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My experience with Cornersville High School has been good. I have attended for all grades K-12. I am a senior this year. Our teachers and staff are very dedicated to our academics. We get prepared for the future and college very well. A year or so ago, they developed a ACT program, every other day we would miss independent study to attend a class practicing ACT. We have good sports and have lots of people who attend, I do think the equality of sports should be changed, however much money gets put into a football or baseball program should also be put into the basketball or soccer program.
I like how close everyone is. The students are close to each other and the Teachers know all the students by name
Overall Cornersville is a great school. The people, the teachers, and the staff are all likeable and friendly. It is a small school and one of the better schools in the district. Academic wise, most of the teachers take their job seriously. There are a few who are lacking in providing the necessary tools to prepare students for college.
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I am a graduate of Cornersville School I enjoyed my time here and would 10/10 recommend and i plan on my child going to Cornersville also.
Cornersville High School is a great school if you’re wanting a small-town feeling. The teachers are friendly and the people are friendly. Starting from elementary school students are taught to treat each other and their teachers with respect which makes for great students in high school.
Cornersville is a school that teaches in a way different than other schools. They are student/teacher involved and are very hands on when it comes to the school work. The teachers are willing to help students in any way they can. They have always been very helpful. They also have an ACT prep course for the seniors and juniors taking the ACT and it is very helpful!
Most of the teachers are very nice and helpful. Everybody wants you to be your best, and they will help you to achieve that. However, some of the teachers have absolutely no idea what they are doing half the time. Also, bullying tends to go unnoticed at times. It’s a pretty good school academically, but other then that it’s okay.
I attended Cornersville High School and graduated in 2016. I did not learn much for my college experience neither did I get to learn about much diversity, considering I was the only black teenager in my graduating class. The teachers are great, and so is the faculty.
I attend Cornersville High School. It is a great place to get an education. I feel like things are mostly based on academic success and the teachers do their best to help the students. I have gotten a lot of help from them about going to college next semester.
Honestly, I love my school. It's just so small that it doesn't offer much. We don't have AP classes, we barely have any Honors courses. The only foreign language class we have is Spanish I and Spanish II. We have a lot of agricultural classes, but those are the teachers who do not teach or take any form of control in the classroom; not everyone at the c=school is interested in agriculture either, so where do those students go? I would love to have a Physics II class, or a Calculus II, but we barely had enough people for Calculus to have a class this semester. I love my school, we just don;t offer much academically.
The majority of the teachers teach their lessons in a way that students can follow. Most of them engage us in lessons, and we have interactive lessons so we're not bored and we keep up. Teachers here usually communicate well with us, and are usually open to out ideas. There are just a few who are sporadic about grading and keeping up with lessons, but hey.. we still have pretty awesome teachers who care for the students.
I felt that I was only slightly prepared for the real world.
There were a select few teachers that I really enjoyed having. The math teachers are hard to keep, we cycle through them pretty quickly.
Nothing is too unsafe or unhealthy about Cornersville. The general health of the student body is okay, it could be better.
The teachers try their best to give the student what they can. But as a school we have limited resources.
The school is in a small rural town with limited resources, but gives fair effort for all that.
Facilities - fair

Resources available - fair to poor

Quality of school building/facilities - fair

Technology - poor

Guidance counselor - poor

College prep resources - fair

Tutoring - fair

Parent involvement - fair

busing - fair
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The school does a pretty good job responding to complaints of bullying. There is a pretty good sports medicine clinician. Otherwise, I don't think there are any health services on campus.
Most teachers are dedicated and knowledgeable; some are not.
School addresses bullying issues for the most part
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