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I felt very welcomed and made a family of friends from the people i met, especially in band. I had great volunteer opportunities, and and great teachers. They were helpful and would help me before and after class if i needed it, some even helped with personal problems and really cared about the students. There were some things i didn't enjoy and wish the school would upgrade on, such as band funds and encouragement, bathrooms and dances, but its an overall great school and i'm happy i went there.
I love my school. I have been going to CHCA since 9th grade and really enjoy it and would highly recommend going there. My school is close to my home which is very convenient. My school is great in helping build character to the students. The faculty encourages students to reach their full potential to become servant leaders, future business leader, and overall great citizens. The classrooms are small so we have the opportunity to have that one-on-one with our teachers and relationships with students in various grades. I also love the options of joining different clubs, sports, and any other extracurricular activities, with a small school the opportunities are greater. I would highly recommend my school to any student looking for a great school.
I feel like Cottage Hill is preparing me for my future, while still creating an environment of care. The faculty works hard to make their students feel valued and important, and the classes and programs are designed to prepare students for college.
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My family has been connected with CHCA for seventeen years, and I wouldn't trade our children's experience for anything! They were well-prepared for college, to the extent that their college classes seem more like review courses. The teachers are outstanding, and their love for their students is evident. We love the atmosphere of faith and learning.
Great Christian school. We've been there 2 yrs. Love the connections with teacher to student and parents. Family oriented. Love the Christian values set in placed. All around a great school.
My favorite part about Cottage Hill is how much teachers genuinely care about each and every student and wishes for them to be successful in their school work, allowing them to be successful in their future endeavors.
I love it here as a student! The Christian atmosphere is amazing and the teachers truly care about you.
Cottage Hill is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I absolutely am in love with the staff and their involvement in shaping the students into becoming strong leaders of the future. If I would change anything it would be that the school create more opportunities in community involvement (city projects). The school should be honored for its work in the lives of its students.
We have been at CHCA for two years now and absolutely love it. The teachers and staff treat us like family. They share the same values and vision that we have for our children and reinforce that through their education. The classes are challenging and well rounded for all the children. The teachers are interested in each child reaching their individual best. They also offer individual tutoring with them if needed every morning. We couldn't be happier!
Cottage Hill has been one of the most memorable times of my life, the atmosphere is amazing and so are the faculty and staff. I enjoyed how each class was small so that teachers could get to know you personally. I also love how not only am I earning an academic education but a education in Christ.
Cottage Hill is a great school overall. The education provided by each and every teacher is outstanding and deserves recognition.
My time at Cottage Hill Christian Academy has been a great experience for me. I have learned so much from my teachers, who are able to focus on individuals more because of small class sizes. Cottage Hill also has a Christ-like character in everything they do. From teachers, to administration, to athletics, it is apparent that Christ is a focal point at Cottage Hill Christian Academy. Go warriors!
My experience at Cottagehill Christian Academy, has helped me grow both personally and academically. I couldn't think of a better school to go to. Go Warriors!!!
The spiritual atmosphere and the care given to the students. Everyone is accepted and shown that they truly care for your success
Coming from a public school to a private was a drastic change for me. I went from an atmosphere where I saw girl's earrings getting ripped out during fights, and teachers who were just there to put on a movie and collect their check, to a school where the teachers can tell if I have had a bad day. Everyday I can walk in the door knowing I am safe, cared for, and lucky to attend Cottage Hill Christian Academy.
Cottage Hill Christian Academy is a family oriented environment. The administration and faculty work very hard every day to improve academics and overall experience for students and parents. Every student that goes through Cottage Hill is prepared for their profession or for college.
I have been attending Cottage Hill Christian Academy ever since first grade and if I was forced to sum up my experience in one word there is no doubt that family is the embodiment of CHCA way. The school as a whole never boast great athletics or astounding academics both of which the school possess but rather the sense of community that is guaranteed to be felt upon walking on campus. This school has and will always be a refugee for me to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually and I would never hesitate to give anyone the opportunity to experience what I have been able to over my nine plus years at this school.
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The education was not great. Faculty and staff was mostly friendly and helpful, though. Will be honest, attending this school did not prepare me for college.
I like how the teachers try their hardest to create a personal connection with each of their students and truly care about their students' success.
Cottage Hill has been a great experience for people who are looking for a family environment surrounding a Christian atmosphere. You can go to any teacher with a problem they will always help you through it in and out of a school environment. The academics are challenging enough to prepare you for college but need to be strengthened in the science department. The athletics here are growing every year and the coaches prepare you on and off the field which is a great for a high school student to reflect on these experiences later in life. Cottage Hill is a great school and I would recommned it to anyone looking for a school in Mobile.
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