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I like how all the students respect each other. You feel secure with the security the school have inside of it!
Coronado High School is a very good school when it comes to academics. With it's IB, Dual Credit, and AP programs, there are a lot of diverse options to gain knowledge in academics. Coronado is ultimately very strong in the academics spectrum with very educated, caring, and great teachers. In a few years, Coronado will be receiving upgrades to its buildings so at the moment, there are a lot of constructions and detours which make it very difficult to navigate sometimes. When it comes to sports and school involvement, it is considered poor and lacking and there isn't a lot of school involvement and culture.
Coronado High School is perhaps one of the most diverse schools in El Paso, Texas. With people from all over the city, and even out of the country. Knowing people of all walks of life, and with crazy life stories, is one of the best things of Coronado. Yet, one thing I would change about it is the hazzle of going around because of the rebuilding of B building. Since as a freshman to get to E building I would go straight through B, but that was before it had been demolished.
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The environment and the support from the school is amazing. Everyone is there for one another and the teachers and counselors do everything possible for the students.
The school is very open and diverse with the student body what i would like to see changed would be the library. i would love a bigger and more accomplished library for the students.
Diverse campus. Friendly, helpful staff and teachers. Welcoming community. I transferred my senior year and everyone was very helpful and welcoming.
What I like about Coronado high school is that all the teachers connect with the students and the students enjoy going to school, and since its public you get to make friends
Bulling is horrible at this school. To be popular kids need to party , drink and do drugs, if they don’t they are considered losers. Ambience is hostile! There is no real community involvement. Several teachers don’t care about their students. There are a few that are caring, but those are the exception. There are no values being taught. Kids need to learn to survive against threats .
I really love the environment in this school, the students and staff are very friendly and it has a high level in academics
Coronado High School is a great environment to learn and find yourself for four years. There are some teachers that will motivate you to push past your limits and teach you to always question the world around you. In some cases, there are some questionable teaching styles that are enforced upon the teachers however the right educators will always put your education first before mandated activities.
Great high school for students looking to engage with extra curricular activities. Teachers and faculty are outstanding. Great learning programs to help students narrow down their academic goals for college readiness.
I love the Coronado Atmosphere! I am constantly surrounded by people who help and support me, not only my fellow peers but teachers as well.T-Bird Pride is rampant and gives me a sense of belonging at Coronado High School!
Personally, I enjoyed the student body and the class spirit that they would have during games. Most of the faculty came to school with a desire to teach and with a positive attitude. As the school prepared for the demolition of one of its buildings, I believe that my senior year the ambient of the school was bad as it was full of dirt and quite unsanitary, particularly its bathrooms. Hopefully, with the new renovations, the school will be cleaner and more eco-friendly.
I graduated from Coronado last year as an IB student. My experience in Coronado was generally great. My senior year, things began to deteriorate particularly in the teacher and administration department. As an IB student my experience differed greatly from the majority of students but it is my understanding that their experience was for the most part good. The program I was excellent at preparing me for college and I would highly recommend it.
Great school with a great environment!! Will become even better when construction of the building is completed. Cannot wait for my upcoming senior year
I am so happy they are rebuilding, just sad I won't get to be there to see it. It's long overdue and I hope new students enjoy and take advantage of the new facilities. Coronado is a great school and I had some really great teachers all four years.
Coronado High School is a one of the best public high schools in El Paso. But if compared to other schools, Coronado just falls short. Maybe not academically but the school does not have a good budget and the facilities are in bad shape. Currently the school is trying to remodel and so they have closed off one building causing teachers to have to rotate between classes and students being cramped together.
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The people and the experiences in Coronado are really great; you have teachers who will support you anytime you need it.
I appreciate the fact of how competitive Coronado is, so for me to have a high GPA and class ranking in Coronado helped me seem more desirable for certain colleges based off of my academic achievement alone. However, I did feel that the faculty and staff, excluding the teachers, did not know what they were doing at times in terms of management and handling absences. Also, the parking situation was outrageous at times, making students have to park in other streets nearby, however I learned they made a new parking lot to allow more students to park their vehicles.
My high school experience at Coronado was overall great. I met great people there and I loved the rivalries between other schools. What my school could've been better at was the teachers, I did not learn as much from some of my teachers, I had some great teachers, but I also had a lot of teachers I didn't learn from as efficiently. My school needs to be more clean as well, but they are going to rebuild the whole school which is great.
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