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The teacher to student ratio has increased over the years. It is now over 20 students per 1 teacher.
Overall a great school. The teachers, parents, and staff are really passionate about giving students a wholistic and rigorous classical education. The school is still expanding and there is a lot of work left to do to make Covenant the best it can be. In the coming years Covenant will have to make important changes to continue to support its students as it grows. I think it will be crucial for the school to invest more resources in Math and Science, and explore technology related classes and clubs. It will also be important for Covenant to provide more resources to students to navigate college applications and scholarships.
The community found among the students and parents is one of the best parts of CCS. The academics are top notch and they work hard to support students with learning differences.
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This school is fantastic. The community of families and staff is incredible. We love it and wouldn’t change schools
Covenant have been a perfect match for our family. We love the community, Christ-centered focus, and academic excellence that Covenant provides.
When our kids were little, we did not plan to put them in private school. But when we moved to Fort Worth and discovered Covenant, we realized it was worth every bit of sacrifice it would take to put our kids there. The educational model was astounding to us, and the commitment to biblical truth in every aspect of the school was evident. Now, a decade later our oldest is a senior and I can say without a doubt that he has reached levels of academic achievement he would not have reached anywhere else, and he knows his Bible better than most adults I know. He's ready to be a difference maker in the world.
We love Covenant. It has been a great school home for our daughter. She has learned to love learning, grown in her understanding of how to grow and walk with Jesus. Her teachers have modeled well how to learn, live and encourage one another.
We chose CCS because it is an authentically Christian school with a rigorous & thorough educational curriculum. The administration, teachers and families that make up this school are wonderful. CCS is not a perfect school, but it is truly a unique & grace filled school. There is nothing like it in or around Fort Worth. It is preparing our kids to go out into this world not only with a strong educational foundation, but also well equipped to defend their faith.

And a side note: I'm not sure how Niche collects SAT/ACT scores, as the ones I see here are definitely not correct. I've seen the stats for CCS and they're a lot higher than these!!
We are about to begin our 4th year at Covenant. It is an amazing Christ-centered school. The culture is permeated by Jesus and the teachers and administration love big! My children have had wonderful experiences and so have I. This is not a place where I drop my kids off and hope for the best. They are not only getting a Christian education, but I truly believe it to be the best school academically as well. If you are looking for a faith based school that is strong academically, come visit Covenant! We came to look at it just to rule it out and that didn't happen. We left and could not imagine sending our children anywhere else! Come and see for yourself!
After homeschooling our daughters during their earliest schooling years, we went in search of a classical school community where education and spiritual development carry equal importance. We searched many websites and toured many schools before deciding that Covenant's combination of a challenging education, purposeful community and foundation in the Christian faith was the right fit for us. The faculty and staff have been wonderful, and the other families have welcomed us into the CCS community. Our daughters have enjoyed becoming Cavaliers, and have benefitted greatly from the personal investments each of their teachers have made in them. We are grateful that CCS provides such an excellent resource here in Fort Worth for learning and developing a Christian worldview.
This has been a great school to attend for almost my entire pre-college career. It has prepared me for the world that lies ahead, and for college specifically.
Incredible academics with Jesus at the heart of each subject. Faculty is amazing and genuinely cares about each students heart and mind. This community becomes more like a big family. Absolutely the best decision we have ever made for our children to send our children to this school. I have peace to know that my children are getting the highest education and being shown the love of Christ day in and day out.
We have been at CCS for 4 years now. The academics and school community are wonderful. We are growing rapidly and with that comes a few growing pains, but the administration and the school community handle it all with compassion and grace. We wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
We just finished our first year at CCS and could not have been more pleased with our experience. My son has absolutely thrived in an environment that perfectly balances structure, academic excellence, and freedom to be creative. The faculty and staff are top notch and the student body feels like a big family. We are so pleased that the Lord led us to CCS and we are so excited for the years to come!
The curriculum is outstanding, integrating bible, history, literature and art. The new math curriculum is innovative. Teachers are excellent and many hold multiple higher degrees. They challenge the children to achieve more than I ever expected. Learning is interactive and accommodates different learning styles.
The art program is exceptional for our size school especially the theatre program.
Biblical values are lived out daily in everything from daily chapel to how students interact. Conflict between faculty, parents and students is handled with abundant grace and significantly less drama or gossip than I have experienced in other organizations. The school could use more ethnic diversity but is economically diverse. Leadership is very purposeful and responsible.
Covenant has a wonderful, close family culture. Parents can feel confident their children are challenged, guided and loved.
It is a bit academically driven. The small size has its limitations such as the sports offered (soccer, cross country, basketball, golf, volleyball (if enough participants), & some otherss. HOWEVER, the smallness allows for close, family-feel relationships across the school. These kids know each other and support each other from student-teacher relationships and upper schoolers to grade schoolers. My son, who graduates this spring of 2017, will have friends for life. The teachers truly care about him and vice-versa. Plus, and most importantly, my son has grown into a man of Christian values and integrity, he can reason and question complicated world issues, and CCS has assisted in that process alongside our own family.
Our Upper School is still so small (young school) that it is limiting in terms of how many extracurriculars are offered. I expect we will have more offered as our Upper School grows.
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Covenant is not a perfect school, but the administration and faculty are purposeful and prayerful about how they implement classical Christian education for the students. The community of families is tight, supportive and encouraging. The school purposefully connects older and younger students through events, field trips and programs like "Reading Buddies." This helps build a strong community.
The faculty at Covenant is truly astounding. They are subject-matter experts, they are passionate in their approach, and they have true concern for the growth (not just academic) of their students.
The best faculty and administrators. The teachers are models for what we as parents desire our children to become. They relate well to the students and demonstrate Christ's love.
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