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Attending Crane High School was full of ups and downs though it mostly consisted of ups. I had the pleasure of getting to be able to do all of the electives I wanted because it was a small high school, these electives included athletics, band, student counsel, and sports med. I would not have gotten to experience all of this if I would have gone to a bigger high school. Crane High School taught me tradition as well as responsibility. There are so many traditions that go into attending Crane, the band program being one of them. Sweepstakes are what they call them we have a tradition of only getting straight ones in competition for 36 years. It is one of the longest ones in the state of Texas that is still going on today. I also got the privilege of attending the State Marching Band competition twice. On the athletics side, I had the ability of playing five sports that I enjoy playing very much. One thing that I love about playing in Crane is the bond that develops in the teams.
I loved that i moved here my senior year and the whole school let me in with open arms. I thought the move was going to be a tough one but the school district welcomed me and I really thank them for doing this for me.
Crane is a city of 3,000+, the weather is hot when is hot and cold when is cold but we love it. Always mom kept us busy sports, activities, church. when I started high school I continue in sports, baseball, basketballand trac. I also was inducted to National Honor Society. I join FFA, student council, science club and also did community service. Always busy. I like that we are a small community, helping each other. We are honestly united, if anybody needs help, someone is always there. The community comes out to support their students. Classrooms are small so more individual help, they care what you want to do in your future. there's accommodations for those who need it like dyslexia, special needs and much more. we are a growing community and therefore we are in need of a bigger school and more educators to inspire our minds.
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Crane High School is an average to above average high school. When I went it was a truly great place to go to school and we had a great band, sports, and education programs. That is not the case nowadays, their new administration has come in and decided to either let go or "retire" all of the teachers that made the school special. If they weren't let go, all the changes to the curriculum and activities caused many others to quit and go work somewhere else. I hope that one day, the school gets better, but right now, it is pretty scary seeing where this school is going.
My experience at Crane High School has been very positive, and it has a very loving feel to it. We all accept each other and get along with each other. Everyone is treated with kindness and no one is treated differently because of a disability or difference. We take care of each other in Crane.
I learned little to nothing in my four years here at Crane High School. Most of the things being taught here are the same things I learned in middle and elementary school.
Crane High School is a great place to have your childhood in. The bulling factor in this school is very low and the academic competition will have you wanting to make great grades in class.
My favorite thing about Crane High School is my participation in the band program. Whether we were headed to State Marching Contest, or supporting our football boys during their games. Band here is like a family.
Crane High School is not just a regular school it's actually much more than that. Crane offers many programs to the students that really help prepare us for the future. I learned that being in the medical field was what I really wanted to do especially with the help of my CNA class. The students are so United and help each other out in any situation. We learn that being respectful and caring are a great source in life. I'm beyond grateful to have a great school that motivated me in many forms.
When you think about spending four years with the same people, classes, and teachers, Crane High School is definitely a place to keep in mind. It is a small school, about 80 students in each graduating class, and everyone knows everybody. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, but like every small town, there's always going to be drama. However, when something happens, everyone still finds a way to come together. The athletics at the school are great. The coaches do teach discipline to those who are in need of it, but spend more time teaching valuable life lessons to the students. I wish for my children to be able to attend here when they are to that age!
Crane is a very small oil field town. The only thing going for this town is the fact that the schools have the money to give the students various opportunities. While attending Crane High School I have been able to learn and prepare myself for college. My favorite memory of high school was being able to travel to Costa Rica on a science trip. The one thing I hope to see change is more focus on academics than sports. Sports are great but school will take you farther.
I like that this is a small school making it feel like a more comfortable experience although i would like to change something i believe is a big problem here. I believe that academics should be taken as seriously as athletics. Here in Crane High School people worry more about a football game than a college prep class.
They always have pep-rallys for most sports or if not pep- rallys, a good luck shout out over the intercom. Even for One Act Play, they let the whole school go see them perform and the school supports any thing the students are involved within the high school.
Most of the teachers are very polite and respects the students, they understand that you might need some time getting homework or any thing like that especially if you're in sports. They are more with the hands on learning instead of straight out of the books. I have really enjoyed the past four years of high school with all of my teachers.
The teachers in Crane are very helpful in anything we need help in our works in that class.
It's a great school overall but as usual very small town everyone know everyone, it's a bad and good thing.
The nurse is good and knows when to send a kid home or make them stay at school. Getting in to the building is difficult if you don't have an ID on. I think the school is pretty safe because you need to get special permission to get into the main building.
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Every student can fit in a program if they really wanted to put the effort into it. We have a lot of administration support and the extracurricular activities are very fun. Everyone can be apart of one act, band, or athletics. Many teachers stay for UIL science, math, and many others. If the students are willing to put in the effort, most of the time they will enjoy it.
This school isn't the worst school in the state. Students here are very privileged because the school does properly fund extracurricular activities. The band program is probably the best experience because it has now 32 years of sweepstakes and just placed 9th in the state marching contest. Almost half of the school is in the band. Also, the school recently hired tons of new coaches to make the athletic program the powerhouse it once was. If I could do it all over again, I would do it for the band memories.
Some teachers are very good teachers, but don't care about the students or their opinions at all. The teachers that do care about the students aren't very good at teaching. Others just don't teach at all and get frustrated when you don't understand their tests. Almost all teachers are very consistent with their grading. Many are flexible with their due dates because they know a lot of student miss because of extracurricular activities.
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