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Not many teachers truly cared about preparing their students for college. Most were focused on sports. I wish this school would offer more to their students like Red bluff and Redding schools do.
Corning has a great community and one of the things Corning High School is known for is there Homecoming. The community really comes together to help out the students, alumni and residents enjoy the Homecoming parade and homecoming football game. The school does a great job remembering all the classes that have graduated and always recognizes an alumni class. They offer lots of sports with some great coaches. The teachers at Corning High School are spectacular. They are not just teachers, but also friends and advisors. They reach out to their students and make them feel comfortable and are always willing to help. I graduated in the year 2013 and I couldn't be more proud to be a Corning High School Alumni.
The classes of all sorts ranging from Welding, Art, Leadership, to Natural Resources. With small class sizes it makes a excellent learning environment, along with teachers who truly want to see you reach your full potential.
Athletics, and Clubs are also in abundance, with Football, Track & Field, Basketball, and Wrestling being the most popular sports, supported by coaches with extensive experience in their respected sports.
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My experience was great! Got involved in sports and tried to maintain a good GPA. I can say my last two years were the best. Im glad they finally got a turf track.
I love how much spirit Corning High School has. It makes me proud to be apart of a school that isn't ashamed of showing school spirit. Most schools don't go all out when it comes to events like homecoming. Here at Corning High we make floats from scratch and compete with all of our other classmates. Our rallies are full of surprises and it's very competitive. Each class strives to win rallies just for a "spirit stick," i mean other schools probably think it's just a dumb stick but to us it's a victory and something to feel proud of. Each person at Corning High are strivers if we want something we go get it. For example, my freshman year our teachers told us that no freshman class has beat the seniors at a rally what did we do? we went in during lunch everyday making posters and getting each individual in our class to participate. We eventually won that rally and got to boast about our victory.
Great school. The teachers realy value their students and will do almost anything to help them. Friendly staff all around.
They have an excellent dance team and school pride , found amongst teachers, students, community, and alumni .
They always try to protect students
They have a lot of diversity alot of people coming from other countries like my self I am from el salvador
I personally have never needed any medical from the school but I always felt safe with armed police officer patrolling the school grounds.
There are a variety of different clubs but there was only two that interested me the jazz band and the board game club and I loved them both they were great fun and the main reasons why I liked the school.
I have always had a problem with going to school until I joined the Corning High School band, it gave me a reason to go to school every day. The band is a family even more so than the rest of the school, but they could use more funding, bands are expensive.
The teachers at Corning High School are great people, they have an average teaching style but effective. Their knowledge on their topics is exceedingly adequate for the level they are teaching. Every teacher I have had seemed to care about every student and they have substantial communication skills and their grading is consistent anyone who had a problem with their grade they would explain why they got the grade and how to improve it.
I went there for all four years and liked it a bit....BUT wish they would help the ones who are bullied and can't say anything due to how bad it is, and help kids who show are struggling.

Good things that were there were enough teachers who were friend like and you can talk to them about anything, and also very fun teachers in all the clubs
They keep us safe and healthy
There pretty into whatever their child is doing
Students are secure while they are in School.
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You can learn a los of things there are teachers Who help people that are having struggles.
Not al parents are involved in their son/daugthers education
I have had a great time at this school. I have made a lot of great memories and new friends and I have gotten along with all of my teachers as well. This students at this have so much pride in this school and all the positivity the school has makes high school a better experience for everyone, I love Corning High School. It's a place I would definitely would want my future children to attend and a place that I wish I could stay at longer.
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