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Crane Medical Prep High School Reviews

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I like how big the school is, how subjects are taught, the extra effort teachers put in to help students succeed (tutoring/retaking tests, etc..) and how organized the classrooms are. However, the teachers & other staff members are not strict, so kids go haywire. Kids break many fixed rules in the yearly syllabus as a result of no real enforcements. There's only one lunch for all grade levels so its too packed, and the food is terrible. The security guards are lenient and people leave the building easily. Although they're signed on the doors that say "this will alarm" it never does leaving kids to still ditch.
It’s okay . I won’t say it’s good or bad . This school is really what you make out of it . My behalf I think this school is just pass or failed . But like I said it’s really what you make out of it
This school is average . Not really going to say it’s good or bad . It’s really in between. Some teachers care about you some don’t . I really see this school as pass or fail & you make it how you want too to be honest .
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I liked the challenges with classes and the teachers who will gives us good examples and actually teach us. The teachers will put in that extra work for us and will try for us.
Some of the things I liked about Crane was how the teachers prepared us for college. They was many opportunities and resources given to us to prepare for the future.
I love that has provided me with the necessary knowledge of the medical field. With RTC's culture and diversity, I have witnessed all types of cultures and experiences in this school.
I like Crane high school because it's preparing me for the medical field because I want to become a nurse when I get older. What I would want to change at Crane high school is how they treat students because sometimes the teachers aren't very helpful when we need tutoring .
What I liked about Crane were their Staffs. Many teachers at Crane cared about their student's problems whether it was school related out not. For all 4 years at Crane, my teachers always gave me a helping hand. There was never a time when I didn't have a teacher to rely on. Every teacher at Crane made a flexible schedule so that they can assist the student during and after school hours. Not going to lie many students that attend Crane can be very difficult at times but they would never give. What I would like to change about Crane is the clubs. Crane does not have many clubs like other high schools. So I think by Crane having way more club opportunities crane would be 100 times better!
Crane Medical Prep has a lot of opportunities provided by the students. It's also partnered with Rush Hospital and prepares students for colleges. I find these programs helpful to me, because they provide students decisions about their careers and being actively engaged for service learning hours. What I don't like about the school is its old environments; meaning there was a lot of junk piles in the hallways, old school supplies being reused.
What I like about crane is that they have a partnership with Rush University, and I like the exposure days we have there and also the summer internships. I’m interested in going into the medical field and becoming a pediatric nurse, so working there gives me a better opportunity to work and see what specific job I would like to do.
What I like is that there are plenty of opportunities to achieve your goals. There are dual credit opportunities, AP opportunities, and available Internships at Rush Medical Center. If I had to say any improvement would be smaller class sizes.
Richard T Crane is a unique and interesting place.On one hand I felt like I had enjoyed the time in crane with the Teachers and the Academics,but the experience with it felt very shallow during Senior year.All around I enjoyed Richard T Crane but it ain't something to write home about.
Its a great place for those who are interested in the medical field. I thought that I will be able to get my CNA before I graduate but that did not happened. It unorganized and strict.
I enjoyed the dedication that all teachers shared in ensuring the absolute best educationally as students prepared for college.
Attending Crane Medical Prep was a great experience for the most part. Administration can definitely do better, and should have more control in the students. I really enjoyed how many clubs/activities the school had. It definitely should be more of a arts school rather than a medical prep. When I attended Crane there was so many creative/talented students and the art program was pretty well, and it should definitely expand.
I believe Crane is a good fit for anyone that is interested in entering the medical fields. Since they partner with Rush Hospital we get a lot of opportunities such as internships and getting certificates that other schools don't.
It's a great school for students who are going into the medical field. They help you in a lot of ways, so the student can be ready to pursue their career in college.
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Crane Medical Prep High School is the best school in Chicago to go to if you want to join the medical field. It provides you with all of the resources you need to succeed. The school is partnered with both Rush University and Malcolm X to give students college like experience throughout their four years. Academically the school is amazing and gives college level work to prepare students for the
I liked how Crane is a very helpful school. They get all the students involved and ready for their future.
As a junior transferee, it is easy for me to adapt to the new environment. The school administration is very supportive: One just needs to tell them his/her concerns, and they will definitely attend to one's needs. The students are very friendly too; they never did once let me feel like an outcast. As for my academics, the school truly lives up to its name. As Chicago's premier health science high school, every student has an extra science subject. And these subjects not only let you be more knowledgeable, but it also gives you the opportunity to earn college credits or be certified.
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