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I am challenged by the academic rigor. I enjoy playing sports with my friends. The teachers are fair and knowledgeable in the subjects they teach. I like going to school. I like that the school year starts in September after Labor Day. I like ski week and that spring break is around Chochella.
Corona del Mar is a great place to prep scholars for college. There is a huge emphasis on doing well academically, which can also put a lot of pressure on students to compete. While our sports are good, we don't normally have a lot of turn-out at games, but many people are involved in teams and clubs. Overall, it has been a great experience and has prepped me well for college.
No school is perfect, and there are plenty of improvements to be made (in mental health support for example, middle school culture, administration's relationship with students). However, there are ample opportunities to get involved in what you're interested in. The general vibe is that the academic pressure can be oppressive at times.
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Patrick Turner took his own life because of the school and another kid threatened to shoot up the school. Hope the community finally realizes how horrible of a school cdm is and that most students dread it everyday.
From what I’ve learned at CDM, the only decent thing about it is the challenging academics. Cdm is a hard school, especially for new kids. It’s known to be a cliquey, excluding school. Lots of pressure is put on kids and many teachers make it a discomforting environment, at least for me. There is also a lot of bullying nobody addresses. For example, on the high school facility walls I constantly see mean comments and random drawing of juuls. Which brings me you my other point, it’s hard to be socially accepted there. Everyone’s so comfortable in their own groups that they can’t think about the people around them. Ever since I came to CDM i’ve felt nothing but alone and empty. There’s nothing for me to look forward to every day, nothing will change. If you’re considering sending your kid here, please don’t.
worst school i’ve ever been to. many kids
really hate their lives at that school. especially if they threaten to shoot up the school and even take their own life. i have no motivation to go to school anymore. the school pretend like they’re going to actually change, but everything is the same. kids still bully, bring others down, make offensive jokes, etc. everyone’s fake. a lot of the teachers i have make every day dreadful for me. not sure why everyone thinks it’s so great. most people i know hate it unless they’re popular, smart, athletic and have a lot of money.
Corona Del Mar High School is a place where you are able to find who you are; with the help of your peers as well as the staff.
Corona del Mar is a pretty average school. The academics are decent while the sport are very excellent. There is very little diversity of different races and friend groups. Kids are pretty cliquey and it is pretty hard to make new friends as a new kid transferring.
I like Corona del Mar because of the variety of courses available for students. Also, the teachers are all willing to help you achieve the best grade and understanding.
Corona Del Mar High School provides plentiful opportunities to challenge yourself with rigorous courses taught by a faculty of very well-educated teachers. The school also provides many opportunities to join or create clubs and to join strong athletic programs. However, there are some teachers that do not fit this standard at the school, and more variety in courses would be appreciated.
CDM Is a very competitive school that encourages diversity and kindness around campus. Yet, sometimes contains exclusion.
Very good school, rigorous classes and very good teachers. I enjoyed going here very much, would recommend 10/10.
Once you find your passion/calling at CdM, it's an amazing school. My passion was choir, and joining the choir department at CdM was the best decision I made throughout high school. The Arts here are fantastic and really allow you to develop your performance skills.

From an academic standpoint, there are a variety of honors and AP courses that students can take. AP classes are difficult, especially if the teachers are mediocre or hard to work with, but AP exams are usually easy because of the level of preparation done in each class.

CdM does a great job of giving you as many opportunities as possible, you just have to go and take them!
I am currently a high school senior at Corona Del Mar High School. I truly believe that this school gave me enormous opportunities and I took advantage of many of them. However, many of the factors that influence your high school experience depends on the steps you take and the person you are. I can't speak for all high schools, but at Corona Del Mar, it is imperative that you take initiative for your academic and extracurricular career. Perhaps the most prominent example of this is with teachers. There are good and bad teachers at every high school. However, talking to juniors and seniors is a good way to gauge how good a class is, and how good the teacher is at teaching. How much you enjoy learning in a class and become motivated to study is largely influenced by the teacher and so I went out my way to take AP classes (AP classes tend to have better teachers), and sign up for courses with well-loved teachers.
I love CDM! This school has given me the opportunity to thrive and make many new friends along the way. This school has great academics and athletics.
Corona Del Mar is a high school that is filled with amazing teachers in every class. I had teachers that went above and beyond every day for every student.
Corona Del Mar High School has been my school for the past four years, as it also offers seventh and eighth grade. I can say I've grown over the years, but that includes much difficulty with several bad teachers and below average grades because of this. The school has a bad reputation on the news with several scandals such as cheating and drafting women for prom. With all this, CDM still manages to have great academics and strong athletes. Unfortunately, they focus on these subjects and don't pay much attention to the arts. My wish would be for CDM to engage more with the students and try to make school more enjoyable and friendly, as it is Newport Beach and "fitting in" can be a definite struggle.
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The teachers do not truly care about student results or how well they are learning, they are more focused on if they keep there ten-year and don't get fired. The Principle is rude and insults students. Also, I believe that all she cares about is publicity. Definitely not the best school but academics are tough and challenging, just there is no one who cares enough to push you.
CdM is a challenging and rigorous school if you choose to take AP and Honors courses. We are fortunate to have massive funding from generous families that allows for state-of-the art sports and technological facilities, including iPads, computers,and tablets, as well as Smart Board projectors in every class. CdM is a very competitive (but not cutthroat) school, full of high-achieving and successful students, but there's a place for everyone. Athletics are regarded highly, as well as school spirit and attendance at sporting events, but with the brand new arts building and theater, there's been an increase in popularity for the arts. Despite what the media is saying, the majority of CdM students are not drunk, entitled jerks (although there are a fair few) and simply want to make the most of their middle and high school experience
Mostly excellent teachers who care about student success. Curriculum is challenging if you choose honors or AP classes. Contrary to media reports, we aren't all alcoholics or drug addicts. Our parents care about our well-being and success. The school culture is great, too. A handful of students have a certain extracurricular that they are excellent at, from music to sports. Lastly, the students are smart, and the teachers help them become smarter. Those who want to challenge themselves have the opportunity to do so.
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