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A nightmare. They don't let students learn at their own pace and they sugarcoat everything. The diversity is terrible, there are only 10 African Americans in the whole school, no joke. The teachers/administrators are okay, but they are very biased and pick favorites and least favorites, and often don't pay attention to serious things that happen around the school. This school doesn't prepare you for the real world, there is no diversity and they sugarcoat everything. Clubs are fun, but cost a lot of money. They do keep us safe and run fire and lockdown drills. The food is disgusting and and there aren't a lot of options for dietary restrictions or otherwise. They constantly contradict themselves by being frugal on many necessities, while spending money on the most unnecessary things. They constantly beg for money from the parents while cutting back funding for art, music, and science. Where is the money going?
Great school , numbers don’t lie. It is the First School in Pasco County and it is on the 7% of top schools in Florida
We love everything about CMCS! The new principal is amazing, and if you’re looking for school with a focus on community,’ll find it here. It feels like a family, and I love that our kids have a focus on how their actions affect others, and an inclusive worldview from such a young age. CMCS fosters independent, self motivated learners. Each child gets an individualized education, as well as group instruction. If you’ve researched and understand what a Montessori education is, and these philosophies are a good fit for your family, you’ll love it here.
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Administration personnel are all bullies. They abuse their power, and if for any reason you bring concerns to their attention they simply try to pacify you without truly dealing with the concern. And if you bring the same concerns up more than once, they do their best to make it so uncomfortable for you to be there and for your child, that your only choice is to move your child to a different school. Teachers play favorites among the parents. Academically the school is great, but I wouldn't recommend this school as a long term choice, if at all.
The school is fine, I wouldn't recommend it over Harvard, of course. The school administrators abuse their powers too much, and they don't give the children the comfort they need. It's also hard to finish school work giving that you only get 15-45 minutes of work time each week. My child comes home DAILY with loads of homework. He's feeling stressed, and he's in the 5th grade. What is he going to do when he's in middle school? The school doesn't prepare them for the life ahead of them. I mean, sure they have fun field trips. But that's not learning. The academics is rated 2 stars for a reason.
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