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CHS has articulate and knowledgeable honors/AP teachers facilitate success in the classroom and adequately prepare students for the future. Unfortunately, Cranford lacks ethnic diversity, which makes it impossible for students to benefit from different perspectives, which hinders the potential discussion. While the guidance department, when prompted, is a good resource for students that aspire to attend college, it fails to provide satisfactory options for those students that may be looking to continue their education in directions that do not involve a traditional 4 year degree (trade school, a full time job, the military, gap year,etc).The students are generally caring, open minded, considerate individuals that support justice and equality. Most students are smarter than the grades they earn or GPA they possess, but I suppose that's the definition of most high schools: grades that reflect effort, not intelligence.
As a senior at Cranford High School, I would say my four years went very well. Cranford High School offers over 200 exciting and interesting courses, including core classes, so there was always a class I looked forward to. The staff is excellent, they are always willing to help you in answering questions, and explaining material. They are also there to assist in any personal problems you might be dealing with. CHS believes strongly against HIB, and radiates a positive learning environment and school spirit. Speaking of which, they have a diverse athletics program, with boys and girls teams for most sports. However, if you're not into athletics, they offer several diverse clubs suited to your interest, along with an arts department and a technology department. This is a school where a student can truly find where they belong.
Cranford high is a good school that heavily encourages evolvement in clubs and other extracurricular activities. however its administration is lacking in common sense and understanding
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Cranford High School has some great teachers. I do not appreciate, however, the traditional teaching styles, and the reliance on teaching for standardized tests, and teaching from the textbooks.
There were many opportunities ranging from academics to athletics to clubs that give back to the community. A lot of honors and AP classes available .. the teachers really cared about seeing students succeed .
I really like the close-knit community. Most of the students and staff know each other by name and are always willing to help out. Our sports teams are competitive and there is a lot of school spirit around them. Whether football, hockey or basketball, there is always a crowd cheering you on.

I do find the school strict especially for me at the senior level. I would like to see more senior privilege options for students who demonstrate responsibility as many of us are legally adults.
Cranford High School tries its absolute best to create a domain where all students feel safe and are given equal chance to succeed and take the paths to their dreams. It allows for young students to thrive and grow to find out who they want to be in the future.
The teachers and guidance counselors have been very helpful during my school year (I was a new student as a senior) and have helped me with my grades, subject understandings and time with being able to continue.
The best thing about Cranford High School is the diversity of course offerings. There was a course offering for anything we wanted to study. Students at Cranford High were fortunate to have these options. Our curriculum opened up new areas of interest for me and gave me the opportunity to explore them at length.
I was in the university program. This program allows for early AP placement, community service and internships. This is a great program, but I feel that a more robust program would provide other opportunities. CHS has a great sports program and great teachers.
The school is wonderful and you get plenty of opportunities regarding academics. Most of the faculty is amazing and are always there to help. I have always had the opportunity to get help from my teachers. You really feel like they care. If a student wants, the school can provide volunteer work information and/or provide opportunity for volunteer work. You can also have the opportunity to teach other students if you are part of the National Honor Society.
CHS prepares you for college by having meetings with your counselor several times a year.
There are a lot of clubs and sports. However, it is clear that the sports are of more value than the arts, by the consistent funding into sports. There's even a flat screen TV near the weight room. Meanwhile, the school still hasn't replaced the old carpet in the choir room. Students constantly breath in the dust that has collected in the carpet over the years.
I like how involved the community, parents, teachers, and students are in the clubs and activities. Cranford High School is known for our football team. Even though there were a few deaths and tragedies in the past 3 years, we all helped on another out and got each others back. We are a family and are always hospitable to the incoming students as well to make them feel like they're at home and that this is a safe place.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Cranford High School both academically and as a performer. I received a superb education and realized my passion for fitness and acting while attending this high school. I constantly felt challenged by my teachers and motivated to work hard. My weight room teacher inspired me to pursue a career in personal training, and my acting teacher helped me realize my love for performing and decide to further my education in college. I was slightly upset by certain aspects of the performing arts program, as the head of the program is rude and does not work well with students. I also felt that certain directors were very political when casting students in productions or programs.
Cranford High School was great. All of the students were great. The teachers really made it a point that they cared about the students. I felt like i really successes at Cranford High School.
I like that most of the teachers at Cranford High School care about their students and want to make sure we are getting the best education possible. The math department, however, lacks good teachers and many of the teachers keep leaving. Overall, I like Cranford High School and feel like I am getting an extremely good education.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Cranford High School. They have guided me through the past four years and have been there for me at every step of the way. They provide a quality education and I feel like they have prepared me for my next four years at college.
Very fun and friendly school. Teachers are nice, good at teaching, and actually care about the students. The sports and clubs are the best experiences I had in high school. There are so many different clubs to join and different electives to take.
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My high school experience so far has been an amazing journey. I value my education and so does my school so, Im very appreciative of the great education I have been receiving. Cranford High School has so much to offer and pushed all of its students to be involved so partaking in sports like basketball, cheerleading, and clubs for sign language has made my experience very memorable!
The academics and the sports seem to be the overall focus of this school. There isn't much talk about clubs, the performing arts are barely funded, and the overall diversity isn't great. The students are welcoming and accepted, but some of them are very judgmental and pick on you if they feel like you're not good enough. This is coming from a student that transferred during the year, I was welcomed but I didn't connect with a few people and I was picked on my first year here which didn't make my overall school year enjoyable. I love all my friends that I've made here, but I think the culture and diversity of this school can be improved. This school is a good school, but it would be more enjoyable if I didn't feel like I'm being picked on all the time for how I am.
I liked that overall, everyone is very welcoming toward others. Even though there are some cliques, everyone talks to everyone, and no one is excluded. Students are overall very accepting toward others especially new students. One aspect I would change is for the high school to be based on block scheduling.
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