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They kick kids out for being gay. If you want a loving Christian environment, this isn’t the place. Look elsewhere to find Christian values 💕
CCA taught me so much about life. I learned to be comfortable with myself and to stand up for myself and others. I learned how to speak and carry myself well. Before I came to CCA, I was terrified of public speaking. After 3 years at CCA, I happily signed up for my college's debate team. I won a national speaking title with the skills I learned from CCA's amazing teachers. The classes are rigorous, but the teachers genuinely care about the students and always took steps to help us learn and grow. CCA was the perfect place for me, and I'm so glad I chose them.
Covenant feels like a family. Through losses due to cancer, family struggles, and just hard life, the school comes together to mourn and comfort as one. Along with the family feeling at school, the teacher/student relationship is like parent/child. I have always felt comfortable to talk to my teachers about anything. Wether it’s texting a teacher late at night for homework help or meeting an old teacher for coffee to talk, the relationship has always been extremely personal and welcoming.
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Although Covenant Christian Academy is a small private school, it will forever be one of the best schools in the United States. Every teacher, staff member, and coach is their to help and encourage every student in their walk with Christ. Also, the faculty will definitely prepare you for the life ahead in college and in the end of your life. Covenant athletics is especially great in football, soccer, and basketball with a few championships to our name. Also, Covenant is home to some of the best fine arts such as choir, musicals, and plays, which also are nationally recognized. Overall, Covenant Christian Academy is one of the best places to plug and high schooler into, in order that they will blossom.
I’ve gone through 8 years of this school and sad to say even though it’s supposed to be college preparatory school it’s far from being collegiate. The only thing it does is give you a higher work load, most people don’t even know why or even what they’re learning.
I had such an amazing experience at Covenant. The teachers are amazing and provide a special touch to everything and truly care about each student. It is a surreal experience and refreshing.
Covenant Christian Academy has been the BEST school. I have attended since 1st grade. The acedemic load is tough, but it prepares you for college. The Biblical foundation is excellent, teaching you the Bible not just topics. The environment is like an extended family. The staff is caring. The athletics department and fine arts departments are great too! I love my school.
This investment in our kids’ education at CCA has been the single best investment that my wife and I have made together during our 28 years of marriage. The academics, study habits, and spiritual development that our kids have learned at CCA is beyond what we could have ever imagined. The athletics program provided the opportunity for our son to get to play on a State winning football team. The awesome fine arts program has developed our kid’s skills in strings, allowed them to have major roles in the highly acclaimed annual Spring musical, and to be recognized in choir with All Region and All State participation. Our kids are also highly excited about the CCA Solar Car team that was recently developed and has already been highly competitive in the international Solar Car Challenge program. The great force multiplier at CCA, is the value of becoming aligned with a whole community of other parents and teachers that shared our same goals and desires for their kids.
The teaching is fantastic, and eu class sizes are small enough that you can always ask a teacher for help. Also, teachers are willing to meet you outside class, or at least email you, to help you find understand. The only down side is the small grade size, but it’s easily worked around if you make friends outside your grade.
I've grown up at CCA, it's basically my second home. I remember my first day of pre-k 4 and now I'm coming up on my last day of high school in May. The teachers here honestly love and care about their students' wellbeing and they want everyone to succeed and enjoy their classes. None of my teachers are pushovers- they all force us to give our very best inside and outside the classroom. Yes, the buildings could be better but the one's we have are well cared for and get the job done. The grammar school has upgraded from portables to the most beautiful elementary school building I've ever seen. Overall, the school does have some flaws, like the fact that we don't have a home field, but it's a wonderful place that produces well-prepared future college students and I can't imagine going to any other school.
Covenant Christian Academy prepared me for real life. The teachers poured every ounce of their being into making sure that I understood the material they taught but more importantly that I was being molded into a woman who was ready to take on college and to succeed in doing so. The environment at Covenant is one that encourages curiosity and vulnerability. The small classes allowed for a safe space to express opinions and to learn how to respectfully debate and present controversial topics. I was able to participate in all kinds of extracurricular activities while I was being pushed toward academic excellence every single day. Covenant was my second home that I am more than proud to have been a part of.
My experience at Covenant was absolutely amazing. The teachers truly care for and invest in the lives of their students. The academics are rigorous, but so worth it in the end. Looking back I learned so many study techniques that helped with college. I feel well prepared to write college essays with ease.
CCA is a great school with wonderful teachers and coaches. The administration is really good and they have a real heart for the school. The only downside I would say is the lack of athletic fields and theatre. Besides these obstacles, they have great sport teams and the best theatre program.
This school is like a tight knit community. The students have become my second family, my team has become my family, the teachers have your best interest at heart and are cheering you on no matter what. They will help you grow spiritually, academically, grow into yourself as an individual, and they will challenge you in ways that will further define yourself academically, morally, and religiously.
Extracurriculars are generally sports. There are a few like year book and language clubs.
If I could do it all over again I would pick another school. The school says it's "classical" but that wasn't our experience. They did not teach to these principles lacking in quality of education in some aspects. They used text books that are used in public school education for math and reading. We expected to see better academic performance from the school body as a whole for a private school. We weren't very happy with the administration and their decisions of leadership for the school. There have been cuts in staff, tuition has gone up and class sizes have increased.
The school isn't exactly what it advertises. It says its "classical" however I feel that there are some shortcomings with that classification. The school on the grammar school level has struggled in the past with math programs using curriculums used in local public schools, and then switching to another still with a common core title. The school also uses readers that are used in public schools. In addition, there have been some cuts in staff, foreign language offerings and tuition and class sizes have been increasing. I was also expecting better academic performance from the school student body as a whole. The teachers are nurturing to the students while teaching Christian principles.
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Bullying isn't much of an issue. We have key cards to get inot the multiple building around campus along with a large number of security cameras. Police also drive though the campus on occasion. and on a few randomly selected dates drug sniffing dog come and check the cars and lockers
The school puts a lot of its money into the arts. I have nothing against that, but being a Texas school sports are highly competitive and they get a little over looked at Covenant. Recently though the school has been redirecting its focus to sports while maintaining the its high interest in the arts. However student government is struggling. The more fun loving students of clash with the more coservative teachers and nothing ever gets done.
I've had many chances to participate in sports including winning a state championship in soccer because of the size of the school. The teachers are more available too because they only have 60 students rather than 120. The only downside to the small school experience is you get to know everyone more than you may want to.
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