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I have 3 kids that go here from the beginning going on our 8th year. We are just so grateful and thankful for an amazing community Corvian is. Where teaching our children to love to learn, spreading kindness, and helping out others.
Teachers who take the time to understand their students, and a challenging curriculum for all students. I have a kid who learns differently, and the Basic School principle is a great education principle for all kids. They push kids to be individuals, and make them comfortable with being who they are. My kid has thrived here, and more importantly she loves or fo to school.
I liked the teachers and how well connected they make you feel. The academics is very good and has had a good start considering they are a new school. The sports is lacking and was not started in the right direction for upcoming generations.
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Community: The community of students is good, tight knit, with good student teacher relationships. Currently only to grades for HS totaling about 250 students.
Academics/Staff: Teachers are often fresh out of college/less experienced (but are still fully capable). The teachers they do hire with high amounts of experience are extremely good and passionate about what they do, and truly teach their subjects well.
School Resources: The high school facility is 5/5 stars being new (est. 2018) and modern with good learning spaces and capabilities. Being that the school is relatively new the older students are as "Guinea-pigs" for the school to see what they need to improve on. They also seem lack connections to majors colleges or scholarship opportunities.
Athletics/Clubs: For high school not very good at all, mainly to the school being new and unestablished. Few clubs also due to the same reason and lack of student interest.
I have one child who is in the 8th grade and it is his second year at Corvian. I love this school! I'm finding that the academics are great and so is the community of learners. The school is adding a grade each year. For the 2020-2021 school year, the school will be K-11 and then will fully be a K-12 school for the 2021-2022 school year. The high school is a brand new building that is gorgeous. The only downside of this school is typical of many charters - lack of transportation. There are a ton of after school clubs and plenty of sports for the kids to be involved in.
I've been going to corvian since 4th grade, and have seen the school go downhill personally. In this year alone they have lost 5 high school teachers. In Spanish, we had a sub for 2 months, and they are canceling drama for the rest of this year. That's not to say I do have some nice teachers and they are giving me what I need to know for college. It's just a weird environment of disconnect between students and staff. The school could be a lot better, but ive been to worse schools. Also the issue with EC kids. Corvian is supposed to be an 'inclusion school' but I have seen none of that. With the 8 kids in the program for school, I only see them at carpool, and even during carpool, they are all isolated away. They are kept in a small classroom all day without ever doing in any typical classrooms. So my word for advice is if you have a child with special needs don't send them here.
Great school to go to. Teachers are highly educated and have wonderful control of the classroom because of the class sizes. Reminds me of a private school without the tuition or uniforms.
The result of a school where the leadership has limited educational experience. There is no real staff development. Leadership is promoted based more on favoritism than achievement. While most teachers are licensed the admin staff is not and it shows in the school culture and how things are run (or tried to be run). Teacher turnover rate is around 50%.
Academically wise, Corvian is an amazing high school however diversity sensitivity is a point that could be STRONGLY improved.
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