to be a bit bigger there are too many students. Some of the teachers there though really helped me find what i want to do and really helped me open my eyes to new things.
I liked a majority of the teachers. The ones I had truly cared about the students and did their best to make our learning experience as fun and productive as possible. The overall environment of the school was also great as there were people from of all different diverse backgrounds. Most of all, the school did listen to many of the students' demands regarding testing and schedule changes, as well as the demand for more classes. All in all, attending Cranston East was enjoyable.
I have developed good relationships with other students and teachers in my school. I am very happy with my academic experience. The only thing is, I would like to see better lunch menus.
It's what you make of it, the building is pretty decadent, and some of the teachers are bad. However, it is still growing and adding as well as supporting STEM classes like Computer Science AP, CAD, Computer Animation, Game Design, and more.
Loved the diversity and the connections I made with some teachers. Student involvement and facilities could use some work.
It is very diverse when it comes to faculty and staff, and students. You generally will not feel like a minority because there is plenty of everyone there. The school also has elevators that students can use if they cannot use the stairs
I wish they cared more individually about students and their wellbeing rather than caring about grades, but that is every school. I wish there were more ways to also be involved with the actions of our school and for parents to know more about what goes on. Overall, education is very good and competitive, large variety of clubs and a diverse atmosphere.
School lacks spirit and teacher involvement in student activities. A lack of funding created a school environment with outdated equipment, black mold in the window, ceilings falling apart, and rat issues.
This school has JROTC which is a leadership program that most schools do not have. Anyone can enroll in this program and will learn basic to high leadership capabilities.
I had a great experience at Cranston East. My favorite thing about it was the diversity and the amount of clubs and the activities a student can join. Joining those activities is what made the school fun as it was something to look forward to.
Cranston East is like a heterogeneous substance in terms of your experience. The smarter and more popular you are, the better your time is there because the faculty will make sure that you succeed. If you are not so fortunate, the administration leaves you to fend for yourself. It sounds backwards because it is.
The extracurricular activities were great. The school academics were less than stimulating. Many of our textbooks were older than the students.
My time at Cranston East has been an enjoyable experience. Through my participation in the AP and Music programs I have met some great teachers and students.
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Although I have graduated, I will never forget the lessons learned while confined in the wall of Cranston East. My body may have been stuck in a room but my teachers opened my mind to the world. Not only did I learn from the academic curriculum but I was enriched with the lessons of life. From teachers to guidance counselors and administration, when I was a student at East, everyone felt like family.
My years at East played a big factor into who I am today. Over the past 4 years years, East taught me leadership and dedication to my work. I made amazing friends and were educated by amazing teachers. I don't wish to erase this experience in my life because it matured me and sculpted me for the world after secondary education.
The school overall is a complete mess. There are broke lockers, it is always dirty, the staff gossips and ruins the students’ grades, and the administration often goes on a power trip. There was an instance where had an anxiety attack so I stepped out of class and they suspended me and told me that I should not be going to the college I am going to and that my career choice at the time was useless. Guidance counselors there will publicly admit that they told students that they would never make it to college, I was one of them. Now I’m going to Notre Dame with my tuition covered.
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