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As a member of the AP Academy, I found myself in many interesting high level classes with intelligent and kind students. However, Coronado has a very large class size due to the massive student body. If you try your hardest, it is easy to find something you love at Coronado and even to make personal connections with teachers who truly care about you.
Coronado was a fantastic school that helped prepare me for college as an adult. They provide education for every level of student for academic success.
Coronado was an interesting experience. The facilities and buildings are high quality, but the lack of money from the district is evident.
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I am a very big fan of Coronado High School. I am not zoned for it but attend under a zone variance because of their academics. The only thing I would change if for there to be more diversity because there isn't much of that.
Coronado High School in Clark County Nevada is one of the top schools in the district for academics. This school is able to have me be prepared and ready to go to college as soon as I graduate. Coronado High is a very safe and happy environment. The school is clean, the staff is very nice to the students. Our athletic department is one of the best in the district as we are the best at almost every other sport from Swim and Dive to Golf to Baseball etc. Coronado High makes me feel like I’m learning and preparing for the future.
So far, I have had an amazing experience at Coronado High School. The academics, in particular the AP courses, are challenging, but the majority of the teachers guide the students towards success. Even with the current online school I don't feel my education has been negatively impacted. There is a great variety of activities and sports to be in, and before the pandemic hit, there were plenty of social events to go to. However, the downsides are the noticeable over-crowdedness of the school and sometimes the administration aren't helpful when they need them to be. Also, due to the large size, you can feel kind of lost in the sea of students. Overall, it definitely stands out among the public high schools of CCSD.
The school is the best in CCSD for purely educational reasons. Outside of this though, it is pretty average. The major issue is the insane crowding issue, there is nearly 1000 people in my graduating class. Teachers are pretty hit or miss, some are fantastic and others you could care less about. My experience was pretty good overall, but sports wise is a different story. Coaches have absolutely no idea what they're doing half the time.
all my years at coronado were an amazing experience! my only complaint is the way that my school has decided to handle the pandemic and classes, which is to make everything online, but this decision has not effected my academic success too much thus far.
Coronado High School, part of the Clark County School District, (CCSD) is an above average representation of public education in Southern Nevada. Within the past few decades, CCSD has faced numerous budget shortfalls and consequences of poor money management. Therefore, schools within CCSD are generally underfunded and neglected by municipal government. Even as one of the best high schools in CCSD and the state of Nevada, Coronado High School still lacks basic infrastructure like plumbing, and sufficient classroom space to accommodate an overpopulated student body of 3,000+.
One positive aspect of Coronado High School is cleanliness; Trash bins are regularly taken out and the quad is usually clear of dirt and debris. I have experienced Coronado staff treating the campus with respect and doing their best to keep it tidy every day. This level of care is much relatively high compared to other schools in the area.
I think Coronado HS is a good school. I have had some great teachers who help you become the best person you can be. They have made learning interesting and fun. I have enjoyed my classes and friends that I have made at school. I wish the class sizes could be smaller as we have 1,000 more students than our high school can handle. Overall it has been a really good experience in preparing myself for college.
My experience at Coronado High school was pretty good. I only went here for 2 years after transferring from a school back in a diff state but I transitioned well. The teachers who taught some of my classes were really good (mostly AP) while others were ok. Coronado has a good college advisor and counselors that helped me out my senior year so I highly recommend reaching out to your counselor and advisor for help with anything. I believe this school is safe (haven't seen bullying), has good sports teams, clubs, and great teachers. My experience was good except for certain classes/teachers that I had that made school harder but I would recommend going to this school.
Coronado High School is overall a good school. It was a little crowded and they should really give teachers and the arts department a raise.
Coronado was a very well-off school with tons of opportunity to do what you wanted and needed to succeed educationally. However, it was very separated and preppy in the sense that those with more money tended to do much better than their lesser income peers and enjoy their high school experience much more.
Coronado High School has been a very good high school experience. The education and social life is immaculate. I have not had any bad experiences at this school. I have had nothing but a great experience.
The teachers are very kind individuals and most are good teachers. Academics at Coronado are very challenging and, in terms of AP exams, prepare students quite well.
Coronado High School was a diverse high school that had great academics. For the most part, the teachers were great and knew what they were teaching. The only teachers that I had issues with were the Spanish teachers. They were not very flexible and tended to be a little rude. The only real downside of Coronado is that it tends to be very clique like as far as social life goes. When I attended school the administration was very hit or miss. There are plenty of clubs on campus and all sports events are super fun.
From participating in the AP program at Coronado High School, I've found teachers that actually love their careers and care about their students' success! This made all the difference throughout my high school career and prepared me well for collegiate life.
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I did not like this school! They definitely left me behind when I struggled. Would never send my kids here.
I've been in the Henderson area for my whole life. I would like to say that while Coronado isn't perfect, it is not a bad school at all. If you don't mind the affluent crowd, you'll enjoy Coronado. If you feel like an outcast, it may be hard to get out of your shell.
Coronado is very good academically and athletically. i have met many wonderful people here and i am very grateful to be going here
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