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Cosumnes Oaks High School Reviews

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Most of the teachers are really working to help students learn and succeed. The visual and performing arts program is particularly exceptional. The culinary, broadcast journalism, and engineering pathways are also wonderful. The students as re fairly respectful.
Cosumnes Oaks High school is a good public high school in the elk grove area. To succeed in this school however will require a lot of self determination due to the lack of academic resources and quality staff instruction
I like Cosumnes oak high school, I feel welcome my freshman year there. I ,love the teachers there. there have a lot of activities to be involved in, as a senior the counselor help me out to figure out what I want to do after high school what school want to attended to, they help me to be on track to graduation and getting into a four year college.
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I spent my four years of high school here. Honestly I like the school but some people may say otherwise. There are teachers who genuinely want to help you succeed and they would take out their time to help you especially if you reach out to them. We have lots of school spirits. I love our football games, basketball games, and spirit weeks.
I would like to see better math teachers at Cosumnes Oaks. Many kids receive poor foundational skills in mathematics which hurts them in the long run. Wonderful AP teachers though. All the AP science, math, and ELA teachers are amazing. Art teachers are great too.
If you want results don't be afraid to email counselors, teachers,& principals.
While, the AP teachers for the higher classes are awesome. The lack of security at the public school's to control the lower classmen is non-exsistant.
My experience at cosumnes oaks high school starts with a first impression, where absolutely no one knows how to spell cosumnes and I’ve had to use auto correct each time I type it in this review. Besides that, the community of cosumnes oaks is decent. They preach every second that you are there that they are there for you and your wellbeing, but we once had the suffocating smoke from another city causing people to have asthmatic attacks during school and it took a district wide petition to make them stay home without the punishment of losing days of work. The teachers in the classes can honestly make or break your GPA. One period you can have a horrendously strict teacher who if they see as much as a doodle on your paper they’ll send you out and in the next you’ll have people leaving in the middle of class cause the teacher is “chill” aka not even remotely responsible to care for their class. Cosumnes Oaks in my opinion, is mediocre at best.
After being in Cosumnes Oaks High School for all 4 years of my highschool career, I would have to say that it has been a very positive experience that has helped me be ready for college. With teachers and academics that enabled me to learn to the best of my ability, and the nearly limitless resources available to me through the career center. I feel that I am as ready as I can be for college than I could ever be. In addition, I never felt unsafe at my school, and for the most part enjoyed going every day, as it was here that I would find my passion for computer programming, and learned the steps necessary to pursue this goal. It is for this reason that I am glad for COHS and the environment and tools provided for us to be ready for college and beyond.
Overall, I think this is a pretty good school. The teachers are good, even though high school students will be high school students if a teacher gives a little too much homework or gives pop quizzes and hate them. Hey, I even do it sometimes. There are things I don't like, though. They put security cameras around campus. My friends and I have talked about this and we have all agreed one way or another that we don't feel too comfortable with them, especially outside the locker rooms. I’ve heard that they installed them to stop people from doing you know what on campus. I also don't like PE and I know that's a stereotypical teen way of thinking. I am nowhere near athletic so maybe that's why, but I feel like they push us too hard. For example, for an A on the mile, females need to get at least 7 minutes and 30 seconds and boys need to get 6 minutes and 30 seconds. It kind of blows. Anyway, that concludes me talking about my school. Thank you for reading.
Cosumnes Oaks has such a positive environment and I felt very welcomed the moment I walked on campus freshman year! Every staff member on campus wants every student on campus to graduate and succeed. This opinion is proven by their efforts they put in the classroom everyday and the dedication they display by going out of their way to help any student.
My experience with Cosumnes Oaks High School has been fairly positive seeing as how many programs are put in place for every students interest. Culture is also widely celebrated whether it be through club performances or announcements on our daily news, there is always recognition for the vast range of culture at Cosumnes Oaks. Some things I would like to see change are the late policies, rather than try to see the problem, the students are just being blamed for not waking up early enough, when in reality sometimes there are circumstances that may not always allow a student to be on time. However, Cosumnes Oaks prepares students for their futures properly and adjusts to fit all the interests of it's students.
The culture at COHS is amazing. If you put yourself out there you will no matter what find your people. The school is so diverse with culture and interest that everyone will find a home on campus.
I thought it was a good place to get a public education, but had flaws in administration and particular weakness in the math department. Also had some creepy teachers, but those guys got fired.
My experience as a high school student at Consumes Oaks High School has for the most part been well. I have continuously achieved good grades and a 4.2 gpa through out all 4 years. Many of the after school activities such as clubs, academic pathways and sports help to create a better school environment. However, I would like to see an improvement on some of the teachers because it is really hit or miss with the really good ones and the not so decent ones.
I liked the teachers and how much time and effort they put into helping there student’s succeed. Their devotion has helped me through all four years of high school and are the main reason I have had such a positive high school experience.
There are a large amount of AP classes offered at the school, across a wide variety of subject areas. Although the teaching styles vary across classrooms, I have never had an particularly negative interaction with a teacher. I think a lot of the teachers are passionate about learning, which is nice because it relates to a much more helpful learning environment.
This school is very good with AP students though I don't have experience from a CP student point of view
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What I like the most about Cosumnes Oaks High School is the level of diversity and open-mindedness of the teachers and students.
I love the community of Cosumnes Oaks High School. The teachers for the most part are very kind with a unique sense of humor. This school also provides a wide variety of AP classes which helps prepare students for the rigor and intensity of college. However, the block schedule does have some negative effects on students and teachers for AP testing.
I was part of the AP program throughout high school and all the teachers I had were amazing and actually cared about the students and helping them succeed. The school offers a variety of classes to prepare the students for college, and they even have different academies for those who want to specialize in a program like engineering or the arts. By the time I graduated, I felt prepared for college and believed I would be successful. The teachers are prepared, qualified to teach, and enjoy their jobs. There were also a number of opportunities to get involved through clubs, leadership, or sports.
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