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I love Cottonwood High School. My family and I chose Cottonwood because it's the closest high school to my house and my sister went there and had an amazing experience. My favorite subjects at Cottonwood are ASL, Math, and Theatre. I enjoy ASL class because the teacher is really nice and I love the subject. Math is a great subject here because I feel I can connect with the teacher whenever I need to. I never feel dumb when asking questions in this class. Finally the best part of Cottonwood is the theatre program. I have spent the last three years participating in plays, stage managing, and stage crew. Next year I will be stage managing the main musical of the year. I love all the opportunities that this program has given me. I also have been able to go to the Utah Theatre Association Conference, also known as Drama Con. At this event I have been able to learn so much about theatre and different colleges around the state. I'm so happy I chose Cottonwood as my high school
I love Cottonwood. Despite my immense stress-load, I found that my teachers genuinely care about my success. For example, I had an AP Language teacher last year whole would have us schedule appointments with her so she could get to know us as individuals, and help us improve as students. This helped me so much! Additionally, I love the students at Cottonwood. I am very involved in sports, music, and academic clubs which have allowed me to get to know so many students who have now become my close friends!
My experience at cottonwood was very good. The people there are some of the best and the counselors are phenomenonal. One thing that I would like changed is the way administration works. I have found it really hard to get a hold of specific administrators.
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I love all the teachers there! They really care about your education in order for you to pursue on in your life; Everyone cares about you and wants you to go far in school.
I love Cottonwood! It is very diverse and the teachers are very understanding and try to help students succeed.
What I like about Cottonwood High School is that is has many different cultures and ethnicities within it. This gives a more welcoming environment to those who come from vastly different backgrounds than others, and creates a strong unity in the student body. I've also like how the community has rallied around Cottonwood High School to create a food bank, which allows refugee families within the school to come and get donated food certain days of the week. What I have not liked, however, is the academic struggle many have faced at Cottonwood High School, and the lack of funding the district has given the school to improve some of its programs.
Cottonwood high school is the best school that I saw before another school because the teacher and consular are very good person that provide everything for your education and also the helped you to pass your class with the high point.
Great school with excellent teachers. Cottonwood is unique because of its diversity and inclusion initiatives. Everyone and anyone always feels welcome in the halls and classrooms of Cottonwood High School.
I would like to see a new administration. When you bring in someone from another school, especially a junior high school, you get that sort of mentality. The one thing that would really improve Cottonwood is to get rid of the principal and promote one of the teachers with a lot of experience at this school. The teachers understand what is really going on and how to fix it.
I absolutely loved Cottonwood! It is so unique and diverse yet everyone comes together in such a close way. The arts programs are incredible and not only do very well in competition, but are so supportive of you as an individual.
The school is widely diverse. You will walk into the classroom and their will be people from dozens of different countries. Speaking so many different languages and representing many different cultures. Offers many different types of clubs and activities to get in to.
I loved the Staff. I became friends with teachers and counselors. They were all friendly and helped me even when I didn't ask.
I have never seen such a diverse school! There are people of all kinds of races, religions, backgrounds, social classes and yet everyone is so supportive and welcoming and we all unite as one school! The teachers do everything they can to help you individually to succeed!
Cottonwood has an incredibly culturally diverse student body, over 50 languages are spoken among the students. The performance of the sports teams is mediocre, excluding the baseball and swim teams, however the school's performing arts department is one of the best in the Salt Lake Valley. The school's tardy policy is horrific, although this year the designated hall monitors have been rather lenient with their duties; furthermore, the financial office counsels can be rather rude, speaking to the students in a harsh tone on a regular basis.
My experience at Cottonwood High has been great so far and i am glad i am graduating here, It is amazing the diversity in this school, so many different cultures but at the end of the day we are all one, I love how especially Hispanic culture is getting more involved and more known, I also love how the teachers and the student body makes you feel comfortable and not ¨scared¨ of coming to school, I have met people from all over the world thanks to cottonwood high school and it is just amazing, cultures could be different for every country, but when they all gather it is just one amazing combination, that has everything.
Cottonwood High School is a mixing pot of ethnicity and backgrounds. Over two dozen languages are spoken at Cottonwood and that is just a small part of what makes it great. The administration is wonderful and cares deeply about the students. They are heavily involved in listening to students on potential problems and points of improvement. Cottonwood High is not known for being excellent at sports; however, the school pride found is outstanding at Cottonwood. The school is filled with teachers that are engaged in student's learning paths and wish to help them in any way possible. There are many extracurricular activities for students to explore and learn to love. Cottonwood has recently started a food pantry which helps many students get the food they need to have the best experience possible at Cottonwood High School.
The effectiveness of the student body officers could be improved as well as the news program at the school. It could and should be raised to a professional level.
Cottonwood is an amazing school! There is a very diverse population, people and refugees from all over the world speaking over seventy different languages. I have learned how to include and accept people from all religions, races, and ethnicities, try to get them involved, and help them feel welcome in our school community. We constantly hold events that celebrate our diversity and highlight various cultures and their traditions. I love hearing their stories and learning from them to help me change my view of the world and to discover new things. We have a well recognized music program as well as very dedicated sports teams. Overall Cottonwood high school is an amazing school full of talent and creativity.
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Cottonwood isn't crazy about diversity, but we have many kids that are bussed up from the Taylorsville area and others. This increases the diversity as a whole. The sport that does the best is currently Baseball. They have all sorts of clubs and activities ranging from sports to Theatre, KPOP Club and many others. They have great resources in their classes including materials for projects and art supplies. If you're thinking about going here. I highly recommend it!
I loved the teachers. The only downside I have is that the majority of students were extremely religious and that was felt strongly.
I can tell you what the best part, and worst part was. The best: the teachers. The several of my teachers were some of the most hardworking individuals I have ever met. I truly felt like a lot of them genuinely cared about myself and my future, always going the extra mile to ensure that I was confident in myself. The worst part, if I had to pick one thing, was how the district seemed to always give us the short end of the stick. When we weren't bombarded with useless standardized tests we were constantly reminded how underfunded our school was. In my senior year, freshmen classes were added to the school to bring the illusion of a fuller school, maybe to fill our allowed capacity. I don't know the real reason as to why they did that, but I don't think it solved any of the problems with funding that they thought it would solve.
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