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Many dedicated students and families. Some fabulous teachers. Others are universally viewed as unfair and awful - and the administration does ZERO about them. Very weak leadership that is far more concerned about teacher union politics than creating an enriching high school experience. It is ran like a major institution. Athletes get the most attention and recognition. Administration blows off parents and unresponsive to serious issues. There is no effort by the administration to improve and better the school. They pay lots of lip service to reducing the high stress among teens, but then add to it daily with unmanageable and multiple calendaring systems that set students up for failure. Lots of ways to easily improve, but head in the sand administration for some reason does not. Like to talk about how great they are and ignore the many issues. The Emperor has no clothes situation. A decent school that could be a great school. Hope new principal will make big changes.
While CDM is known for its academic excellency, there is a massive amount of pressure held over students to achieve this excellency. Another unfortunate aspect of CDM is its administration... There is a massive disconnect between student and administration communication.
Corona del Mar High School opened so many doors for me. It allowed me to understand where my passions laid. I am so fortunate for the academic and social opportunities that have shaped who I am today. Despite, the vast amount of academic opportunity, Corona del Mar High School has a homogeneous demographic and lacks a sense of varying perspective and empathy.
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The teachers that I've had are all very good. They are actually there because they like teaching and want students to thrive.
I’ve been to a few other high schools, and cdm was the only one I’ve wanted to stay at. The teachers are great, the sports are a huge part of student life, and there’s a lot of resources available for students. However, it’s cliquey. If you didn’t grow up with these students, it’s going to be a bit of a rocky road. Nonetheless, once a sea king, always a sea king.
It was overall a great high school, but didn't help me prepare for college as much. There was no diversity, a lot of drama, and scandals that occurred. The teachers were great, but they favored a lot of students and ignored the ones who needed the most help.
It has a lot of school spirit and is always working to improve it as well which really contributes to the school unity and student bonding. The teachers are also really unique and nice in general, however there are a couple teachers that aren’t too good at teaching their subject. However, they are always willing to help you understand the material outside of class time. You get challenged by the workload and style or learning there, while also being reminded often that your grades do not determine your worth, so there is a healthy balance.
I really liked that I was academically challenged at CDM, but I know that a lot of kids struggled with the competitive atmosphere so it can go either way for how people feel about it. A lot of the kids on campus aren’t very welcoming or nice so it can be hard being a student there sometimes. I wish I had been able to be at a school that I felt more comfortable at and safer at.
It's a decent school, the culture is not for everyone and a lot of the teachers aren't helpful. There are some bright spots to it though, you just have to look for them.
What I like about Corona Del Mar High school is the Arts and Drama Department. I also like the Cross country and track & field community as I have more tie connections with my team and how we can form bonds together.
The school culture and people sort of suck, but the teachers in upper level classes are all great and you definitely get a good education.
Incredible school academically. Like anywhere, there are several bad teachers but for the most part, teachers are wonderful, especially in higher level and AP courses. School atmosphere is daunting and there are sky high instances of stress and anxiety. Expect most students to have expensive tutors, though they are not necessary to succeed at CdM.
I had some great teachers here and met some of my best friends who have been my friends for years after high school. I felt prepared when arriving to college because of the training I received here. I think the school has some social problems but have made the necessary steps to try and fix them and provide a more supportive and open environment for students.
The culture and support the kids bring to eachother is very refreshing and people are not selective and clicky. However the administration could be less harsh on policies in which it contradicts itself. Such as our attendance policy with harsh consequences that could lead to a student being kicked out of their sport but at the same time the administration claims to be worried about the student populations stress levels.
This school is a good school academically. I did not like the staff, the parking was horrible, the students were OK, the administrative staff is not helpful, and the teachers overall were good, and the attendance policies are not well thought out.
Really prepares you for college, over 90% of every graduating class gets accepted somewhere. Teachers are normally really good at their jobs. I fell like I got a good experience there that prepared me for the real world.
Most teachers know how to teach, however the office staff is not friendly. Also, the "Newport moms" put quite a show at the school when supporting their child during game day. And, regarding academics, the students are quite competitive.
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Its a nice school with a lot of nice things that the school buys but the school’s general population isn’t that great with the general variety of people being either white or vietnamese. Or the students destroying or stealing the property on canpus and the vaping. Some teachers are great others not so much..other than that if you only look at the school alone its a good school with a good bunch of electives and programs that gives students many good opportunities. Oh and one other thing about this school that absolutely bothers me is that Sex Ed. is not taught until the senior year of high school.
I personally enjoyed my experience at Corona Del Mar! I would love to see a shift in the culture towards a heightened school spirt.
The facilities there. especially the swimming pool, are awesome! Great diversity of classes as well. However the school is sort of dirty in some places, but overall it is very nice.
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